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Showing posts with label VMS Magazine. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SL's Got Talent Open Mic Auditions a HUGE SUCCESS!

25 contestants participated, 18 moving to ROUND 1....

Read more about it here

Thursday, June 13, 2013

VMS News: New VMS Performer Calendar Section Provides a List of SL Entertainer Schedules!

We at VMS decided to make this page available to all of our readers in order to help them locate when and where their favorite performers (and maybe find some new ones)  will be performing in-world without all the fuss and muss of searching in events or for a performers profile to find a link...
Read More

Thursday, May 16, 2013

VMS News: Relay for Life & SL: A Bit of History- Jallon Pizarro Reporting...

Relay for Life is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. 

The Relay for Life came into existence in the mid-1980’s. This wonderful and life changing idea was brought into fruition by Dr. Gordy Klatt; Klatt was a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington. 

The reasoning behind creating the Relay for Life events was to maximize and enhance the income of his American Cancer Society. The very first event that was held by Dr. Klatt was one in which he endured a rigorous twenty-four hours going around the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma for more than eighty-three miles. By the time it was all said and done he raised twenty-seven thousand dollars to go towards the battle against fighting cancer. Just months later he pulled together a small committee to plan the first team relay to be known only as the City of Destiny Classic Twenty-Four Hour Run Against Cancer. The story of the Relay For Life is one with a goal to raise money to fight cancer while having a great time with friends, family and perhaps new acquaintances. To unify neighborhood, community and even our world battling cancer while at the same time celebrating those of us that survived the fight while remembering those that did not during The Lumineria Ceremony.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Luver's Island: Much More Than Just a Venue- Sarah Elisabeth Brenham Reporting...

When people discover their true passions in life, they will be taken on quite a journey. Odysseys will bring one both good and bad experiences. For those that wish to be a performer in either the online or offline realm or in both of them, there is a place where one can go have some of the bumps in their path removed.
Luver's Island, ran by Jolly Leborski and DeusRulez Shamrock, opened in October 2012 and is mecca for all musicians and those that love music in general. This sim, is generally divided into three sections, giving its artists and patrons, several unique locations to play and mingle in.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

VMS News: Lightnin Lowtide- Pen Dragon Reporting...

When you combine passion, talent and the energy to rock a venue to the core with the experience and drive that only time can provide you have the perfect recipe for an amazing performer. 
With a voice that is as smooth as an aged Kentucky Bourbon and an impressive musical set that combines covers and originals and runs the gamut from Golden oldies and rocking blues to Country and Classic rock you have that amazing performer in Lightnin Lowtide.
Lightnin' came to Second Life just over four years ago at the bequest of RL friend and band mate Mance Moonwall.

Friday, April 19, 2013

VMS News: The Rockit Club: If the House is A Rockin'- Pen Dragon Reporting...

What do you do if you have years of experience performing live in SL? Plus a ton of friends who are top notch live performers, as well as too much club equipment just sitting in your inventory? Well, if you are Tricky Digfoot, you follow a dream and open a small, laid back and fun live venue!
The Rockit is that venue. After performing live and being involved in a large sim aimed at the SL music scene, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and open his own venue at which he and his friends would perform and he could book other great live shows.
"I've performed in SL for a  few years now with a group.  We owned a sim at one point but they kinda went to big for me. It was bit much with my busy RL. So anyway, I had a lot of club equipment in my inventory that was just collecting dust so to speak. So I decided to open a club on a smaller parcel and keep it simple and a little less stressful."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

VMS News: The Harlem Speakeasy: Jazz With Class- Switchmutt Reporting...

Established in 2012 in Virtual Harlem, the Harlem Speakeasy had represented its name and lived up to expectations quite well. Unfortunately, the server had run into problems with costs and the owner; Jackie Lefko, wisely set the club up with a skybox soon after as a temporary measure. Ms. Lefko, as of March 2013, settled the popular club in the “Wynchester Hope Too” Sim and has made quite a name for itself among the cultured masses of visual and musical artists on SL.

      Upon entering the Harlem Speakeasy, I gathered my initial responses mentally, I had a sense of warmth, vibrancy, and expressiveness. The club was quite full of patrons that had much to say about the place, all were having a good time, not one complaint in sight, and on top of all of that, there was a live DJ by the name of Urban King. When I tried to reach him for an interview, he did not reply, but his music choices spoke for themselves. He kept soulful rhythms pulsing onward through the night as I sat and listened over by the beautiful wood-finish bar. The selection of drinks is very wide, and most are on the house with courtesy of the owner, there are many places to lounge, and even more space to dance and socialize. The club’s minimalistic, well-constructed interior gave it a jazz-hall feel mixed with a blues bar and the color highlights of a R&B establishment. While taking in all of these astounding decorations and colors, I then became engrossed into the music.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You Are Cordially Invited to Join SLE & VMS Magazine for a Party with Pure Class and Style : April 16th from 3 to 5 pm SLT

Mix and Mingle with SL's Media Moguls for a night of white hot entertainment provided by DJ Jay and the beautiful and talented AMFORTE Clarity.

Dress to impress in your best white attire. Some lucky guests will receive special prizes that are sure to shine a spotlight on them. Hope to see you there!

This event is sponsored by The SL Enquirer & VMS Magazine

Monday, April 15, 2013

VMS News: Keeba Tammas: Manic Mania- Pen Dragon Reporting...

 You just know you are in for a unique show when you walk into the venue and the band taking the stage are all tinies! 

Each one of them bickering back and fourth playfully and the crowd is laughing along with their antics. The singer herself is a 'biggie' and she manages to somehow wrangle this menagerie. The mood is light and relaxed and everyone's spirits are high. Yeah, this is gonna be fun!

That is exactly what you can expect with a performance from Keeba Tammas. A fun, free wheeling and light hearted show featuring an expansive song list that covers everything from Martha and the Vandellas 'Dancing In The Streets' to "Weird" Al Yankovic 'Dare To Be Stupid.'

Sunday, April 14, 2013

VMS News: Phillip Moura; Breaking the Rules- Pen Dragon Reporting...

When you enter a formal venue, especially an upscale jazz venue like 'Birdland' you have certain expectations; you, of course, expect formal, usually a smooth jazz. When the artists is sponsored and promoted by a group like luvers island ( you expect top notch entertainment. With Phillip Moura you'll get that top notch, upscale jazz. You'll also get so much more. You'll get a performer who not only has the talent to play any genre you would expect to hear from a flautist of his caliber, you'll also get an artist willing and able to break the rules and truly rock out on his flute.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spotlight on Virtual Music Magazine and Jay Hurikan- Lanai Jarrico Reporting

Virtual Music Service Magazine (VMS) is a music company that focuses on virtual world talent in Second Life ©.  This magazine provides music lovers a variety of information about various artists and helps musicians with visibility across the internet using promotional tools like Facebook and joint collaborations with other virtual world media sources, like The SL Enquirer. Within their web pages you will find interviews with musicians, blog articles and web –based radio broadcasting.

The SL Enquirer met up with Jay Hurikan, the man behind VMS to talk about the things they offer the community and how new musicians can get the help they need to get started performing across the grid, including some great exposure.

Interview with Jay Hurikan

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

VMS News: Rara Destiny:A Real Life Destiny- Sarah Elisabeth Brenham Reporting...

Many individuals are lead to believe that the path we choose must be followed exactly in order to fulfill our dreams.
What people don’t realize is that since there are lots of facets to our personality, our roads widen to accommodate all of our passions and the opportunities that come along with them. One such woman discovered one of her hobbies after her and her ex-husband split up. This gal did not know that her life was about to improve, since finding out that she had the talent for and enjoyed her new pastime. This woman is Rara Destiny; one of Second Life’s top live singers. Let us see how her journey began as a performer and learn what her hopes are for the future as a singer.

VMS News: The Baked; Second Life's First Supergroup- Pen Dragon Reporting...

Passion and friendship have been the basis for many a project in RL as well as here in SL. But rarely does the level of talent of two such amazing musicians like that of Pmann Sands and Bones Writer have the opportunity to come together in a way like never before here in Second Life. The result is an electric and amazing performance that is sure to not only touch and move you, but quite possible revolutionize the future of the way artists interact and perform even when they are thousands of miles apart.

Bones and Pmann have been friends for many years and wanted to collaborate on a single project for quite some time. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

VMS News: What is it all about?

A virtual music company, online community and magazine that is based in a variety of places such as Facebook and Second Life. Bringing musicians all the necessary services to give them visibility throughout the virtual universes...that is what Virtual Music Services (VMS), is all about. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

VMS News: The Bare Bones of It -- Fun, Music & People. (Interview with Bones Writer, creator and owner of TRAX)- Klarissa Huntress Reporting...

Nestled in the middle of a pretty sim is a unique and comprehensive source of live music promotion. This is TRAX, Live Music Resource Center.
TRAX owner and creator, Bones Writer, is a humble man who downplays his remarkable achievements both in Second Life and real life.  His idea for TRAX was to create and promote, “a level playing field where everyone has opportunity and there is no elitism, everybody getting an equal chance to promote and market themselves.”

Bones is a professional musician with thirty years experience in the music industry, as a session player for artists like Jimmy Crespo of Aerosmith, and Billy Idol, or in the thick of a current New York Rock Opera version of Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

VMS News: AMFORTE Clarity: Unmasked!

AMFORTE Clarity is well-known on the grid for her original music and soulful voice. Despite her hectic schedule, Virtual Music Magazine managed to track her down for an interview. If you are interested in seeing her live yourself, daily gig postings and press information are available at You can also like her on Facebook.

We started the interview by talking about her career, both on and off the grid. When asked how Second Life has helped her music career, she replied: "I have gained some real fans and helped me write a lot more." She has also collaborated with other musicians on the platform, including Raspbury Rearwin and Stratus MacTavish, and hopes to work with such amazing musicians in the future.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Advertisement on VMS Online Magazine

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Banner 600*90 shown all other the website just below the header
Banner/Link: 2000 L$ for one month

Other Options:

Friday, February 8, 2013

VMS News: Terrylynn Melody - The Progressional Artist- Klarissa Huntress Reporting...

Last time VMS magazine interviewed TerryLynn Melody, the talented musician bared all in a frank, candid interview, discussing her journey from a young restless woman searching for herself, to her entry into the virtual world of performance.

Four years later, VMS decided to follow up on the travels of this remarkable woman and discuss her rising to become one of the most respected professional artists on the virtual grid.

So what exactly has TerryLynn been doing since we last spoke?

Read More

Thursday, January 3, 2013

VMS News: Loreen Aldrin - Never give up , an inspirational story- Jay Hurikan Reporting...

The guitar, a stringed musical instrument that is usually played by strumming or plucking. Millions of people each and every day practice, play, and perform using this instrument. Some do it for money, some do it for popularity and some do it for pure pleasure--the love of creating music.

Read More Here


Friday, December 14, 2012

VMS News: Saintess Larnia in her Own Words- Thiza Ember Reporting...

The Support
I do remember my first concert at JLC Live. Jay Hurikan gave me my first break, owner of Virtual Music Services! It was mainly acoustic musicians and lots of regular performances. I had totally planned to sing in Second Life - that was my reason for coming here. My music career here is 100% supported by various people and without them; my career wouldn’t be the same. The teams that help me are my manager Lingual Markus, my assistants Teagan Sapphire.

Owen Landar & Tilly Morgath. The massive support from my fan group Saintess Souls who come to many gigs of mine sometimes twice in the same day! It can be very stressful to manage yourself alone.

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