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Showing posts with label charities. Show all posts

Monday, December 7, 2020

5TH ANNUAL WINTER SHOWCASE December 8 to 15, 2020


DATES: December 8 to 15, 2020
The 5th Annual Winter Showcase event returns in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! This event is the last fundraising event for Team Diabetes of Second Life in 2020 and features a hunt, live performers, dj’s, an art show, shopping, and lots of winter fun!
Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. The mission of Team Diabetes of Second Life is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life.

Participating Merchants:  :Pharmacist::, !!Firelight!!, DBS Designs By Soosy, Absinthe, Art & Angels, Afantasy, ART & FASHION, Aurora Sky Designs, Avalon Greene designs, Christmas Delights, Cosmos Boutique, Creepy Midget Designs, Ev!ldead dollz, Ever Green, HJM Designs, ikr!, Just imagine… by Vita, Kitty Creatons, LC Fashion, Little Big Designs, Mara’s Mysteries, MMP – Muircastle Motors & Parts, Myth, Mystery & Magic; Peeps, Pixelancer, Polymorph, Potomac Signature Homes, Redangel, Sassy Brats, TYLAR’S TREASURES, & Xplicit Design
Participating Artists: archgothica resident, DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident, ettalaineteichmano Resident, Eucalyptus Carroll, Fawn Vought, Hadiya Draper, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Karma Weymann, Lena Kiopak, Moora McMillan, Myra Wildmist, Sheba Blitz, vida serrari, Vita Theas, & Xia Chieng
About the American Diabetes Association:
The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.
Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2382).
For More Information:
Team Diabetes of Second Life’s Website:

Team Diabetes of Second Life’s Page on the American Diabetes Association Website:

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Spotlight on ll ƜIƝƬƐɌ ll (11winter11)- An acoustic rock star with a voice that melts snow - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…


Winter, unlike the season, brings warmth, passion, and a vibrant personality full of humor to SL's live music environment.  He performs professionally in Real Life in countries all over Europe; Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Serbia, and Hungary.

This powerful songwriter/performer performs a high energy, rock, blues rock and classic rock guitar show covering tunes from Elvis and the Beetles to Bon Jovi, White Snake, Aerosmith, Gun and Roses all the way to Metallica!

A home atmosphere filled with music encouraged him to begin playing the piano at seven and then he picked up the acoustic and electric guitar at the age of twelve. He had his first professional concert in 1998 and since then has performed for audiences as large as 15-20 K! 
As a songwriter/performer he says, "The emotion is what the song and the story behind it is what represents me and to those that listen."

With Winter, you can be sure that you will only get a real live performance. There is no pre-recorded playback. You get all the little variances of his "in the moment" showing, as he radiates out to each of you that request his interpretation, the finest music in SL.  Yes, my friend, WINTER IS HERE!

Interview with Winter

Lanai: Hi Winter, It is a pleasure getting the opportunity to chat with you. I’ve been hearing your name around the grid. You seem to be creating a buzz. Where are you from and what is your history with music?

Winter: Hello Lanai! nice to meet you, and thank you for your kind words! I am from Cyprus. My History with music started when I was 6 years old, as I began learning the piano, at 15 I picked my first Guitar and created my first Band. I Have been doing that ever since! :)

Lanai:  What does music mean to you and which person or people inspired you the most?

Winter: Music is my life. It keeps me sane... the first bands that inspired me the most, were bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Manowar and Megadeth.

Lanai: How did you discover Second Life and what were your first thoughts?

Winter: I first Entered Second Life in 2011 where I was in for only 6 months, on another Account. I deleted that account and after a 7 Year absence, I came back 2 years ago on Halloween :)

Lanai: Who helped you get started in your SL music career?

WInter: Dj Flames, Arisha, helped me get started and explained the basics. I used to sit around campfires and play songs for friends on voice. I really didn't know there was a live scene.

Lanai: Now that you have been performing in SL for the past 2 years, do you consider SL a game or an extension of your real life?

Winter: I consider SL a little bit of Everything! And a part of my RL! :)

Lanai: Every artist has something uniquely different from the other. How would you describe your style and genre?

Winter: My style and genre is Rock and Hard Rock,with a little Blues inside sometimes played with an acoustic Guitar. there are no effects (other than a little reverb), no playbacks, no Loopers or anything like that. I try to change a lot of songs to fit my style and way of playing. A lot of people call it 'Winterify' :))))

Lanai: What Genres of music do you personally listen to and which ones do you like to perform?

Winter: My Main Love is Heavy Metal and Classic Rock. I love to also listen to more toned down rock and Blues stuff. To me the most important part is Catchyness and Melody. This is also the style that I play in SL.

Lanai: What fulfillment do you get performing in Second Life compared to performing in front of a live audience?
Winter: It is VERY different. The coolest part of it, is that you get to play in front of People from ALL over the world at the same time. People who might not have ever heard you in RL. Another Cool thing is the friends that you make throughout the journey!
Lanai: Do you also perform in real life? With the pandemic how has that impacted you?
Winter: Yes I do perform in RL. I am the singer in Rock/Metal Band . Our 6th Album was just released 2 months ago and we have not been able to tour it or even get to perform some of the songs. I can't wait to perform for people again. The Buzz you get from the crowd and the reactions, when you see someone is VERY different, and emotions run high.
Lanai: You are a very talented artist. It shows in the crowds you draw in SL. What advice would you give others who want to perform and find success in SL?
Winter: My BIGGEST advice is Stay grounded and true to yourself and the people who come to watch you. Don't try to ride the high horse cause people are not stupid. Stay Humble and appreciative.
Lanai: What is your availability and how can venues book you for a performance?
Winter: Unfortunately the time zones are sometimes a disadvantage. I am on European Time. I can play anywhere between 9AM and 3PM SLT

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our reader?

Winter: I just want to say a BIG thank you to ALL the people who support me. I really appreciate them and all the fun and memories we create every day! Cheers and thank you!

Thank you Lanai for this interview.

Additional Information:
For Bookings contact Rusty Seisenbacher

Monday - Friday      10 am - 2 pm SLT
Saturday- Sunday    5 am - 2 pm SLT (some weekends not available from 10am- 12pm)
Calendar Link -


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 Best Places to Spend your Lindens this Holiday Season for a Good Cause! =LilyLaceWing Reporting…

I have some strict standards when it comes to Charities, because often times most are not what they seem. One of my standards, happily met by Live and Learn, is their willingness to donate 100% of their received donations directly to the children who need it to help pay for their food, clothing, schooling, medicines, and to fight against child prostitution and child brides.

Live and Learn in Kenya/Feed a Smile

The charity, based in Germany, also employs a German based medical/dental partner organization, called "Arzt- und Zahnarzthilfe Kenya." They provide medical and dental care for hundreds of children, including quarterly wellness check-ups, and vaccinations. With a project called “Shared Joy” they are able to feed nearly 500 children a warm lunch every day.

(On the bottom right, the English link will give you the page viewable in English, on the bottom left is German (Duetch.)

Fair Play-The Forgotten Game

If you want an avenue that helps support many different charities, check out Fair Play, The Forgotten Game. They support Second Life’s Relay for Life (American Cancer Society,) and Team Fox as well. In their shop, they sell a variety of items that, depending on each item, donate between 10%-50% directly to charity, with two direct donation jars for each charity resting around the circle of vendors. So if you don’t find anything there you like, but still want to make a charitable donation, Fair Play is a good place to check out.

War Child

“War Child is a small international charity that protects children living in the world's most dangerous war zones. We currently work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.” This is a place where you, admittedly, can only shop if you need a DJ system for home/work, but it’s still a great place to donate extra lindens this holiday season to help protect children living in very dangerous parts of the world. Imagine if your child had to grow up, it’s whole life, under the constant threat of war and imminent, painful death. I cannot imagine what that must be like for a child, how that must shape their world.

Creations Park

 This is an amazing place, one I’ve mentioned before, and will mention again! Creations Park, constructed by Fran Serenade and her daughter Barbie Alchemi, is a combination hangout, underwater hang out, art gallery, Peace Nation Native American, and Winter Wonderland (see my other article this month about fun places to hang out in a Winter Themed area for more info about WW.) Creations Park donates 100% of all donations to Team Fox for Parkinsons’ Research, the charity Michael J. Fox heads up. A lot of the stores in WW also offer percentage donations of items purchased to Team Fox as well.

Bliss Designs- Mind Body and Soul-May You Be Happy!!

This is a neat store where all profits are donated to a group of charities (see list and links below.) There is also a direct donation box for Web of Life. The store carries lots of items, clothing for men and women, complete avatars and lots, lots more! They also sell ‘starter kits’ to begin your own store, full of prims and items you can modify and manipulate. There is also a free photo studio for anyone to use!

Web of Life:
Heifer International:
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

‘Tis the season to be generous, folks, for while you enjoy your hot cocoa covered in a blanket watching the latest Marvel movie with your honey, there are thousands out there who are starving and in need. Also, to make a difference with real life dollars/goods, consider donating to your local food pantries and homeless shelters so everyone can have a great holiday season this year! Food pantries and shelters save lives! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breaking News on Charity Scams! On May 19th, 2015 CNBC broke the News that Some Cancer Charities Scammed Consumers out of $187M

A Lawsuit has been filed against the Breast Cancer Society, the Cancer Fund of America, Children’s Cancer Fund of America and Cancer Support Services by The Federal Trade Commission and attorney general in all 50 states. In 2013 Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reported “America’s Worst Charities” and found that the charities listed above are all run by the same family and their business associates. Currently Breast Cancer Society and Children’s Cancer Fund of America has entered a settlement agreement. Three of the groups’ executives have agreed to a settlement of $137M that will be redirected to cancer patients and these violators are now banned from any future charity management.
 According to Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, it is alleged that 87% of the 187M went to paying personal salaries, funding unrelated fundraisers, dating site memberships and vacations to Disney World with about 3% going to charity. 

See a full report here:

These bad apples shouldn’t ruin it for everyone.  Don’t stop giving to charities just do your research! There are still legitimate charities out there that do deliver to those in need such as #1 United Way, #2 Salvation Army, #3 Feeding America, #4 Task Force for Global Health, #5 American National Red Cross, #6 Food for the poor, #7 Goodwill Industries International, #8 YMCA of the USA and The American Cancer Society which is ranked  #9 in the top 50 largest charities in the United states.

 If you visit The American Cancer Society Website and click on the link to Relay for Life, you will find a link to Relay for Life of Second Life.  So, rest assured if you have contributed to RFL in SL then your Lindens went to cancer patients. If you are part of one of the 85 RFL teams in Second Life you should be very proud that you helped raise over $20, 614!

Visit  The American Cancer Society in Second Life

Additional Links:
Check out what events are happening now in Second Life:

American Cancer Society
Get Involved
Top 50 Charities in the US