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Showing posts with label exclusive. Show all posts

Saturday, November 13, 2021

XXX ORIGINAL EVENT November round is now open!! November 13th - December 3rd


The XXX Original Event by Posesion Productions Come to the NEW XXX ORIGINAL EVENT, new environment but hotter as usual, and check the exclusive creations based on Adult content: Furniture, clothes, lingerie, shoes, jewels, poses, animations, tattoos, makeup, accessories...don´t miss this November Round and enjoy it!!!!! Don´t miss this November round the amazing group gift by MADAME NOIR!! November 13th - December 3rd Event Gallery:

WebSite: Flickr: Facebook:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Second Pets™ is at the 7th Annual Christmas Expo with 3 Koi fishes in colors available only at the Expo.

These Relay For Life Purple colored Koi Fishes with Pink Eyes are only
being sold at the Expo. The are available in 4 Starter Packages each
containing one female fish egg and one male fish egg for $L949, 100%
going to the Relay For Life.
Second Pets™ Fishes are the most life-like fishes in Second Life®. They
swim randomly like real fishes.

There are other colors of Koi and Clownfish available at Second Pets™
in world store. Angelfish and Japanese Snapper are coming soon.

Second Pets™ Fishes currently live and swim in Fish Tanks. They will
soon be released to swim in Linden Water and ponds. Second Pets™ Fish
Tanks come with coral, rocks, and plants for decoration and are