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Showing posts with label Onehempcat Oldrich. Show all posts

Saturday, April 29, 2023

OHCP Breedables BETA Testers Needed


We are offering a few more positions testing our Breedable Bee's and much more. It is free and less than 20 prims to try out. Come to the shop, grab a group tag, and get you Delivery Now!!! Contact Onehempcat

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Music Not Politics' Onehemppcat Oldrich is performing virtually LIVE at The SL Enquirer Media Center October 11th @ 6pm slt

On Tuesday, October 11 @ 6pm SLT Onehempcat Oldrich will be taking over the airwaves at The SL Enquirer Media Center. Recently this Music Not Politics rockstar hooked up with The SL Enquirer and performed a kick ass performance together with KevinMThomas Carpool and Edward Lowell and we are excited to have him back again!

Onehempcat aka Mike Majesty is a real world/ virtual world musician and songwriter with over twenty years experience.  Having graced the SLE stage on more than one occassion , Onehempcat always brings energy to the atmosphere as he performs his own original tunes with commentary in between.

Find out more about Onehempcat Oldrich

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Monday, September 26, 2011

IT'S A PAJAMA JAM AT THE SL ENQUIRER Featuring Music Not Politics' Onehempcat Oldrich and KevinMThomas Carpool Streaming Virtually LIVE! 6pm slt

You are invited to an encore Pajama Party in Lanai’s Bedroom on Tuesday,  September 27th @ 6pm slt  . Due to requests, it is an encore  for those that missed the first one at this exclusive custom venue.  After the party, Lanai's Room will be disappearing to make room for other SLE Sponsored events.

Come in your best sleepwear and practice that fist pump or jump split, because Music Not Politics's  Onehempcat Oldrich will be performing virtually live with KevinMThomas Carpool and Edward Lowell!
There will be Truth or Dare, Spin The Bottle and a drawing for a chance at a spotlight feature.  SLE forecast also predicts a downpour of Lindens at random, so be on the look out for some loot!
Exclusive VIP Pass:

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Mark your Calendars for our next event on Tuesday , October 4th!  Start shopping for those  Superhero & Sidekick costumes!

 Black Soul Rhythms Radio's DJ Marjorie Dibou will be broadcasting LIVE from The SL Enquirer Media Center.  more info TBA.

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