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Showing posts with label grid health. Show all posts

Sunday, November 8, 2015



It was 2007, the Golden Age of Second Life. Curious people came from everywhere, wondering what this New World was all about. SL was getting bigger, more crowded and more fun. Nowadays, in 2015, some people say that SL is not the same, and not in a good way. They are getting bored. What can SL do to improve?
One thing I always loved about SL is the possibility of meeting people from all around the world and getting to know about their lives and culture. But today it’s easy to see someone who logs in and stays for days, even months, on the same SIM. Those people don’t explore new places, and don’t search for new people or join events.
Interviewing Mr. Marcus Draegonne, about the grid´s health and avies getting bored, he said that:   “Being bored depends on what you do on second life.” Marcus thinks: “To improve, SL needs to update their servers for lag reasons, and maintain a better control of griefers (people or groups who go into sims an try to crash people or the sims)”.
As a virtual World, Second Life hosts live concerts, galleries, exhibitions, charity fundraising events, and games. It’s a world full of possibilities, but many people just don’t know how to enjoy it. So if you are getting bored:  BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANNA SEE IN-WORLD!
Miss Sadie Latte, when I ask her about the grid´s health, and avies getting bored, said: “I don't think avies are getting bored, the beautiful freedom is you can log on, play awhile, and if you’re bored you have the power to log off and participate in RL. I always say if you are bored, you are boring.” A creative mind can ALWAYS find something to do.”

I believe that the different people and their unique dynamics are the things that make this world so special. I love SL people. If weren’t for that, even the most original and immersive 3D environment wouldn’t keep me interested for much time.
When I asked Mr. Noah Ocelot about the grid´s health, and avies getting bored, he said: The only thing that has ever bothered me here personally is the lack of response if someone does have a problem. I know that it is difficult to police this place and that someone’s story may not be true, but I assume linden central has access and should IP ban some people, and they do not.” Anyway, Mr. Noah, didn’t look that concerned. He was having fun at the beach. He told me he has met this beautiful girl and he was spending vacation with her. So, SL has been a good experience for him.

When residents are not busy being their SL alter ego, we can never know what they are doing in their Real Life. That mystery in the air makes everything more interesting. Alter ego comes from Latin ‘alter’, which means other, or something like “another me.”  Freud used it to define things that are inside the Ego of someone. Some your characteristics can be transferred to someone else, and this person becomes a copy, a duplicate. Your avi is the same, I think.
Miss Lisbeth Direwytch, when I asked Ocelot about the grid´s health, and avies getting bored, said: “A better learning curve would help retain new blood which in turn would keep SL more lively.  I think the technical side of SL is fine enough as it is, just needs to make things like avatar clothes and attachments more intuitive…Maybe an interface with a paper doll, where you drag clothes to put them on like in most video games. To be honest, I’m no designer. But the way it works right now, I would never recommend someone try playing if they couldn't find someone patient to teach them how to rez and open boxes, put clothes on, attachments, HUDs, etc.” Yes help is always welcome; I’m always open to help others and receive some help if needed.

Some other friends which I’ve talked about what is the Grid's Health, believe that the diversity of people, inside the grid, is what makes this world a magical place.
I found Miss Cherries, dancing in the Old Lar's House. She is Playmates Men’s Magazine Miss December 2015. Interviewing Ms. Cherries about the grid´s health, and avies getting bored, she told me: “I believe the biggest issue is lag, too many scripts and mesh in one area, and the servers cannot handle that much of it.  Honestly, to improve would mean to (not a geek so excuse me here) seriously upgrade the servers to handle this… I don't think avies are boring, just the people get bored due to lack of interesting things to do, which falls hand in hand with money. More money would definitely boost SL enjoyment by creating a flowing economy which would in turn create more businesses.” Anyway, Ms. Cherries, didn´t seem too worried. She was very happy showing her beautiful breasts.

After hearing many residents, I concluded that, independent of lag or a bad internet day, getting or not getting bored, that's up to yourself. So please enjoy your SL experience, explore, participate, be creative, and make new friends. SL has encouraged a lot of people into becoming creative individuals.  So don’t be shy. It’s a rewarding experience.
Additional Information
SIM where I interviewed resident’s avatars, Mrs: Marcus Draegonne and Noah Ocelot; Misses: Sadie Latte and Lisbeth Direwytch

SIM where I interviewed resident avatar Miss Cherries
Old Lar´s House

Friday, April 5, 2013

Elders Summit- April 2013: Is Second Life heading towards another mass exodus? Here’s what the Elders are saying- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I recently met with the remaining SL Elders for yet another secret summit because the echo of concern has become louder in recent months. The Mayan temple we used to meet in has now vanished and replaced by flat lands. We had to seek privacy and peace on a mountain top high in the clouds to discuss some issues. This time the meeting was different; I could almost hear the tears of the elders’ roll down their cheeks and see the frustration in their faces as we formed our circle and drew energy and comfort from each other. I was saddened to see even the core members of the Elders Summit are starting to recede in active membership. The lack of energy and motivation that once made us glow together is now a dim shadow that is forming a dark cloud of doubts and concerns over Second Life and its residents. Feelings are uneasy about the future of SL, especially with the rumor that Linden Labs is trying to get rid of Firestorm and other independent viewers used in order to force residents to use SL viewers only.  Speculation is rife and it is leaving many to question if there is an intention of a stronghold against the community.

Are the Lindens being control freaks?