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Showing posts with label innovative technology. Show all posts

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Real-life 3D printing of Second Life © Designs – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting…

Three-dimensional (3D) printing of small objects at home has become a popular hobby for wannabe designers, and this shows also in the new technology “hype” statistics.

Anything from decorative and hard-to-find spare parts to the constituent parts of the printer itself can be manufactured using mesh designs and an export file for the printer in question. Second Life © (SL) is also a viable platform for viewing the designs before printing them in 3D, and now also designs made for SL can be printed in glorious 3D for real-life (RL) use. Stareyes Galaxy discussed the technology and real-life examples of SL jewelry with Joja Dhara and Maxi Gossamer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SLBR News: Update Coming Soon for Phoenix Firestorm! - InKline Media reporting....

SLBR’s techies get their brains around the new Firestorm updates, recently announced on their site. They include some of the following.
Breakdown by Sachiko Cheng
An about land floater: Floaters are menus that when opened shrink to their smallest size. This saves space and saves screen real estate, but it also means you are not able to resize the window. This is already in place for features such as the environment and sun settings.
The ability to save and store custom camera positions.

Read the full story here

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Official Announcement Of The New Steam Portal To Sl...Jaded Exonar Reporting...

Statement from Linden Labs, on their official blog. 08-16-2012

“......We’re going to make Second Life available on Steam in the next month or so. You’ll still be able to access Second Life just as you can today; there won’t be any change to that. But, the more than 40 million people who use Steam will also be able to get Second Life as easily as they can get games like Portal. We’ll make an announcement on the blog when Second Life is actually available on Steam....”
Well, the whispers have finally become assured confirmations across the grid. Steam is coming! Though the exact date is not set, it is finally official, and we can move on from asking ‘Is it going to happen...?’,and begin taking a closer look at the now imminent future portal into SL.

What is ‘Steam’?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spotlight Feature: Lastat Productions by Lastat Daxter Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

   Have you been struggling with your business by trying to keep employee schedules organized or looked for new ways to create a professional presence in Second Life without any luck? I know it can be discouraging and it could make you feel like you are chasing marbles on a slippery slope or losing them altogether.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Lastat Productions has some pretty nifty gadgets that can help you keep all your marbles in one basket, making it easier to concentrate on more important stuff like selling your products and providing quality service.