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Showing posts with label acrylics. Show all posts

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spotlight on JudiLynn India; a Real World Painter, Owner and Curator at Center Ground Gallery of Arts in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Art is an expression of human creativity. All a person needs is skills and an imagination.  It is used for self expression, an escape from everyday stresses and even works as a form of therapy. Art comes in many different mediums from sculpting, drawing and painting to photography, graphic design and assemblage.

Style can be contemporary, abstract, modern, realistic or a combination of all.  With the rapid growth of technology, art can be taken to new levels and shared with people from all over the world. Second Life is the perfect platform for showcasing art and interacting with fans. Artists from any genre can create artwork, upload images into Second Life, put their work in a virtual gallery or participate in art shows across the grid. Artists can also sell their work to virtual world resident to hang on their walls in their virtual homes or offices or even in the real world with the use of websites and e-commerce.

Judi Lynn is known in Second Life as JudiLynn India. She is a real world painter from Philadelphia, currently living in Georgia that uses the virtual world to share her talent with others.  Her love of art goes as far back as she could remember. While other little girls played with their dolls, Judilynn found her muse at an easel.  Growing up, her education always included art. She was enrolled in Saturday classes and special projects through high school and into college where she studied Graphic Design at Tyler School of Art/Temple University. Her mediums are traditional acrylic and digital Paintings as well as digital acrylics. Her use of vibrant colors and earth tones provide a balance of lively and warm ambiance with a calming effect. Combined with an intriguing array of forms and shapes, her pieces capture the imagination.

Meet JudiLynn India