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Showing posts with label mass exodus. Show all posts

Friday, April 5, 2013

Elders Summit- April 2013: Is Second Life heading towards another mass exodus? Here’s what the Elders are saying- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I recently met with the remaining SL Elders for yet another secret summit because the echo of concern has become louder in recent months. The Mayan temple we used to meet in has now vanished and replaced by flat lands. We had to seek privacy and peace on a mountain top high in the clouds to discuss some issues. This time the meeting was different; I could almost hear the tears of the elders’ roll down their cheeks and see the frustration in their faces as we formed our circle and drew energy and comfort from each other. I was saddened to see even the core members of the Elders Summit are starting to recede in active membership. The lack of energy and motivation that once made us glow together is now a dim shadow that is forming a dark cloud of doubts and concerns over Second Life and its residents. Feelings are uneasy about the future of SL, especially with the rumor that Linden Labs is trying to get rid of Firestorm and other independent viewers used in order to force residents to use SL viewers only.  Speculation is rife and it is leaving many to question if there is an intention of a stronghold against the community.

Are the Lindens being control freaks?