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Showing posts with label audience participation. Show all posts

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pillow Talk with Ursula -Join the discussion Sat. April 7th at 8pm SLT

Does love start in the brain?  What are the chemical and physical components of love and how does it effect us physically?  Do we love with our heart or with our brain? Share your story with us!  Audience participation encouraged.  Bring a friend!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Giant Snail Race - Oct 29th 10:30 am slt (Every Saturday)

Absolutely hilarious super silly fun!  If you like to laugh, this is a great event to participate in!  Each week, the giant snails take the track and race across a sim-wide obstacle course.  They wear colored scarves that correspond to colored seating.  The audience sits in the seats whose color matches the scarf of the snail they want to root for, and they are then pulled along with that snail, along the hilarious track that includes giant bouncing mushrooms, a maze with walls that are constantly moving, ramps with falling balls and cows.  There is dancing and cheering and ceremony and laughter.  There is also a weekly theme, with prizes given to Best in Show for decorated snails and Best in Audience for audience members who come dressed in theme.  This is an event where the audience can participate and can even get their own free giant snail and RACE!  Get your snail on!  It's the slimiest sport in Second Life!  This event includes voice,

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