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Showing posts with label chat. Show all posts

Friday, September 8, 2017

London City is big on chat!

They like it so much, they have dedicated VOICE events for everyone to participate in.

With over 3,000 unique residents visiting every day and over 150 new user registrations born directly into their Official Community Gateway, London City is in the business of connecting people!

Part of the new user induction is showing people how to use Voice, and the dedicated London Support team, encourage everyone to get involved and integrating them into the community.

The four-region estate comprises of the Gateway, a Community region, a seaside and sandbox region and a homestead for residents to build their homes on.

In the main community sim "London City" you will find four nightclubs open every day, a concert area for their regular Saturday Shows, over 70 stores with original merchant content, Freebie Megastore, and a private Voice Lounge and the main voice congregating area known as "The Hub".

London City has much to offer, you can check it out here: