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Showing posts with label The SL Enquirer. Show all posts

Monday, February 12, 2024

Venues that rock! - 5 great places to rock & roll on the grid- Hazel Silvermoon- Reporting


There are so many amazing ways to let loose in Second Life and each of us have our favorite go-to locations. For many of us, music venues are a large part of our virtual  existence.. This week, I went out in search of some of the best rock and roll venues on the grid, and wow, did I have a great time! 

(Image Name- The River)

The River

My first stop was The River.  It is an amazing open venue, with a unique guitar decor. The venue is outdoors, and has an absolutely beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The DJ and Host were both exceptionally warm and welcoming. They played a variety of tunes and it was an all-around pleasant experience.  The crowd was kind and accepting , and everyone was having a great time! They also have many boards around to inform you of upcoming events!

The River:

Sanctuary Rocks

Sanctuary Rocks was one of my favorite places I discovered on my journey. The club features a gothic cathedral vibe and has a very positive atmosphere. The crowd here was very energetic and ready to party! The DJ played a variety of hard rock and metal music and it was very easy to strike up a conversation with those around me. There were also plenty of dance options for both singles and couples. 

Sanctuary Rocks:

Ohana Rock Club-

Ohana Rock Club has a very lively atmosphere and is set on an open waterfront with an island feel. I was lucky enough to experience going on Superbowl Sunday. The club was made into a giant football field to fit the event, and the party was huge! The crowd was pumped, and the music was amazing. They played a variety of modern rock hits, and welcomed any requests that fit the genre. Everyone had a really upbeat attitude, and it really makes you want to return for more!

Ohana Rock Club:

Wet Willies Rock Club

Boasting 15 years on the grid, Wet Willies is a rock club with charm. Both the DJ and host greeted me before I had even entered the club. They displayed a mixture of expertise and professionalism , while still maintaining a kindness that makes you feel like family. The music was a variety of today’s rock hits, and some of past decades as well. I had a great time dancing along with the crowd. Wet Willies is an amazing venue to relax and hear some of your favorite music!

Wet Willies Rock Club:

TuttiFrutti Rock’N Roll Club

If you are looking for a blast from the past, TuttiFrutti Rock’N Roll club has just the thing. Featuring amazing retro 50-60’s style decor, it is sure to make you feel nostalgic. They play a variety of music from past decades, which makes this venue both interesting and different. It is a very welcoming place with some of the coolest decorations in Second life. If you are looking for a wonderful place to spend the evening, TuttiFruitti is for you!!

TuttiFrutti Rock’N Roll Club:

No matter which of these venues you choose, you are sure to be delighted. While each place had its own unique feel, they all had one thing in common: music brings us all together.

Sunday, February 11, 2024


A shadow was cast on Second Life on February 1st as we learned the great Frolic Mills, an icon and a legend in our fashion community, was no longer with us.

Frolic, Frolito for his friends, leaves a big void behind him. Therefore to celebrate his memory, Hyaecinte has collected the memories and thoughts of five people who were lucky enough to be part of the circle of friends of this larger-than-life character.

Ponchituti Boucher

''I am about to write the post that I would never have wanted to write, not in SL and even less in RL.
It is with great regret, disbelief, pain and endless tears that I announce the death of our beloved Frolic Mills (Juan Cristobal).
For most of you, he was the creator of the modeling industry in Second Life, he was the promoter of designers, builders, the creator of Top Models. No one has or will have his keen eye to see raw talent. He was also the creator of the contests in SL as we know it today. Founder of what was at the time the largest corporation in the world of fashion BOSL. HE WAS the industry. He was a living legend. Frolic was a King Midas who turned everything he touched into gold.

But for me, Juan Cristobal was my brother, we loved each other and we fought like only brothers do. But not only was he my soul brother, Frolic was my teacher, my mentor. Everything I know about the fashion world and modeling in Second Life was taught to me by him.
Diana Balhaus, Lali Arbizu and I are devastated because we were his "Frolic's Witches" which is the name he gave to the WhatsApp group created for the four of us and where we laughed our hearts out at his witticisms. Some timer, We were the three musketeers and of course he was D'artagnan, some times, We were Charlie's Angels. Always together in life's adventures
We will always remember him for his jovial, sincere and entrepreneurial way of being. He shared his love of art, music, and fashion, and was never afraid to do new and different things.''

Lali Arbizu

''I was lucky to be friends with Frolic in both lives... In SL he was my mentor, my first critic, our companion for long conversations sitting on his yacht or on the terrace of any of his houses, partner in crime when it came to organize surprise parties, our boss at his wedding venue and many other shared adventures...

We lived in the same city... I loved eating and cooking... we shared long lunches in trendy places in Caracas....

Frolic loved little birds... He had some canaries that sang so much and so loudly that they often interrupted our Skype conversations... Frolic was an art lover, a lover of beautiful things, he was fascinated by fashion, by music... and by Thimotee Chalemet :)))

I'm going to miss you so much Frolito... They are celebrating in heaven... many friends there to receive the best of SL!''

Avalon Chrome

"Frolic was a very special person and I will never forget how he supported me as a model, designer, and as the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR. I’d always admired him from afar as an icon in the SL fashion industry, never believing I’d ever actually get to meet him. So when I had the honour of walking with him on the runway (and then clumsily lag-walking right into him - which we later laughed about) or custom-designing clothes for him to wear, it was a dream come true.

He had a way of making me feel seen and appreciated and I loved him for that. Thank you Frolic, for your unsurpassed contribution to the SL fashion world and for being a loyal friend to LUXE Paris.  

Rest in peace, my dear friend. Un beso de despedida con amor. "

Parisian Skytower

Frolic Mills was always a larger-than-life personality to me. Until we met in 2009, his presence intimidated me, but as we collaborated, I got to know him better. In 2011, he was putting together a BOSL fashion show for the real-life brand Shan Beachwear, which Mika Palmyra and I represented in Second Life. 

Frolic was never afraid to try new things and did not care what others thought because he was true to himself. So, for BOSL Fashion Week, he thought it would be cool to have the models walk the runway wearing Shan Beachwear in the actual ocean! I had not realized it until he told the story at the 2019 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR judge's brunch. I remembered something like a wave or water effect passing through the fashion show and... crashing my PC! When I logged back in, everything was fine, so I attributed the problem to my (old) computer and continued watching the show. I had never given it much thought until he told the story 10 years later. He tried the wave effect and it did not work. It was then that I came to realize what an innovator he was! 

He is a true pioneer who always pushed the envelope and pursues his vision. This world would be stagnant and boring if you did not try new things for fear of what others might say or think. Nobody in this world knows everything or is perfect, and those successes and failures are exactly what propel the world forward.

Frolic Mills was always very kind to Mika, Avalon, and myself.  He was a team player and had a wonderful sense of humor. We are heartbroken that he is no longer with us, but he will always be in our thoughts. 

We will never forget you, FRO! 
Remember your DVC code because it will be difficult to hear your cues from up there. LOL

Frolic and Lanai ,2012


Thursday, February 1, 2024

Sledding- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...


Winter can be a drag in the real world, with freezing cold temperatures, driving on ice and all that. It is important to remember that it is also a season of fun, especially when you factor in sledding. January and February need not be a season of misery. You just have to know where to go to find fun winter things to do. Enter Stacey...

Sledding is a lot like her cousin, skiing, but sledding is easier to do. Skiing involves buying a bunch of gear and driving up to Vermont to go to the mountains. Sledding can be done in your hometown (if your hometown has snow) with a sled you got for $9.99 at Target. You don't have to buy a ridiculous spandex bodysuit to go sledding, although I did so. 

I have an image to uphold, and I also wanted to dress brightly so the St. Bernard dogs could find me in whatever snowbank I sledded into. I then went off in search of somewhere to go sledding.

I went to a place called Brave Island, which has the Wonderful Winter Wonderland theme going, at least for the season. I had the place to myself, although I keep odd hours and the place might be jammed during different parts of the day. Either way, I went to the top of the mountain and got ready for some downhill work. It took me a while to find the sledding part, but you are most likely less stupid than I and would probably fare better in a search.

Brave Island provides the sled for you, a simple one for a single sledder and a team bobsled (?) type for couples or very good friends. Once you sit on it, you start heading downhill. You get a good ride, not too fast. The ride could be a little longer, but you can extend it somewhat by sledding through the non-sledding parts of the sim. It's very impolite, but I was there by myself, and someone had to do it.

I would estimate that I got going 35 mph or so, which is like 70 kph for all you Europeans reading this. I never quite figured out how to stop, other than crashing into something that halted my forward progress. I used a head-first sledding methodology, as I'd rather crack my head than break both legs and maybe the ol' Five Hole as well.

Sledding into a wall is usually the worst-case scenario, but the other sledding sim that I tried out- one with a mammoth luge-style elevated track- actually saw me fail to negotiate a curve and sled off the sim into whatever passes for outer space in SL. I actually had a picture of me doing so, but I was very small in it and would have been unrecognizable without the caption.

I did think of a sport that I would like to try... Sled Bowling with humans! Line ten people up in Candlepin formation at the bottom of a hill, go to the top of the hill, come down heavy on the sled and see how many people you can deck. It's got speed, exotic settings, violence, humor and appeals to a wealthy demographic... what's not to like?

I'll have to get Lanai to pay me enough to hire ten models to act as bowling pins, but I think I can make a go of it. Some clever animator will have to make an animation that mimics pins falling. Who knows? Maybe I can give up journalism and feed myself by running a Human Sled Bowling operation. It might be illegal in the US. Someone told me to maybe try Indonesia.

There was no NBA or NFL 150 years ago, and now you can't turn on the TV without seeing someone dunking or throwing a touchdown pass. Who's to say Human Sled Bowling won't catch on in a similar manner? 

The fun thing about SL is that Human Sled Bowling probably exists somewhere, perhaps in BDSM form. I just haven't been crafty enough to find it... yet. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

EMA’s Model Training - Tabitha Mercury Reporting…

Recently, while I was out venue hoping, I decided to fill out an application for a modeling position with Eden Modeling Agency (EMA). Owned by Jocelyn Amber and Aufreizend Lexico, EMA is located on the Dragon Field sim. I turned it in after filling it out with all my previous hopes and dreams about being an SL model. I have wanted to get into modeling in SL since I started years back. I was here years ago, under a different name which I had no idea how to get into, I think I may have even deleted the account. My memory grows fuzzy in my old age. *wink*

The Initial Meeting

Sue (sue.terr): I am the CEO and Trainer so you will only be with me for the course and any shows or shoots we do

Tabitha Mercury nods

Sue (sue.terr): Today I want to establish if you have the right enthusiasm behind you to become a model. The course is free and takes around 6 weeks as this is spread out so it does not interfere with your S/L life as well as your R/L life.

Tabitha Mercury nods

Sue (sue.terr): Should you pass the course you will be awarded a certificate of training and a place will be offered as a registered model at Eden Model Agency

Tabitha Mercury: (I am surprised it is free, that's a bonus for sure!)

Sue (sue.terr): yes it is

Sue (sue.terr): Besides the course there will be AO’s you will need for photo shoots and catwalk shows which could cost 2000L but I can show you which you require.

Sue (sue.terr): I do not want to mislead you thinking you have no other costs.

On shoots and shows you are given clothing jewelry and footwear by the designers which can be of 800L or more so free clothing is what you get, however you may get tips too.

Aufreizend Lexico: Tabitha, reason the course is free, is you need to buy the AO

The interview with Sue

The questions posed:

  • So can you tell me why you could be a model?

  • Do you have any dependents to look after in S/L or R/L?

  • Are you married or have a B/F G/F who may get upset if you're not available In S/L or R/L?

  • How would you feel on a photo shoot just wearing underwear with the photographer looking at you for a shot?

  • Do you take orders well?

  • Could you give 12 hours notice if you can not attend a shoot or show?

After pondering my truest answers and answering their very good questions, I excitedly accepted their offer (Aufrezend sat in) to do model training with them. I shot off a letter to my editor, explaining my latest article idea. A weekly peek into what it’s like to become a model in SL. Luckily, she approved and here we are.

First day of training

I landed at the sim and went into the office to wait for Sue Terr, the CEO and trainer of Eden Modeling Agency (EMA). She had a R/L thing and we started an hour later than scheduled, which was fine as I was a dingbat and thought that I would be training for 5 hours every week, during one sitting and prepared my schedule as such. It is only one hour per week, I was very relieved to find out.

We went to the modeling studio classroom and began my training. There was a lot of information given. A lot of requirements and common sense things one could expect. First we started with the rules of modeling.

  1. If you go to a casting, runway practice or fashion show, be there at least 30 minutes before it starts. ( it's a Golden Rule )

  2. Never ever wear bling shoes or jewelry.

  3. The runway is not the place for shoes with sound.

  4. Please do not wear any hair that is glowing. (use the midnight setting to see this)

  5. Respect other models and designers and their work.

She stressed number 5 and mentioned she wouldn’t hesitate to drop you from future shows and shoots because she will not tolerate anything less. Personally, I think this is a very professional approach and should be what’s expected in the industry from each other.

I got lessons in lag, my body, tattoos, a hair reminder about glowing hair and the reminder that your face, body, style (clothing), is your branding. I must admit, I was disappointed upon finding out that I would have to change my petite body to a tall body on occasions, depending on the designer's needs. Lamented the fact that I would likely have to remove my tattoos and then had the horrible realization that I was going to have to remove my wedding ring, as well.

I was relieved to find out that I can go back to being “me” when I am not doing the shows or the shoots. I feel it would be smart to keep myself in “designer” clothing to keep the branding of myself going, modeling or not. My face will stay true, my body shape may change temporarily to an amazonian goddess size, I can wear my wedding band when not working as a model, and it’s a good thing this is SL and I can remove and add my tattoos at a moment’s whim.


I knew that modeling in SL would entail a lot. I had hoped to find a place where I didn’t really have to change my body shape but I haven’t found one, yet. You become partial to your avatar, as it is an extension of yourself and take great care in curating what you feel makes your avatar the you that you want to be in SL. I would say that if you are not willing to change these things, modeling in SL professionally is not the route you want to go. For myself, this will be an adjustment, but I do look forward to my opportunity before me!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

New Beginnings: Charting a Successful Business Course for Disabled Parents- Hannah Simpson reporting...

 For parents with disabilities, starting a small business represents not just a career choice but a step toward independence and empowerment. This guide, courtesy of The SL Enquirer, is tailored to help you navigate the unique challenges and leverage your strengths in the entrepreneurial landscape. By understanding and utilizing specific resources and strategies, you can build a successful and rewarding business that complements your lifestyle.

Look Into Financial Support

Securing funding is a pivotal aspect of your entrepreneurial adventure. Seek out financial aid such as grants and loans designed for individuals with disabilities. These resources present a robust foundation for your business endeavors. Additionally, exploring these specialized funding options can open doors to supportive networks and resources that cater specifically to entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Build a Business Blueprint

A meticulously crafted business plan acts as your guiding star toward success. It must distinctly articulate your business objectives, the strategies to attain them, and offer comprehensive financial forecasts. This document serves not just as a blueprint for your path forward but also as a compelling presentation of your business's promise to potential investors and partners. A solid plan can also help you anticipate and prepare for any challenges, ensuring a smoother entrepreneurial journey.

Optimize Your Home Workspace

Designing an ideal workspace is crucial for parents with disabilities embarking on a small business venture. Opt for a layout that maximizes accessibility, with ample room for movement and adaptive equipment tailored to your needs. Prioritize a clutter-free environment with essential items within easy reach, reducing physical stress and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, integrate child-friendly elements if needed, ensuring a safe and engaging space for children while you focus on business tasks.

Streamline with Digital Documents

Streamlining your business operations becomes seamless with efficient document management through digitization. By adopting a system that meticulously organizes your documents, you not only save valuable time but also alleviate stress. Embracing universally accepted formats such as PDFs for file sharing enhances practicality, ensuring that your documents are easily accessible and compatible with different platforms. Check this out: integrating such a system can also lead to improved collaboration among your team, allowing everyone to access and share information effortlessly.

Build an Inclusive Team

In assembling your team, prioritize candidates who appreciate and comprehend the importance of a workplace that's inclusive to everyone. Recruiting staff who are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment not only boosts productivity but also cultivates a positive and supportive work culture. This approach will also help in attracting a diverse range of talents, further enriching your business with various perspectives and skills.

Embrace the Digital Meeting Space

Leverage the power of technology by using online video conferencing platforms for your meetings. These digital tools make it easier to connect with investors, partners, and clients, offering a convenient and accessible alternative when travel or face-to-face meetings are impractical. Moreover, they enable more regular and adaptable communication, ensuring that geographical distances do not impede your business relationships.

Networking with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Building connections with fellow entrepreneurs, particularly those who have faced similar challenges, offers an invaluable source of support and insight. Engaging in dialogue and sharing experiences with these peers can lead to the discovery of new opportunities and fresh perspectives that can significantly benefit your business. Furthermore, these interactions can foster a sense of community and collaboration, enriching your entrepreneurial journey.

Leverage Assistive Technology

Incorporating assistive technologies, like voice assistants, can significantly boost both productivity and accessibility in your business. These innovative tools are designed to streamline tasks, thereby enhancing the efficiency and inclusivity of your business operations. Moreover, they can adapt to various needs, offering personalized assistance that can transform the way you manage daily business activities.

As a parent with disabilities venturing into the world of small business, you'll encounter unique challenges. However, with the right approach and resources, these challenges can be transformed into stepping stones for success. Remember, your journey is not just about business; it's about carving out a path that aligns with your abilities and aspirations, leading to both personal and professional fulfillment.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Ballin on a budget- Affordable housing, clothing, and furniture sales in Second Life- Hazel Silvermoon reporting…

Second life is packed full of amazing things to do. At the top of the list for many, is shopping. Oftentimes, there are tons of places to get great items at a fraction of the cost. Scoring a sale always feels like an achievement, and it can be a lot of fun as well!  I traveled the grid this week in search of some fabulous deals so you can get the most bang for your buck !



Gloss is a clothing store that features high-quality clothing for many different body types. From dresses, to Jeans and T-shirts, this store has something to suit most anyone’s style. Right now, they are featuring a cute Jean and tie top combo by the name of Hilary. You can snag both the Jeans and Tops set for just 69L each!

Gloss Mainstore:

Hilly Haalan

Hilly Haalan is a brand that delivers top-notch fashion and always has an amazing sale going on. Their clothing is absolutely stunning, and this next find is the best price: absolutely free! The Rosalind dress is the featured group gift for this month. It is a beautiful and sexy dress featuring midriff cutouts. The group is free to join, and the dress hud has so many color options!!

Hilly Haalan Mainstore:


Trompe Loeil

Tompe Loeil has some excellent houses and home decor, and they have some great sales too. This week’s sale is for those of us that love the waves. It is called the Deja Beach Cottage. Originally 400 L, this home is just 50L for the superfans group. This group is free to join!! The Deja Beach Cottage features a large open downstairs area that is perfect for a Tiki bar, or lounge area. It also has a spacious room upstairs that would be great for a kitchen, living room, or bedroom set. (or all 3!!!)

Trompe Loeil Mainstore:


Your Dreams

Looking for a cute and low cost kitchen? Look no further than Your Dreams Mainstore! Right now, they are featuring their Mini Kitchen set for just 60L! It features 3 wood texture options, a cooktop with flames, and several poses as well. In addition to the mini kitchen, they also have a wide variety of other furniture items on sale right now for 60L .These tend to rotate frequently, but there is usually always a great sale! 

Your Dreams Mainstore:

Petite Mort

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and Petite Mort has this gorgeous Heart Chair set! Each chair has a number of cute poses. They also have Heart rugs, Pouffes, and a decor sign to go with the chairs. Each of these items is just 60L each! You can buy just one of these items if you wish, or all of them, the choice is yours!

Petite Mort Mainstore:

If shopping is your go-to activity in Second Life, be sure to snag these amazing sales while they last! Shopping on a budget isn’t always easy, but if you take some time, check groups and sales ads, and shop around, you are sure to find everything you need and more. Happy Shopping everyone!