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Showing posts with label griefer. Show all posts

Monday, March 28, 2022



March 28, 2022- Many times the SL Enquirer gets approached by the most outrageous avies. Most of the time it is a simple “block and moves on” tactic but I figured I’d share a sample of the shenanigans…..You can’t make this sh*t up.

Have you ever been just minding your own business in Second Life and you receive a random message from someone you don't know and it starts like this and then they end up offended and insult you for your reaction? 

[15:35] Jay Longfall: Hello there! I'm looking for roleplay. Let's say we're at your house you just finished shrinking my body to the size of six inches tall I'm staring up at you nervously and curiously. My clothes are still full size laying around me on the floor in a pile. This means I'm currently naked, we just came back from the bar. Describe what I see you wearing as I look up at you curiously. I'll pay you 50k if you roleplay with me.

[15:38] Lanai Jarrico: you do realize you contacted The SL Enquirer right?. Did you want to promote your kink in the newspaper or does your kink include a reporter? In that cause I probably would roll up a newspaper and pummel you to a pulp thinking you were a fly in the office.

[15:39] Jay Longfall: hehe, describe what I see you wearing as I look up at you curiously I'll pay you 100k if you roleplay with me and you are detailed

[15:40] Lanai Jarrico: How about you pay me 50k now and 50k after I complete the roleplay?

[15:41] Jay Longfall: well,  what do I see you wearing as I look up at you lanai?

[15:41] Lanai Jarrico: the bottom of my husband's shoe

[15:42] Jay Longfall: ok you're dumb

[15:42] Jay Longfall: blocked. 

[15:42] Lanai Jarrico: thank you.

If you or someone you know is into random IM kink, please contact Jay Longfall and tell em’ Lanai sent you.



On Sunday, March 28th, 2022 at approximately 9:35 pm SLT what appeared to be an unidentified new species of hairless Sasquatch was spotted attempting to harass an innocent couple taking in the sights on a bridge at Hypnotic Romance. Startled witnesses nearby described it as a giant featherless emu ape-like crossbreed animal that moved around almost like it had a bad case of hemorrhoids.  As they watched flabbergasted and confused, the creature approach the unsuspecting couple flapping its arms wildly while twerking in some kind of mating call dance. The horrified pair stood there in shock not knowing what to do. Only equipped with what seemed to be a movie prop samurai sword, a fake chest tattoo, and wearing a visible hovering nametag  “beachboy945”, the creature looked lost and confused while continuously galloping in circles and grunting obscenely.

The gathering crowd of onlookers grew as they watched in disbelief while others sat on benches nearby eating popcorn. One witness said he has never seen something so unnatural in all his second life while another shouted the lord’s prayer believing this creature was not of this virtual world.  Karen was seen asking for a manager and dialing 911 while her husband Terry with 2 toddlers in tow whipped out his phone and dialed the SL fire department. A virtual wedding officiant was on the scene with an unidentified scantily clan female but refused to assist before covering his face with her purse and hastily walking away leaving it up to breedable animal control,  RP Hazmat, and a prostitute from the crack den.  Even a vampire clan was called to the scene but none of them could get close enough to detain the monster due to the heavy stench of Old Spice, garlic, and sour milk that permeated the air. Before it could be captured and subdued the ape-like creature scurried off into the nearby woods and escaped.

 If anyone sees this creature on the loose please do not approach. This animal is believed to be male but it was hard to tell if it was a belly button or a sexual organ. It is considered armed and extremely challenged in its abilities as a griefer for its failed attempt and should be put on every ban list across the grid for the safety of all avies, breedable pets, child avies, furries, and escorts. If you manage to take a snapshot showing their nametag, please caption it and submit it to the SL Enquirer for 1000L! (Reward goes to the first 5 griefer hunters)

Got a griefer incident to report? Contact The SL Enquirer!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

SLE POLICE REPORT- Heevahava on the Loose in Second Life! 1000L reward for his capture!

March 15, 2022, 11:00 am SLT.- It was reported by a local Dj that DonZiligen accidentally intercepted a tip with his big head that was meant for the DJ during a set and refused to return it when asked. In turn, he resorted to making nasty comments peppered with racist remarks and scurrying off with the stolen $500L lindens.  

Here is the actual report: 

“I am urging my list to ban DonZiligen from your groups, your clubs and anything else he may be involved in. Today he was at a set I was hosting and someone sent him linden by mistake that was meant for a tip.   He refused to return it to the person and then was talking a lot of mess to him but wouldn’t answer me or the DJ.   Please ban this guy he's no good for sure.” -Anonymous DJ

Upon further investigation, DonZiligen was recently put on medical leave from Amaretto Horse Ranch after injuries to his wrists, elbows, and jaw sustained as a heevahava. He has been linked to countless drag, furry, and escort lounge robberies, trying to return a used and broken blow-up doll to the local Freebie sex shop, and illegal sperm sales of REALISTEK breedable racehorses and dogs.

Fines exceed  $100,000L, 75 hours of community service cleaning hot tubs and bathrooms at Maui’s Swingers Resort but heavily supervised so he is not within 500 meters from any farm or domesticated animals.  1000L reward for his whereabouts. Share your tips in the comments below.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

GOOD GRIEF! A look at griefing in Second Life – Ariadknee Resident reporting.

Writing this article was quite an eye-opener for me, I think most of us have experienced a griefer in our time on Second Life.  Griefing can take on many forms and none of them should be tolerated.

I tend to keep to myself so the extent of the griefing I have written about is far wider and more diverse than I could have ever imagined, including targeting people on outside of SL websites.  So in an effort to combat this behavior I took to the SL streets on a hunt for some griefing stories to help bring awareness to this problem.

The following stories are true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent parties.

Missy was a very successful clothing creator, shop owner and ran a club, she had to stop due to constant harassment from one particularly nasty griefer who went beyond SL and into RL.

“It was horrible, it happened over and over every time I would log on he knew where I was and what I was doing, even on my own sim. I reported him to Linden Labs so many times and nothing happened.  One day I logged in to find he had hacked my account, left vile messages with all my friends, and had done things that got me banned all over second life. Even though he used my payment details to buy the maximum lindens and my evidence showed he transferred them to his alt nothing happened.  I fought hard to remain strong but eventually I gave up and closed everything down, I now stay low on my alt”.

Molly is a DJ at a club and has many stories to tell, she explains her most memorable one.

“Three griefers came to a club where they harassed the child avatars who were attending a DJed even with a crowd of around 15 avatars. The music being played was 80s tunes. Everyone was having fun and it was a wonderful time until the three griefers arrived.
One of the griefers started yelling very loudly during the DJ set, interrupting the entertainment and harassing a child avatar named Lucy. It was difficult to understand what the griefer was yelling. A few of the VIPs at the club began yelling and things became chaotic. Somewhere amongst the frey, one of the griefers said they would be posting or publishing what happened. We found the YouTube Channel they have been using and waited to see if they posted a video of the trolling they had done.”

Brandy is your regular SL Resident who would use a sandbox to build, here is her story.

“I love to tinker, just build and learn and I would use a sandbox to do this, I was actually griefed by the sandbox owner, he would watch and wait until I was almost done with something then he would send all my things back. I thought it was auto return but it wasn't and his cross hairs on me all the time was a give away, when I needed to run scripts he would turn scripts off on the sim, when I complained he banned me, about a month later he IMed me and asked me out on a date, I was shocked and refused politely and then he began a tirade of abuse and when I would mute one avatar he would get a new one, over 150 avatars he used. I got a new av and started again. I never used a sandbox after that!”

Michael worked for a Land Estate Company and he has a story from another point of view.

“I worked as a sales agent for an Estate, and I did really well, I enjoyed it but I wasn't always happy with the way the Estate owner did things, he would ban residents from their land for small trivial things, I had a lot of regular customers so it would upset me that they were banned after paying weeks on their lands. When I asked why, I was told he could do what he wanted to do and so I quit, and went on my way, it wasn't until I tried to TP to a few other estates looking for land I found out I was banned, I asked why and was told the Estate owner I worked for had told all estate companies I was a poacher and griefer! And so they listened and I was banned on over a thousand sims on SL for no reason, this person continues to track me and harass me from a distance, I don't sell land anymore I am a DJ and they still tell my bosses I am trouble, luckily the good ones listen to me and not him.”

Brian owns some large shopping malls and events, his griefing story takes thing outside of SL.

“I have thick skin, so a lot of it doesn't bother me so much but griefers will pick on my staff and the people who create and enter my events, but they are not brave enough to do it to their faces they go to outside webpages and make stupid memes and comments about them and then everyone has a good old laugh about it, it doesn't sound bad, but it can really bring down your self esteem and to me that's bullying”

Griefing takes on many forms in SL and it doesn't matter what form it is, it can really spoil your day, your week, or even your life, so be careful who you share things with, stay safe on SL and Mute, Derender, Report.  And don't react, it's what they want.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


All residents, upon registering for second life, agree to abide by the rules in the Terms Of Service (TOS) and the Community Standards (CS). But it is very common for people not to know or not to remember these rules.
Terms of Service – TOS
Community Standards – CS:

Abuse occurs whenever one of these rules is intentionally or maliciously disrespected, but not all residents know the abuse reporting system or remember to use it when encountering players who are intentionally rude, so-called Griefers.

The best way to prevent harassment or abuse is to use your settings, to control the environment, and who can interact with you. For example, if you are being pushed or moved by scripts, right-click an object and select Sit Here. This prevents you from being moved. If a friendship has soured, block the person and remove them from your friends list. This will also remove all the permissions you've given to the person.  

In Sl, I talked to some people about how they protect themselves from Griefers. Let's take a look at the answers.
Miss  Haneruno  Resident
Camury: Miss Haneruno, have you ever suffered any kind of harassment or abuse in SL?
Haneruno: "Yes I have suffered many attacks in SL. This is very common for those who, like me, use sandboxes. "
Camury: How do you protect yourself from Griefers?
Haneruno: "I know that there is a system of complaints in SL, but when I suffer attacks I get a little annoyed and simply turn off the computer. I do not have the patience to make the complaint. "
Mr Rayc0 Resident
Camury: Mr. Rayc0, have you ever suffered any kind of harassment or abuse in SL?
Rayc0: "Yes, I was in a Protected Land, waiting for my inventory to load, when an avatar started to shoot me."
Camury: How did you do to protect yourself?
Rayc0: "I got angry and teleported myself to another place.
Camury: Do you know the SL complaint system?
Rayc0: "I read something about reporting abuse but actually I never bothered about it. I've never tried to know how to make complaints ... "

Mrs. Brendajac Melborne
Camury: Mrs. Brendajac, have you ever suffered any kind of harassment or abuse in SL?
Brendajac: "Yes, I was visiting the Amazon River Land with a friend when we were attacked by Griefers."
Camury: How was the attack?
Brendajac: "They put us in a kind of cage, where the avatar cannot escape. Even if you leave the game and return to the game, your avatar will be trapped in that cage.
Camury: Did you report the attack?
Brendajac: "Yes, my friend, who is an experienced player, was able to resolve the situation and took all steps to register the attack and report the abuse to Linden Lab. Those Griefers were banned from SL."
Miss Prya Resident
Camury:  Miss Prya, have you ever suffered any kind of harassment or abuse in SL?
Prya: "Yes I was on a land when my avatar was pushed several times and I could not control the situation.
Camury: Did you report the attack?
Prya: "I did not really worry about that, all I did was teleport me to another land."

Miss AnyaMel
Camury: Miss Anyamel, have you ever suffered any kind of harassment or abuse in SL?
Anyamel: "Yes I was at an SL event when I received a suspicious object. All they wanted was to take my lindens. "
Camury: How can you verify that the object was suspicious?
Anyamel: "I opened the profile of the object and saw that the information was incomplete. The creator of the object did not have satisfactory information in his profile and by clicking on the object I received a message asking permission to remove my lindens."
Camury: Did you report the abuse?
Anyamel: "Yes, I captured all the screens and sent everything using LL's complaint system." I'm still waiting for the result of the complaint. "

Send complaints about any abuse you witness, other than those you personally encounter. Complaints from several people highlight the seriousness of an incident and help resolve the cases more quickly. Learn how to report by clicking here:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! An Attempted Griefing on Lanai Jarrico by quil Biscuit goes wrong

This just in! 

Sunday August 21, 2016- Sundays are usually days to unwind after a long weekend of club hopping and chillin with friends. It is also the day that griefers run amok in Second Life seeking unsuspecting avatars to pester. One such griefer by the name of quil Biscuit decided to skip the safe hubs and sandboxes and go straight for the head of SLE media. Little did he know Ms Jarrico bites back…

[12:47] quil Biscuit: hey Lanai , have you got like 60L i could borrow

(without question Lanai drops him 60L)

[12:49] quil Biscuit: cheers FOR DATTTTTTTTTT

[12:50] Lanai Jarrico: *shakes head* yw broke ass

[12:50] quil Biscuit: :Danother twentyll help if you got it to spare Rich Bitch :P

[12:51] Lanai Jarrico: nah but I can definitely make you a star

 [12:51] quil Biscuit: LMFAO with your news station yeah ? :P

[12:51] Lanai Jarrico: send me a mugshot

[12:52] quil Biscuit: nah your okay :)

[12:53] Lanai Jarrico: aww punking out on sending me snapshot of your avie?

[12:53] quil Biscuit: Punkin out what does that even mean hoe ....?

[12:54] Lanai Jarrico: lol the only bitch ass hoe up in this conversation is asking a woman for 60L. That's a damn shame and on top of that you think you are all cool because you curse in caps. lmao!

[12:55] Lanai Jarrico: I hope that 60L  is worth it you  clown.

[12:55] quil Biscuit: I dont think im cool ..........

[12:55] Lanai Jarrico: lol  you’re a clown

[12:55] quil Biscuit: Deep
[12:55] quil Biscuit: Dis shit Deep
[12:55] quil Biscuit: Amma Cry Nyugga

[12:56] Lanai Jarrico: lol tell me where you are. TP me if you got the balls

[12:56] quil Biscuit: Your so serious about everything woman Really brings out your eyes

[12:57] Lanai Jarrico: is that you being a bitch not trying to tp me?  Come on bring it. If you are going to grief someone make sure it’s with a noob or something.  Tacky ass

[12:58] quil Biscuit: Bring what ? a Condom ... a Beer a glash of shardinae ... Greif you havent seen greif :( I LOST MY 12th DOG IN A FIRE THATS GREIF

[12:59] Lanai Jarrico: here 10L for the entertainment. Bye broke ass.

[12:59] quil Biscuit: Cheers Love you bitch ... See you ON DA SET NYUGGGAAAAA

[12:59] Lanai Jarrico: see you clown.

[13:00] Second Life: quil Biscuit is offline.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

THIS JUST IN! From a credible source used by Nitepress, Royce Zeplin- Bogus Viewer Ad

Some groups are sending advertisements saying that LL is creating a new viewer and will give a link to download it. Don't fall for it, it is a scam to steal accounts. Please pass this message on to your friends. If you do accidentally press it .. change your password immediately!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Latest Scam Alert Reported Thursday March 6, 2014

Some Latin Clubs have come under attack by a scammer. The attack alert orginially passed around was translated into English and sent out again on Friday march 7, 2014 after the threat was verified.

A notice sent out by Delerium to vendors and customers warns if anyone receives an object named RADAR FREE V44, DO NOT WEAR IT!

 Take the proper precautions to delete it. This object allegedly will activate a money transfer from your Second Life account to the object’s sender. It will than duplicate and send itself to other unsuspecting victims. To help protect others against the spread of Linden stealing attack, warn your friends and groups members.  This type of scam is focused on business and club owners. To protect yourself, never click on any free items that are passed to you by a stranger. Always know who you are receiving items from and ask questions if you are suspicious!

Monday, February 24, 2014

You might have heard about the recent Graphics Attacks happening across the Grid. Here's How You Can Protect Yourself

These instructions came from Green Lantern Christy Rain. 
Thanks, Christy!
Crash B Gone Debug Settings for your SL Viewer

Special Thanks to The Green Lanterns

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Green Lanterns & Policing & Personal Safety within SL – Shaneos Howlett reporting.

We are taking a closer look at personal safety, griefing, policing within Second Life. Here is what you need to do should you be threatened by a griefer or your personal safety becomes in jeopardy.

First of all we answer the question ... What is a Griefer ?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Investigative Report on the ONDUTY Penis Part 2- Conducted by Lanai Jarrico and Hal Jordan

The SL Enquirer has been working closely with The Green Lanterns of Second Life in an effort to keep the Second Life community informed about griefers that can affect resident’s virtual experience in a negative way. The Green Lanterns is an organization of dedicated volunteers who have made it their mission to help protect the SL community since 2006.

SLE was contacted by The Green Lantern’s Head of operations, Hal Jordon (greenlanternexcelsior). He had concerns about a product called ON DUTY Penis and wanted to make the SL community aware of this griefer tool as well as an open letter from “Anonymous”   that was posted last week asking for our help.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

SLE Investigative Report Part 1: Open Letter to The SL Enquirer About the ONDUTY Penis- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

“Hi, my name is (Anonymous) and I run my own clinic on my husband’s land. Way before I met my husband and I was still getting to know how to do things in  Second Life,  I wouldn’t say I was a newbie but I was still learning about the community,. a guy asked me for a dance which I had no problem with until he asked me if I ever look at my hip when I dance with someone. It was an odd questions and I said no. 
Why would I?"

"He proceeded to tell me maybe I should look. I immediately stopped dancing with him. When I did, to my shock and horror, I got a message saying Congratulations I would be having a baby in 9 days! Then it sent me a message instructing where I needed to go to have the baby. Apparently his ONDUTY penis HUD went right through my jeans. I was angry and I asked him what the hell did he do to me and he laughed and walked away as if what he did was nothing and I was nobody."