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Showing posts with label belly dancing. Show all posts

Thursday, August 11, 2022



Hello! SL Enquirer Readers, I'm back, my name is Prissy Price. I left SL 7 years ago to handle RL. But I missed the imaginative side, the challenging side and the discovery side of SL. So, I came back. For those that know me I do nothing on a small Scale, but all that I do reflects who I am in RL. Since I love to Dance, Drink the Finest Wines imported from Italy, Consume the best Epicurean Delights, and top it all off with a fat Montecristo Platinum Cigar. Baby! how can you deny yourself the taste of oak, cocoa, and roasted espresso beans with a peppery finish from the Dominican Republic? I decided the SL population deserved a venue that would allow you to feast on your virtual pallets. I now bring to you "SPICE" a multi-cultural Restaurant and Social Club. If you struggle finding love in SL, find yourself at SPICE. If you are a discerning gentleman expecting to be surround by polished women…ladies, “Bring it”. Or if you’re a jet setter in need of a place to land, we have your comfort. I'm offering you a venue to Dance, Eat, Get Wet or Layback and look fabulous doing it all. We opened on July 30, yes, my Rezz Day. And those in the know arrive in our plush SPICE Limo or by our sleek SPICE Yacht. Some took the scenic route with the SPICE Helicopter from the mainland Miami, Florida to experience something "Spicey". We delivered to our hungry guest and will keep on delivering to those joining our membership. But for now, come experience our venue, check out our Social Club and find the virtual world at your feet. Our membership is free for now, but since my last name is Price, there will be a fee soon. Dress in your best and come to our next Event. “You Deserve a Taste.” Tell the statuesque model Host at the door, SL Enquirer sent you for a special gift.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Belly Dancing at Temple of Nefertari- Mondays 10 am-1pm SLT

Em hotep and Greetings.  Let us please the Gods and goddesses together!   Belly Dance session at the Temple of Bastet,   Mondays from 10 am - 12 pm SLT

 Lead dancer and hostess:  Tut-hathor-hon-totti

If you are interested please come join us, dances are available!

All, are welcome, Women, Men, or Furries etc.

Respectful Watchers  are welcomed as well. 

Please try and arrive promptly and have fun !

Looking forward to dancing with you!

About Temple of Nefetari

Egyptian Temple complex based around 1250 BC Temples for meditation, philosophy, music, dancing, and adult entertainment. Also galleries, quests, costume, bazaar and authentic buildings . Modern music events twice a week!