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Showing posts with label book release. Show all posts

Friday, December 4, 2020

Latest Sci-Fi novel Book Release! The Emperor’s Reach by R. Jacques aka GoSpeed Rasere


Who: Author R. Jacques, aka GoSpeed Rasere

What: The release of the latest Sci_Fi novel,  The Emperor’s Reach. The author will be available to talk about their work and field questions on self-publishing and writing.

When: December 6th, 2020 at 11 AM SLT

Where: Book Island. Look for the arch of stacked books.


Further details: Discussion will be held in text and SL voice. The Emperor’s Reach eBook is on pre-order and will be released on the 18th of December.

Available at:

Amazon -

Smashwords -

Promotional video:


Nine years after the events in the Rasere Awakening series the world of Simvie Loko has become a more dangerous place. The Tuscans have invaded Affenland, the island home of Grif Grasswalker, a sentient Gorilla. They’ve also forged an alliance with Rakistan and are busy building a new fleet of warships in their fabricator equipped shipyards. Finally, in the far east, The new city of Concordia, inhabited by newcomers from a dystopian simulation, presents a new challenge in the form of refugees who stream west into the lands of Lokotero causing social upheaval.

Rising to the challenge is the newly elected president of Lokotero, Andrew Jenson. To aid the Gorillas, he sends a covert military unit to disrupt the Tuscan’s military infrastructure on the island. To Concordia and Rakistan, he sends agents to gather more information on the threats posed to their country’s sovereignty. What secrets will they discover and what dangers will they face? Read The Emperor’s Reach and find out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spotlight on Linda Lauren and her new book; Sentimental Journey- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

It is my pleasure to share such an accomplished woman with The SL Enquirer fans in this spotlight feature and someone I proudly call a dear friend.

Linda Lauren is a 4th generation psychic medium who owns and operates a metaphysical center in Mountainside, New Jersey. Her abilities have taken her on an interesting journey through life. Her professional career in intuitive zoning stems back to 1978 where she first began consulting law enforcement in murder investigations.  She has went on to help many find peace and healing throughout her career.
I have had the opportunity on several occasion to spend time with Linda Lauren and her assistant Susan Dolinko at her metaphysical center where I’ve experienced my first Reiki session, got a personal reading as well as two separate visits to see Max, one of the 13 ancient crystal skulls.  I have also gone to two of her book signings in New York City. All I can say is Linda is the real deal and one of those unique people that leave a lasting impression. Her presence radiances love, healing and peace and she also inspire me with her kindness and abundance of energy.
Today, Linda Lauren spends her time as a resident psychic on Sway in the Morning radio show on Sirius/XM, The Ron and Yaya in the Morning radio show in Reno, and making appearances on numerous media sources such as CNN, NBC, ABC-TV ,The New York Times, The Daily News and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few.
She also loves to blog, contributing color forecasts on The Huffington Post, The SL Enquirer, writing and meeting with clients at Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe in her native New Jersey,  as well as in the virtual realm here in Second Life.
If her répertoire isn’t impressive enough, Linda Lauren is an energy artist as well as author of several books including Medium Rare, Hostage in Time and her latest work, Sentimental Journey.
Without giving too more much away, I will let Linda share what inspired her as well as latest book and where you can get it.

Interview with Linda Lauren
Lanai: Linda as always it is such a pleasure to interview you about what is going on in your very busy and exciting life. You have really kept busy since the last book signing I went to for Medium Rare in New York City. How are you doing these days?

Linda: I'm doing well and enjoying both my real life and my Second Life. I have been doing a lot of writing, blogging and creating my daily Linda Lauren's Color Forecast™ to share with people to help them create their day.

Lanai: You have done so much in the 6 years I’ve known you. How do you manage everything and still stay sane and balanced?

Linda: Meditation is key for balance. I open and close my day with at least a half hour session.

Lanai: Let’s jump right in and discuss your new book; Sentimental Journey. It takes place in wartime, 1944 and is about a romance that seems to happen by fate. Can you give our readers a teaser about the story and the main characters Allison and Johnny?

Linda: I explain it like this: What if you had the cure for the common cold available to you whenever you needed it? What if that cure was in the form of a twenty-four-hour time-release capsule?  What if it not only cured your cold but also took you back in time by twenty-four years?
Now imagine your cold returns when you return, and you discover there is a forty-eight-hour time-release cold capsule in the experimental stages. Would you be desperate enough to take that capsule? What if in doing so it takes you forty-eight years into the past, making you a spirit in time and meeting the love of your life smack in the middle of World War II?
That is what is happening to Allison McKay in the year 1992, and her dilemma is further complicated by the man she meets and the people she befriends. Enjoy watching love race over two different time periods to bring two people together.

Lanai:  I notice, you like to write your books with the scene being in the early time periods? What draws you to that time?

Linda: What draws me is a family or karmic connection that I might feel about the era. Then I start to research and get into the atmosphere of the time period.

Lanai: What is your most favorite genre to write about?

Linda: I enjoy writing time travel romance, ghost stories, and, of course about my work as a psychic medium.

Lanai: What inspires your writing? Do you ever use real life experiences and incorporate them within the themes of your non-fiction work?

Linda: Real life is a catalyst for me. In Sentimental Journey, the story came about because my late mother gave me the pink-faced lapel watch pin she received from my dad in 1944. There is a photo of her wearing it in the book, and it is a key element in the story.

Lanai: Your book signing is coming up for Sentimental Journey, where is it taking place and how can fans get tickets?

Linda: The event is taking place at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC and is by private invitation. To get on the list, please call or write using the information below. Please call 908-518-9001 or email

Lanai: Where can our readers purchase Sentimental Journey and other books you have written?

Linda:  My books can be found on iBooks and on my website.

Lanai:  What do you have in store for 2015 that we should be watching for? Any messages you would like to share with our readers for this coming year?
Linda: The new year ahead is going to be invigorating and positive. Personally, my next books will be fiction and non-fiction. I'm writing about color and energy and also introducing a possible new time travel series character.

Thank you for sharing what you have been up to and giving our readers a sneak peek into your new book. I wish you all the best!

Additional information:
twitter: @LindaLauren
Instagram,  Pinterest, tumblr,Vine: @LindaLauren

Preferred Contact: