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Showing posts with label adult club. Show all posts

Thursday, January 12, 2023


My guest today is Zeehra Cordeaux, owner and operator of Friction, SL’s hottest and most unique Adult entertainment club. Friction caters to the most discerning adults in a fun and engaging atmosphere.  Guests initially come to Friction as customers, but find that after only a couple of visits, they leave as family.  When I first arrived at Friction and started exploring the many rooms and spaces there, I could tell this was NOT your average Adult club. Friction has accommodations for both text-based and voice-based interactions, as well as state-of-the-art animations in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  I caught up with Zeehra while she was tending bar.  She still had a few minutes before the anticipated afternoon rush of patrons, so we sat comfortably as I asked her a few questions…

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:      So tell me, Zeehra? What sets FRICTION apart from the many other adult clubs out there?

Zeehra Cordeaux (ZC):   - Friction is an adult entertainment club and what makes it so special is the welcoming, professional vibe that our guests feel when they enter our premises. We pride ourselves in maintaining the social aspect of Friction as well as the adult areas. Our staff are very carefully hand-picked to fit into our theme and our vision which is extremely important to us. Friction is designed to provide a "safe place" or an extra home away from home, so to speak, a family for both our staff and our guests. We often hear that people come to us for the strippers but they stay for the vibe which is why we have the slogan "...can you feel it?".

JB:    Where did you get the idea for FRICTION? Is there some history here?

ZC:   - It's a bit of a bizarre story really. Before Friction came to be I was working at a few other clubs for a while and there was one in particular that ended up giving me the nudge that I needed to start planning my own club. During the interview to get hired, I was told that I didn't have to do anything that I wasn't comfortable with doing.  However, AFTER I was hired, I was pressured and expected to do things against my will.  I brought this up with the management and I got the response that "Oh no, you DO have to do THAT. Otherwise, I don't think you are even fit to work in this business". Needless to say, I then quit and decided to open up my own place and shape it into what Friction is today. A safe place for everyone to enjoy without punishments or forced anything, where we can always say no without question if we feel uncomfortable in any way.

JB:    How big a staff do you maintain here, and who are the true movers and shakers that keep FRICTION up and running, so to speak?

ZC   -At the moment we have roughly 40 employees working for us. We hire both males and females which also means that we cater to everyone’s needs and desires. There is a lot of work involved in running a business in Second Life and quite frankly, we wouldn't have been able to do it to the extent that we have if it wasn't for our wonderful staff. They are the hearts and souls of Friction and the ones that are carrying out our vision and they do it perfectly. We are very proud of each and every one of them and we feel so privileged that they have chosen us as their employers. We all work together as a team with a "one for all and all for one" kind of mindset.

 JB:    As I was touring your extensive facilities the other night, I saw a couple of things I didn’t quite understand. What is a “miepon”?  Also, you have an area dedicated to  “Textopia?  What is that all about?

ZC:   - Miepons are a really fun addition to any club really. They are little tokens that one can purchase from so-called miepon machines that contain an action of some sort. These tokens can be handed over to the dancers as they are on stage in order to have them perform the action. It can be any kind of action really, anything from sounding like a mating turtle for 30 seconds to a 2-minute lovense control link. Of course, our dancers can choose to say no if they don't want to perform said action but that very rarely happens as they are so much fun. People really enjoy them.

- The place you visited was temporarily named "Textopia" but was renamed the "TexXxt Club". This is an area that caters to text roleplay only and will bypass anything that has to do with voice. We wanted an area for those who enjoy Second Life how it used to be before the voice option took over extensively.

JB:    I see you have a fairly well-stocked “Gift Shop” as well, for purchasing those special presents for yourself or those “hard to buy for” folks on your gift list.  How’s business there? 

ZC:   - The "Gift Shop" is quite a success actually. It contains many fun things that people previously didn't realize that they needed, much like most other material things in life, such as attachments that allow you to interact with others in fun or naughty ways, furniture, and some HUD's like Stepford Wife Implant, and Mama Alpha. We are big supporters of our affiliates in the shop and we own many of their items ourselves which is why we can wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

JB:    What types of Events do you have here? 

ZC:   - We currently have three weekly events that run for the whole day. There is Wicked Wednesday where all our menu services are 50% off. We also have something called Fuzzy Friday which is a fairly new and fun one. This is where all the staff that aims to work that day dress up as furries or nekos, both for a bit of a change in scenery but also to show some extra appreciation to the lovely furry guests that visit us. Last but not least we have SUN-Day Fun-Day where we are operating from our beach. It's almost like going on holiday once a week to enjoy some sun and a tropical environment. On Sundays, we are all down at the beach instead of up in the clubs. Another important thing to add is that all our events run for 24 hours to make sure that everyone can part-take no matter which time zone they are in. Additionally, we host themed events when people want to celebrate their rezz-days or birthdays as well as being available to cater to requested events that someone might want to see at Friction.

JB:    I saw you have plenty of games and play areas…both in the Arcade…and in the Dungeon.   What are some of the other areas that guests might enjoy during a visit to FRICTION?

ZC:   - In the Arcade one can enjoy many different and classic video games such as Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat. We also have mud-wrestling, Greedy Fruit slot machines, Buzz Roulette, and a section for gaming with Lovense. 

- We have three "playrooms", all in different styles, such as the dungeon that you saw. These rooms are for private time between guests and staff and contain many fun things to enjoy.

- We have a Lounge where people can sit around and chat, cuddle, get to know each other, or play games such as Cheesy and Hand & Foot. It's a very casual and relaxing area and one of the things that Friction was likely first with implementing.

- We have three different clubs. The Red Club where the vocal ladies dance, the Blue Club where the vocal gentlemen dance, and a new Purple Club which is for those who write only.

- Another fun area is The Secret Key which is for our Elite VIPs only. An area where they can hang out and get to know the staff away from the rest of the club.

- Last but not least we have an amazing nude beach which is a roleplay/fun area for everyone to enjoy freely. It contains several different games such as playable Volley-Ball and coconut-cracking. There are many secluded areas where one could enjoy a nice,  romantic date with a loved one, or a group of friends. There is also a stage down there for the one day every week that we utilize the beach for work, which is Sunday as I mentioned before.

JB:    How might someone learn “What’s Happening at FRICTION?”

ZC:   - The best way to stay up to date with any happenings that involve Friction would be to join our Discord server. It is free to join, however, you need to become part of our free VIP group in Second Life in order to be able to see all the different channels in Discord.

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

ZC:   - I would like to take a moment to shed some light on a very honorable organization called Echovets. Friction has recently become supporter of this organization which is a whole sim made up for war veterans that are in need of support in any way. They exist in "the real world" as well which is what this Second Life group is based on. It is a place for veterans to meet up and support and comfort each other without actually meeting up. A safe haven where they can be themselves and get help with any issues that are lingering after being stationed in a war zone. Take a moment to look them up, show them some support, or even drop them a little donation. They are worth it.

Soooo…there you have it, Folks.  For the Best in Adult Entertainment to be found anywhere on the Grid, hop on over to Friction.  You’ll be glad you did.  And when you do, tell ‘em Josh sent ya,

Be there! Aloha


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Tuesday, December 20, 2022


This past week, in my sojourns around the Grid, I ran into a wonderful couple, Richh and Alexxxa Devin, the owner/proprietors of Dirty Rythms.  Many of you will remember DR from years past, as it has always been a mainstay of adult club venues in SL.   After a Decade of service to the SL Community, Richh and Alexxxa decided to close their Fan-Favorites club, while they were still immensely popular, preferring to direct their attention to other pursuits.  But, after two years with constant encouragement from their legion of fans and friends,  they decided to reopen DR in a completely new venue.   On their anniversary, Richh opened a new club, Alexxxa’s Place…and the rest of DR returned around it.

One of the things that have always been a trademark of Dirty Rythms in general, and the proprietors specifically, has been Richh’s phenomenal generosity towards his guests.  Whether it is the gifts he gives out every hour to randomly selected guests at their events or the way he salts the ‘Sploder with extra cash, so “everyone’s a winner”.  Or perhaps it is the monthly photo contest with one lucky winner each month walking away with the 3,000 Linden prize!   Richh and Alexxxa run a First-Class operation, completely free of charge to their many guests. 

I managed to corner Richh and Alexxxa between gigs, and they graciously consented to answer a few questions I posed.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    Hi Alexxxa and Richh!  Thanks for agreeing to chat with me.  Let me start off by asking how did you come up with the idea for “Dirty Rythms”?

Richh Devin (RD):   Dirty Rythms was always intended for the discriminating adults as an awesome spot for adult playtime as well as the hot spot for some of the best  DJs on the grid.

JB:    What an amazing build here.  Tell me, what is the basic Theme of the Dirty Rythms?

RD: Theme: Music and Entertainment

Dirty Rythms has everything for discriminating adults. Hot playtime spots with the best gear in SL. Awesome beach hangouts, picture-perfect spots for the SL photographers, and party spots for you and your friends, featuring some of SL's hottest DJs. Your fantasies come true! 

JB: What makes the Dirty Rythms compound different from other Adult Sims out there?

Alexxxa Devin (alexxxa.mynx) (AD): Dirty Rythms has been built with much attention to detail.  Upon exploring the sim people will find the perfect spot for photographs, naughty play, or both!  Music on the sim is commercial free and there are screens set up in strategic spots all over the sim for guests to watch the commercial-free video playlist!

JB: Tell me about some of the various areas in Dirty Rythms?

AD: We have various venues for themed parties such as Tiki Cove, the Tiki Bar,  Tiki Country,  the Beachhouse, the Romantic Gazebo, Alexxxa's Place  Lounge & Discotheque, the Photo Studio and of course,  the Swingers Clubhouse!      On exploring the Clubhouse, you will find the best Red Room on the grid, IMHO! Using the Teleporters on the sim you can select the various venues available here. There are also some hidden private spots on the sim, which people will find when exploring.

JB: OK Alexxxa… tell me…and I promise to keep it just between you and me….(and our 70,000 readers each month)….what are some of your personal Favs here at Dirty Rhythms?

 As a DJ of course I love being at the events of some of the best DJs on the grid right here at Dirty Rythms.  And, of course, we have some of the best furniture and gear for naughty play all over the sim, something for everyone, which we have tested thoroughly! 

JB: Do you have accommodations for people who may want to live here?

Currently, there are no rentals at Dirty Rythms. However, we have some  people who have made Dirty Rythms their 'home base' where they log in like home

JB: As you know, there is no shortage of Adult entertainment sims here.  What is the “Dirty Rythms” difference and why should people come here for all their entertainment needs?

 AD: We take pride in Dirty Rythms being the adult sim with class. You will discover that once you visit us.  People are encouraged to come and get naughty and know that they can expect to be respected because NO means NO on our sim.  The BIG difference?  No long list of rules when you land!    Our welcoming notecard mentions RESPECT and if respect is used by all, a list of rules should not be required!

JB: What has been your greatest challenge in operating Dirty Rythms?

RD: With the ever-dwindling numbers of people on SL lately, attendance to events, etc has been an issue but numbers have been increasing lately.  

JB: I understand you host special events here.  How can people find out about those things?

AD: We advertise all events on the SL Events page, the Dirty Rythms groups notices, as well as on our Dirty Rythms Discord page!   DJ Alexxxa's SL  Group is also used for all Dirty Rythms events advertising!  For booking special events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc, please contact   Alexxxa Mynx (Devin).

JB: And how about the future?  Do you have any improvements or changes in mind for the weeks and months ahead?

AD: For the future, in the new year there ARE some plans in the works.  Once ready for unveiling, those will be revealed in the Dirty Rythms Groups notices as well as in Alexxxa's Group notices and of course, Dirty Rythms Discord page.  

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer readers?

RD: We encourage all who read about us in the SL Enquirer to come and explore the sim and they will find their perfect spot for hanging out with their friends.   They are also very welcome to join us at the events as advertised on the board, on the events page, or on our Discord page.  Special events will also be advertised there!

So there you have it, folks.  If you are looking for a beautifully built sim, with wonderful events, adult entertainment options, and the most gracious hosts on the Grid, let me encourage you to drop on by and check ‘em out.   You’ll be glad you did.  And if you run into Richh or Alexxxa….Tell ‘em Josh sent ya!

BE there.  Aloha!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON THE FOX CLUB- A premier VIP Club for all adults!

The Fox Club is a unique venue with boasts the main club, ballroom, neon bar and features Tabby’s Club with a collection of strippers and escorts ready to satisfy your every desire. If people-watching is more your thing, you are welcome to kick back and observe the crowd at weekly themed events. There is plenty to do and see with live DJs and singers gladly taking your requests and dedications. 

SLE caught up with The Fox Club Owner for more information about this premier VIP club.

Interview with Neternal

SLE: Where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Neternal: I am from the UK and I discovered Second Life in the bottom of a box of Cocoa Krispies, while I was looking for a free gift.

SLE: Interesting. Not sure what to say to that but OK! Would you say Second Life is an extension of your real life or just a game?

Neternal: Second Life is an immersive experience, it's both a game and an extension of my real life. There are people from my real life that I have brought into Second Life, as well.

SLE: Oh very cool.  Congratulations on your grand opening of The Fox Club! Can you tell us about The Fox Club and your team?

Neternal: The Fox Club is an upscale, very adult venue with a lot to offer. We have a beautifully peaceful landscaped beach for folks to enjoy and relax on at the ground level. In our sky, we have a stunning mystical wintry ballroom for those romantic moments you want to just lose yourself in another's arms. There is the new Neon Bar room for those with a colorful flair for fun. Our main dance club area features dance platforms, poles. a bar to sit - if people-watching is more your thing! Fridays through Mondays have live DJs performing from 12 pm - 6 pm SLT. Thursdays through Saturday, after 6 pm, Tabby's After Dark takes over the main club from 6 pm - ? depending on how festive the crowd is. And every day, 24/7 Tabby's upscale strip club is open for your pleasure! And there is adult furniture throughout the sim for your kinks and happiness!

My team in a word is magnificent. My General Manager, Tabitha Mercury has really come in pumped up and ready to take Fox Club to the next level with me. We really are on the same page, it's almost scary. My Assistant Manager, DonovanQuinn, comes with vast management experience and was Tabby's General Manager for over the past year. They are reliable and dependable. They work closely together with me to make Fox Club the finest adult establishment on the grid.

SLE: You have a lot going on at The Fox Club and it sounds like you have a tight team. That’s always a good thing. This is a very adult establishment. What type of services do you offer?

Neternal: Bl**jobs and steak sandwiches. But on a serious note, we have a beach, a stunning mystical ballroom, a modern main dance club with cells, fun and new Neon Bar, and an upscale strip club, Tabby's on-site. We have adult furniture throughout for everyone to enjoy and the craziest wild parties and fun themes on the grid!

SLE: Wow! Whatever happened to chicken wings being a thing at the strip club? Lol Anyway.  With all the club venues in Second Life, what made you decide to open one, and what will be different from the others that will attract your clientele?

Neternal: Several years ago, I owned Equine Island Vanity Fair Horseshow and had won an Avi Choice Award after entering the first time at the last one they held. After some time, I decided that maybe I would try my hand at a club owner, as I am a bit of a party person and I could see if I could be a success in that as well.

SLE: Congrats on that prestigious award! We wish you great success in your new venture. With owning an adult club it comes with some responsibilities. What types of rules do you enforce at The Fox Club to keep youngins out of the club and your dancers and escorts safe?

Neternal: The Fox Club is on Adult land, so we do not allow persons less than adult age on our sim. We ban child avatars on the spot and report those who are suspected to be minors to LL.

SLE: You have DJs and you state Live Music also. Have you booked any live music and if so tell the readers of the musicians you have coming to your venue soon?

Neternal: We have had Mavenn perform here twice already, and she will be coming back again in the future. Right now, we are in talks with several performers to try to provide a variety of live music to feature as well on a regular basis. We will keep you posted! We currently are working on booking a performer for our October 30th Fall Formal dance in our Mystic Ballroom.

SLE: You say that you have themed events. What kinds of themes do you cover or do they change weekly?

Neternal: We have a changing weekly theme on Saturdays for Fox Club, last month they are Neon Night, which just passed, Schoolgirls Saturday Detention, Star Wars, and Luxurious Lingerie Ladies Night. Tabby's After Dark features themes on Fridays. Fetish Friday that just passed, was a double birthday party as well. We also have a Beach Party on our beach, One Item party, Angels & Demons and more coming up.

SLE: Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available? And if so, who shall they contact to give you their resume?

Neternal: We are always hiring. We need DJs and Hosts for Fox Club and Tabby's is always hiring dancers and escorts as well. Anyone who would like to work for Fox Club can contact:

Hosts/DJs: DonovanQuinn Resident or Tabitha.Mercury

Dancers/Escorts: Angelixa69 Resident or Tabitha.Mercury

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Neternal (neternal)