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Showing posts with label scripts. Show all posts

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

TX Gear - over 1200 full permission vehicle shells, scripts and parts all under one roof!

 TX Gear - Built by a Builder, for Builders, Secondlifes PRIMARY vehicle supply company.

For all your vehicle scripts and more! We are the innovators behind TX Trailer and REC Basic Vehicle scripts, we offer builders tools to build their perfect creations including 1200 + Full Permission Vehicle Shells of all types, wheels, engines, as well as scripts for lighting suspension paint EMS, and much much more!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spotlight on TX Gear Mainstore and the man behind High Quality and Innovative Gadgets and Script Packages, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Helicoptors, Media and more- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In Second Life if you can imagine it, you can build it or have it build for you by a creator. What takes many of us just minutes to purchase takes top creators months and even years to perfect. One such creator has spent the last 2 years out of 8 focused on realistic vehicles with high quality scripts and innovative products.
Tech Robonaught has pushed the Second Life industrial market into high gear. Approximately 98% of what he sells is full permissions and affordable. That is almost unheard of. Tech also invented the first trailering and fueling systems as well as a tow package, hydraulics, gadgets and more for those who like big trucks and highly detailed vehicles.

Interview with Tech Robonaught
Congratulations on become an SL Millionaire in you’re the first year with TX Mainstore.  That means your creations are in high demand. I’ve seen many vehicles in Second Life but not to the degree of your work. What inspired you to build the truck and tractor trailer market in Second Life? Are these vehicles fully operational?

Tech:  Thanks.  The reason behind the invention of the TX Trailer and Tow, (which was the first release or the scriptset which has evolved into TX Truck and Trailer) is pretty simple.  I got angry. I can explain ...  A couple of years ago, everyone was building cars and bikes and I wanted to build Tractors and Trailers.  The vehicle scripts were plentiful to make the trucks, but absolutely nothing was available for making Trailers.  I visited the one shop I could find that had a couple of trailers for sale.  (copy- no modify) I tried to inquire as to how they worked.  Builder wouldnt discuss it.  So that made me angry and I proposed I would invent something ANYONE could use and build trailers with. So I did. I found out only recently, his trailers were purely physical and had a speed limit before disconnecting of about 30 Kmph.  So they wouldnt have been the answer I wanted anyways.  Mine are part physics and part scripting, can go as fast as sim conditions will allow, up and down hills, have working features like lights and air brakes and more ... Once the trailer was done, I found normal vehicle scripts lacked things I wanted, like inverted reverse steering, for backing trailers up, is a more natural way to steer, slower speeds and lower / closer together gear ratios, brakes, locking mechanisms and such for the trailers built into the truck again, caused me to wrote my own ... what I couldn't figure out, I hired out.   I'm rambling now ... anyhow, its spawned an entire new market, not only for vehicle builders, but for truck shells, trailer shells, sound and pose makers as well.  To finish my answer, yes, your Truck and Trailer package some with a fully assembled roadworthy Tractor and Trailer. Full permissions.

Besides creators, many don’t really understand the detailed work what goes into designing and building functional vehicles. Finding the right textures and scripts to make them as realistic as possible is a big part of it. Can you give our readers a little insight on what it takes to create one of your trucks?
Tech: Blender is a great tool so is photoshop.  Once your mesh model is in world and textured its set up very much the same way that one would build a bike or a car. Main scripts and sounds and poses go into your root prim along with engine scripts ... the Truck also has whats called a Soft Lock ... a specially desinged prim that holds a script to call and attach the trailer ... about 6 months ago we invented an autoconnect that automatically connects the trailer int he correct position with the hitch so with a couple of button presses in the menu the trailer is connected. Prior to that it took edit mode or some real good driving. Once the trailer is connected, another script relays information to things like brakes and lights so all the brake lights, reverse lights, 4 way flashers even the turn signals work on the trailers even tho they are not linked in anyway to the truck. Its just being pulled behind. 

Scripting is definitely for those with patience and attention to detail. Do you create your own scripts?
Tech:  I do 90% of my own work. In the instance I cant figure something out, or lack time, I hire it done. So I too contribute to the economy.

Not only do you create trucks, you also build trailer attachments. What is the trailering system and how do it work?
Tech:  (I think I covered it above?) Sorry?  lol

I’ve seen mock gas stations in SL but never a fueling system. Can you explain what it is used?
Tech:  There are a couple of other fueling systems in SL. But neither of them allow the owner of the gas station to make money selling fuel, and neither of them are vehicle specific.  For example, my system uses real mpg. So therefore you wouldn't expect a compact car to get the same mileage as a Tractor Trailer right?  With mine they don't. Mileage varies, and, the station owner can not only regulate their own prices, they can sell gasoline or diesel fuel. What?  You don't think I'm going to build Semi trucks and run them on gasoline do you?  :D  By the way, the vehicle portion of the TXAGO Fuel system is available for free on my sim so vehicle owners can outfit their vehicles with my fuel system for free...

Can you share with our readers the other type of vehicles, add ons and gadgets that can be found at TX Mainstore?

Tech:  There are a few lightweight handy scripts ive written, a Hydraulics Script kit with a HUD, Helicopter Script Kit, a Police Package with a very nice Police Car shell inside + Scripted police lights of various types, siren, wheels, pushbar, even a working radar gun... I also offer a beginners Chopper scriptset for 699L for those on a budget who want to build bikes.  My latest invention is TX Drive and Drag... a vehicle scriptset that can be used in two modes, for Drag racing, or normal every day driving.  Tons of features ... are we posting pics?  Like you mentioned before, about 95 % of my scripting is full permissions, so I encourage people to tear it apart and learn from it... I'm sure I am forgetting stuff ...

Many avies in SL like to find unique things that no one else has.  Do you create custom vehicles? If so, how can they be ordered?
Tech:  No.  That is one thing I do not do.  LOL!  BUT that being said I know plenty of VERY talented builders who have built amazing and unique things using my scripts and parts, and they love to show off ...

Your work is very impressive. You don’t just build vehicles and their accessories. You also dabble in media. I noticed your shop with TVs and Radios. How do they differ from the other media tools available in SL?

Tech:  I have a couple of unique 'old school" land radios. one displays the Station Song and Artist on the front screen in a variety of colors ... not xyz text on a prim, self serving prim html is used, the rest of my stuff is either again for builders or even home builders, using media on a prim technology I am able to host the web that is served up on them and people can use them ot make interesting and unique things... now you can watch a movie anywhere in SL or listen to your radio on your bike and others can hear it too as you drive by, media on a prim has made possibilities almost endless if you have the know how to toss up a website... (which I do) ... another unique thing ive done is hidden those links form the everyday passerby ... so our content cant be stolen and served up on someone elses TV or (yes people have even made movie theatres with it) ...

There are reseller vendors available. What is the incentive for merchants who wish to sell your products?
Tech:  25% is the incentive.  Many things I have created this year I havent had time to vendor yet, but I will, eventually, if I ever stop having ideas ...

I am impressed by your talent and sure there is more to come. Is there anything  you’d like to share with our readers about your upcoming creations?

Tech:  Thank you Lanai ... I'd just like to remind our readers that we are always dropping new vehicle shells for builders and always coming up with innovative products... the SL builders community has been good to me and I plan on sticking around to continue to make new exciting stuff for everyone to enjoy ... here's a hint ... do you know your car sounds different from the front than from the back?  Think about that .... 

Additional information:
Group:  secondlife:///app/group/796e6fad-d120-0feb-294b-eba840babe3e/about

Preferred Contact: email ... or in world...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UNDERSTANDING THE SCRIPTS OF COMMERCE: An in depth interview with Abranimation's Abramelin Wolfe - Dean Lawson Reporting

While investigating potentially harmful scripts in Second Life I contacted Abramelin Wolfe, the owner of Abranimations and sent him questions to help me understand how scripts and commerce works in Second Life. Abramelin explained in great detail some of the potential pitfalls Second Life Residents should watch out for. The following are excerpts from our conversation.

Dean: According to your response it does not seem that you believe that the script was introduced to the item by a third party but is in fact commonly used by legitimate vendors. Is that correct?

Abramelin: Yes, and this is not a specific script.  ALL scripts that take debit permissions display this warning, the most common of which are vendor scripts as they are dealing with money transactions. Our affiliate vendors allow customers to sell our items and take a commission. They need permission to take money for refunding over payments and paying us the commission.

Dean: Based on my research, when an item is rezzed a message appears on the screen as follows; “Object wants access to take money from your Linden Dollar account. If you allow, this it can take any or all of your money from you at any time with no further warning or request.”

If I see this message my reaction is to click "deny", because I do not want an object to take my money at any time without further warning. Why would a legitimate vendor use a script with this type of message? Are there no other scripts that vendors can use?

Abramelin: Yes it also says after that... 'Before allowing this access, make sure you know what the object is and why it is making this request, as well as whether you trust the creator. If you're not certain, click Deny.'

That above statement makes all the difference. Legitimate vendors use this type of script because there are no other scripted ways to take money from an Avatar. You always need them to specifically give you permission. In the case of a vendor though you cannot have it ask every time because it needs to be left out for other people to purchase from even if you are offline. 

Linden Lab gives you this warning to make sure you know what the script is and who it is from. As I already mentioned, this is not a specific script displaying this message. This is a warning given by LL when a script requests debit permission. If you do not know the source of the script or trust the source then you should always click deny.

Dean: Do you feel the use of this script in objects that are affiliated with your business could damage the reputation of your business?

Abramelin: No, We have commission vendors for our ice skates because we have been asked for them a gazillion times, especially around Christmas. I think the warning LL gives quite adequately explains the risks, hence the conversation we are having, but also explains that there could be legitimate reasons why.  Affiliate vendors are common place in SL and this script function has always existed in SL. If anyone is uncomfortable granting debit permissions they can and should click deny and not use those vendors. It’s really no different than passing your credit card details to a company over the Internet. If you do not know or trust the company you should not do it. 

Dean: How is it possible for a customer to pay too much for an item? When I have paid for items in Second Life, a message is displayed; "Buy for L$(amount) from (name of vendor) underneath is the option to "buy" or "cancel". Could you explain how I can accidentally overpay in this type of transaction?

Abramelin: The vendor script dictates whether it has those quick pay buttons or not. If a vendor is not specifically scripted to have them it displays a box where you can enter any amount. Originally all scripts were like this actually, the button feature was added to SL much later. Some third party viewers possibly do not support those buttons either so even if it is scripted with them they may not display. This is just one situation though...there are actually loads of other scenarios where you might need to refund. (eg. Rental booths giving bulk discounts. Some transaction failures can be detected and refunds issued automatically. Some vendors that contain inventory might need to refund if the inventory is missing...and the list goes on.)

The thing people need to remember is that drop down warning is a one warning fits all solution. The warning will be displayed in all cases where debit permission is required. It does not and cannot display different messages depending on the situation or script.

Dean: If a script is used to extract a share of the proceeds from an affiliate vendor, should the script clarify the percentage being extracted?

Abramelin: Yes people certainly should understand what the vendor is for before they use it. Affiliate vendors by their nature extract a commission. Our ice skates vendor for example is labeled ‘Ice Skates Affiliate Vendor (30%)' and the instructions note card also explains it is a 30% commission vendor. The vendors we use cannot run until this debit permission is granted. Once it is running though they also have an Admin Panel accessible that shows transactions and percentages and some other info.

Dean: Who writes the scripts used by your affiliate vendors?

Abramelin: Our store vendors are scripted either by myself or use Caspervend (by Casper Warden). The ice skates affiliate vendors use Caspervend which is very respected and trust worthy. No one else creates any of our vendors or has access to our scripts.

Thanks for answering my questions, your help is appreciated.

Abramelin: No problem, hopefully your article can shed some light on this for folk in SL so they understand the message and what it means. I've seen this concern come up over and over through the years, but it’s mostly due to people not understanding what the message is telling them. The debit permission function is not a fraudulent function by itself. It is only fraudulent if it is used in a fraudulent way. It has many legitimate uses too. The above ice skates customer that contacted you was quite right not to accept permission with the ice skates as they did not understand why it was being taken. What I think I'll do is put the affiliate vendor inside a box in the package so it cannot be attached accidentally with everything else. I think the confusion probably came from everything being attached out of the box without looking at what the items were. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

THEFT AND FRAUD IN SECOND LIFE-Scripts that Steal - Dean Lawson Reporting

Have you ever rezzed an object and received the message “Object wants access to take money from your Linden Dollar account. If you allow, this it can take any or all of your money from you at any time with no further warning or request.”?

The obvious response would be to deny this request but Second Life isn’t always a place where logic prevails and, for new users who learn to navigate through this virtual world by clicking to see what happens, it leaves one wondering why Linden Labs would permit Second Life vendors to use such a shady script.

When I asked about this script on the Firestorm English Support chat line I received the following responses;

Robo™ (robert0.siamendes): dean, you can find that script in the LSL wiki site


Gena S. Wilberg (genafosters): (FS64 4.7.7v os) it is a standard script Dean used by every vender I think outside of MP or at least very popular

When I asked about this script in the Builder’s Brewery chat line I received the following responses.


Pavl Duke: sadly any script you give permission_debit to can indeed continue to take your money while the object is rezzed


Erin Rose (nonspecific): There are also bogus "gift cards" that do the same thing


Vιɳƈҽ ™ (vincestriker): Once a script has the PERMISSION_DEBIT permission it can empty an account of L$.
Fraud & theft are both LL Terms of Service violations and crimes. Misuse this function and you risk being banned and legal action. In addition LL may freeze the accounts of anyone the money is transferred to and restore it to its rightful owners. This may involve retrieving it from third party exchanges and accounts on those exchanges being frozen. The system is not designed to be friendly towards fraud.

It was also recommended by members of Builder’s Brewery that I review the following links.

In addition to the previous chat line responses, I was also contacted for private conversations with SL Residents who had negative experiences with the script.


 Whispr εжз (whispr.xue): Hi Dean... I did just get this script when I bought some ice skates off of Abranimations website... it was attached to a affiliate vendor rezzing

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): Did you lose lindens as a result of this script?

Whispr εжз (whispr.xue): no... I didn't rez the vendor... I had clicked to "add all" that was in the folder. It was in both the free skates: and the pay version:

When I asked if this incident was reported to linden labs I received the following response.

Whispr εжз (whispr.xue): Not yet, I am waiting to hear back from Abranimations regarding it. I know Abranimations is a reputable vendor, and that they would not put any such scripting in. If Abranimations did not put it into their affiliate Vendor... then it is likely there was a dormant script put in by whoever created the vendors, or somehow it was hijacked

When I asked Firestorm Support if it was possible that the script might be placed in an object without the vendor’s knowledge I received this reply;


Robo™ (robert0.siamendes): dean, this script has been in existence for a long time... idk how the script can be embedded in the object unless the creator foolishly did the wrong permission for that object... Also there have been in the past where scammers placed an invisible object in front of the legit objects with that script in it

SL Resident tom45434 added this to the conversation;


tom45434: I have firsthand experience with those types of malicious scripts

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): Did you lose lindens as a result of this experience?

tom45434: it’s been happening very often everywhere in SL from stores/shops/gacha places breedables everywhere....yes I did, but not as a bad as some of my other friends

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): How many lindens did you lose?

tom45434: about 5000. My friends lost nearly 200k together

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): Did you or your friends report this to linden labs?

tom45434: yes instantly, and then they got the linden back within a few hours

 Dean Lawson (deanlawson): Do you know if linden labs is doing anything to track down the creator of this script?

tom45434: yes they are, but it seems rather impossible as it’s a new avatar each time it’s done I counted about 400 different alts so far each getting banned rather quickly, also the script itself is a rather easy script to make and a lot of people could make it within 15-20 minutes

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): Would it be futile to publish the name of the creator of this script to try and warn other SL Residents?

tom45434: yes as the creators of the script only last in second life for a matter of hours or sometimes 10 hours at max

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): If the creator of the script has their account deleted, where does the money go when it is extracted from someone's account?

tom45434: the money is frozen in the database till linden labs investigates where it all came from then it’s returned to the rightful owners

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): It doesn't seem like a very lucrative scam for the creator of this script, why do they create new accounts?

tom45434: they create new accounts to get past the bans that people do when they are found out, most people when the money is stolen from them don't report it so this is how they get the money and sometimes it’s never investigated till someone does report it. Also, they target any place that has products like "gift cards" and things that actually do require debit permissions and they copy the exact product down to the script name. But the only true way to prevent this type of malicious scripts is to "ALWAYS" check the creator of the object ""BEFORE"" clicking accept on the debit permissions it will not take the money till its accepted, some objects require debit permissions in order to work, but always verify the creator is the true creator first, even if it does look exactly like a true product

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): Is it possible that the creator of this script uses an account that is paid by the alt accounts that are being used to create the script? In other words, I create account 1 then I create account 2 and use account 2 to perform this scam until I get caught, while transferring the stolen lindens to account 1 which I use to convert lindens into real dollars. Do you think this might be the manner by which the creator of the script extracts money from SL, if so, what can Linden Labs do to track down this person?

tom45434: yes its possible they are doing this im pretty sure they are using this tactic right now, but the way linden lab prevents this issue is there’s a 3 day delay on Linden$ to real life money but in order for them to prevent this from happening always, check the creator first before accepting debit permissions, and if it does happen by accident then file a abuse report ASAP under Help/Report Abuse/ Select category "Fraud > L$ Or USD$ and remember to put the name of that creator of that malicious script into the "Abuser name:" and give as much details as possible. If it can be caught (Abuse Report Filed) before the 3 days are up then it can be reversed. Linden labs can track it down through all of the Alt accounts they send it to

Dean Lawson (deanlawson): thanks for answering my questions Tom, is there anything else you would like the readers of this article to know regarding this issue?

tom45434: yes one more thing to state, this is for large companies here in SL, if these scammers want to target those companies they will create a chain of these scams to steal the linden then they "Gift" those funds that were stolen to that main business account of the company that they are targeting, when someone reports the stolen linden along the way all accounts get put on Admin Hold including that innocent business account simply because that scammer didn't like them, the best thing for these business owners to do if they receive a Error logging in "Your Account has been put on Admin hold" Call Linden Labs ASAP and also log into a Alt of theirs and file a Abuse Report to Appeal this Admin Hold as they had nothing to do with it

When I asked Firestorm Support how to report such an incident I received this reply;


 Jeanie Jupiter: (FS 4.7.7f) Help>Report abuse...  include the transaction details

While it seems to be common sense to refuse access to any script that seems untrustworthy it might also be prudent for Linden Labs to show more than just a “buyer beware” attitude and to crack down on fraudulent scripts and SL Residents who use the virtual world to grift a living. Allowing untrustworthy scripts to victimize Second Life shoppers might discourage commerce and trade, just as street criminals can discourage tourism. As someone who is relatively new to Second Life there is a lot about scripts and the business of Linden transactions that I may have overlooked, so I encourage anyone who reads this article to share their opinion and experiences on this subject by leaving your comments or contacting me directly.

Dean Lawson

SL Enquirer

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spotlight Feature: Lastat Productions by Lastat Daxter Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

   Have you been struggling with your business by trying to keep employee schedules organized or looked for new ways to create a professional presence in Second Life without any luck? I know it can be discouraging and it could make you feel like you are chasing marbles on a slippery slope or losing them altogether.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Lastat Productions has some pretty nifty gadgets that can help you keep all your marbles in one basket, making it easier to concentrate on more important stuff like selling your products and providing quality service.