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Showing posts with label flexi hair. Show all posts

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mesh vs Classic *** Discrimination In Second Life Pandora Reporting

Discrimination is usually a real life issue but what happens when the hatred spills over into your Second Life and you are suddenly judged by your avatars appearance? To me that is beyond a joke.
I have seen clubs that state in their description “Mesh Avatars Only” and they are serious as they go on to add “No NOOB Mesh Avatars” and “No Flexi Hair.”

When I came back to Second Life I could see that a lot had changed. I knew that I would have to mesh up eventually. I began with a mesh body and my system head. While most people were okay with it. (Oh thanks for your approval) to others I had a mix and match look that did NOT match and they didn’t mind telling me so. I started to feel like some sort of freak … mesh body with a system head. It was doing my real life head in as well … pun not intended.
Eventually it all became too much and after taking a long hard look at myself I decided to change for ME and only me. In Second Life demos are your friend and I bought lots of them and got to work. I felt very proud of my achievements. I would be accepted now right? WRONG.
On the flip side a few people who hadn’t converted over to mesh or still had their system heads no longer wanted to know me. With the exception of a few REAL friends I had become an outcast. I’ve even had comments such as “You must feel much better now that you’re mesh” and I’m thinking to myself “You must feel much better now that I’m worthy of hanging out with you.”  This was a painful experience for me and it still is. The changes I have made to myself and will continue to make are for me and me alone. 

I have FRIENDS in SL who don’t see me as often if at all and others have dropped off completely. My whole mesh experience cost me close to 20,000 Lindens which is roughly $124.00 US because I live in Australia so the conversions are different. That includes a mesh body and head. Skins and makeup as well as hair and clothes. The list is endless.
Do I regret my decisions? No way I like my look and it’s mine. Don’t like it? Don’t look and while your’e at it go get a head or move on ahead … whatever.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


What is the ideal hair for you? What is your hairstyle? Do you prefer a basic or a sophisticated style?

In Second Life you can find a huge variety of hair types, mesh or flexi  mesh hair, for those who enjoy some movement.

* The Truth * Store is one of many traditional hair shops in SL. Inside it, you can find a huge variety of hair styles, for 250 L. The shop also features a room with a great variety of hair for 50 Lindens for each color package.

There are long, short, curly hairdos with different colors to suit all tastes and styles.

The *Agrace* store is a very fashionable brand in the virtual world of Second Life. In the store, you will find high quality and beautiful hair caps (I love the cowboy hat at Argrace). The price of the color pack is 250 lindens. The store also offers, as a group gift, a beautiful short hair, for him and her (the group is free to join).

Some girls in SL are innovative in wearing short hair. Famous muses of real life, as Sophie Charlotte, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence, for example, also inspire the fashion trend, for some girls in SL with their short hair called * pixie cut * and * Bob * (at the high of the ears).

The Dura shop produces original hair in SL. At this shop, you will find beautiful unisex hair. You can also choose your favorite color, paying 100-130 lindens.

However, most of the SL girls prefer longer length, * Rapunzel * style hairdos. Medium and long hair, with a beautiful diagonal fringe, (hello, Kim Kardashian), are the most desirable.

The * Catwa * Store has the most beautiful and unique hairstyles. In their hair pack, you will find two different sizes according to your breast size as well as the color changing HUD. You don’t need to a sandbox, simply left click it, and it goes to your inventory. Prices start at 250 lindens.

The Exile Store has high quality hair which range in up to 90 different colors to fit most avatars – whether they’re a mermaid, a fashionista, an elf or whatever your imagination desires. The color pack price is 280 lindens.

And if you're already thinking about the future, we anticipate the trends of hair styles for 2016.

Depending on the hairstylists in RL, variations of short haircuts, *bob hair* style  with at chin-length, are leading by far among the favorites for next year.

Check out the hair trends for 2016:
Long hair: they remain in line with the breasts and have a fringe at chin with a gently undulating texture. The very basic avatars must avoid not having their flat silhouette.
Medium size: The length should be four fingers above the bust. This style is not suitable for avatars with short necks or round faces. Another option is investing the classic channel, at the height of the neck, and is ideal for avatars with thin and delicate faces.
Short hair: style "pixie cut" with an irregular fringe, layered and falling over his forehead defines short hair for 2016. For short hair, one should lengthen the silhouette of short or chubby avatars.

If you do not have many lindens to buy a hair, go for to group gifts. The Shop “Entwined” offers as a group gift of beautiful hair for the girls (the group is free to join). Choose your hairstyle and have fun!

Additional Information:

Ty Dino, my faithful squire.