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Friday, August 9, 2013

Touring Educational Museum’s in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

In SL I decided to take in a bit of culture and see what SL has to offer on an educational aspect. I was pleasantly surprised to find places that I found fascinating and also interesting.

My first stop was the Andy Warhol Exhibition at University of Delaware.

Andy Warhol is perhaps most readily associated with silkscreened visages of celebrities ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Chairman Mao. But these represent only a small part of Warhol’s prolific oeuvre. Born in 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andrew Warhol studied design at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (today, Carnegie Mellon University). When he graduated, he went to New York City, where he launched a successful career as a commercial artist and shortened his name to Warhol.
At the University of Delaware Andy Warhol: Behind the Camera is the first of several smaller exhibitions in the West Gallery that will examine specific facets of the University Museums collections. It gives you the opportunity to see his collection if you’re a lover of art when you may have never been able to.
A good place to have a day out.