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Showing posts with label issues. Show all posts

Thursday, May 5, 2022

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 7th May at noon SLT – Will China fall apart?


China has so many problems that it is possible that a big change is around the corner.  What form will it take?  Regime change, civil war, the country splitting into different regions?

When we hear about the social control in China, the vicious lockdowns, we may want to ask why China is so different from the rest of the world.  What is really happening there?  How can we find out?

Come to GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT and let’s talk about why China might fall in the next few years.  What will happen to the rest of the world if it does?  Will it slow down human progress or speed it up?

Let’s talk China.  Bring all your Chinese friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Griefers or Lag? Which One Interrupts the Quality of your Second Life More? -Becca Drascol Reporting

Perfection? Certainly not!

A virtual world is by far not perfect. We know coming in that we'll deal with many issues here and there. Sometimes the issue is player made and then sometimes it's something within control of that world's creators and thus out of a player’s hands per say. We all hate the thought of griefers and lag, yet both exist within SL. But if given the choice which one deserves more focus of being taken care of as a priority?

 I went out around Second Life to ask residents just that.

Differing Views:

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?

EricTheBold Resident: Hmmmm that's a tough one. I think the griefing is a bigger issue though we don't get much of that here anymore but lag I think is the responsibility of the SIM Owner.

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
MzSassyAngel Resident: I agree with that, They should.  Lag is horrible and greifers are too ..
Becca Drascol: Ok when given a choice though, which one should they focus more on, griefers or lag.
MzSassyAngel Resident: I have more lag issues then Greifers. I feel they should fix their lag issues since with that happening ppl crash and cannot enjoy SL.

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
Naellai Resident: Absolutely with fixing lag. Griefers are annoying, but individual sim owners can handle them. Lag is something that hurts us all and makes people less likely to be in SL if they have to deal with it! Have only had TWO griefer experiences in almost three years. Lag is daily!

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
Cammie Core: Griefers. Def'.
Becca Drascol: Care to elaborate a little on why?
Cammie Core: The griefing has gotten out of control and has reached new levels, graphic card crashing...etc.

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
XxFoxyFrequencyxX Resident: Fixing lag, yep defo'. Griefers are easy to deal with.

To sum it up:

Rather you deal with constant griefings or constant lag or you're somewhere in the middle of both issues, lag and griefings are something we must all deal with when enjoying Second Life. I personally am in the middle of things. While I feel Linden Labs needs to focus on the lag issues which at times seem to crash me 3-4 times a day...I also feel it wouldn't hurt them to look more deeply into griefers. While talking to SL's residents I felt the vibe that people lean towards that which will make SL a more enjoyable experience.

If I had to give a choice on the matter at hand I would have to say lag as well. As a 5 year resident of SL, it seems more and more often I am not only crashed but my avatar will not load properly. Things such as my mesh head and my high heels shoes floating of my hands are just some humorous yet bothersome issues I face on a pretty regular basis. And of those I spoke with lag seemed a bigger issue to these folks than griefers.

What are your thoughts? Use the comment box below!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The virtual world of Second life is loved and revered by many. It provides an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of real life. Allowing people to be free to be themselves, explore fantasies, or to become their alter ego. With something that brings so much joy, there are always issues one much endures to enjoy such wonderful things. I decided to poll avies from all walks of life to see what people thought were the most troubling issues that plagues avies across the grid, and what they think would be the best possible solution to the problem.

Spirit Wingtips, owner of Espiritu Photography

SLE: What do you think are the Biggest Issues for Avies in SL?

Spirit Wingtips:  LAG the age old problem of lag and the HUGELY disproportionate LACK of men’s clothing and items as compared to women’s. Us men like to shop and like to have choices too. Designers need to stop being lazy and bias. Support us men !

SLE: What do you think would be a proper solution to these problems?

Spirit Wingtips:  Linden Labs and the entire SL community getting up and proactively doing something to help combat the issue of lag.  Also, Incorporate Education programs so people know the REAL cause of LAG and what to do about it. That would be a start.
 As for designers in SL, they need to realize that us men want and need options as well. we are more than jeans and a tee shirt, we want QUALITY items and well designed items as well and not  half hearted effort prefabs "just to say we carry men’s items". This is not to say all designers do this but if you teleport around to most events and shops they have 90% women’s clothing.
Oriana Robertson, Interior Blogger extraordinaire

SLE: What do you think are the Biggest Issues for Avies in SL?

Oriana Robertson: The biggest issues that I believe are facing Second Life are the lack of positive interactive activities. Granted, the major draw to second life (or as it was promoted in the beginning) is that everything that exist in-world is created by its residents. Still, there are not enough events and things to do on the grid that will encourage the residents to get creative, help one another, and generate positive social interactions. As a result, second life is full of people who are bored, lonely, and in need of attention so they turn to negative ways to fill that void.

SLE: What do you think would be a proper solution to these problems?

Oriana Robertson: A possible solution would be for the Lindens to create better incentives for people who are hosting events that will bring residents together; especially activities that will help those who are having trouble finding their way or "niche" within the community. They can do this perhaps by offering free or low cost classes for those who would like to learn a special skill. If not low cost courses then as an alternative they can offer affordable rent for people who host events like these. 

Chocolate Voom-Wingtips, Creator, Wife, and Mother

SLE: What do you think are the Biggest Issues for Avies in SL?

Chocolate Voom: The biggest issues that me and many avas that I know have are: inventory loss and copybotting. I have had my share of inventory loss over my 8 years in SL.  The loss that really irked me was during December 2014.  I lost two rare gacha items that are next to impossible to replace without spending a small fortune.  This loss occurred during unscheduled maintenance.  I did not rez them; the items simply vanished from my inventory.  There is no way to get the items back from either the creator or LL.  Inventory loss is not always discovered immediately; usually I am searching for the objects when I discover they have vanished.  SLers should be compensated even if a small percentage of their loss is returned, by Linden Labs.
Another big issue that avies are facing is the increasing risk of purchasing copybotted items on MarketPlace and inworld.  Thieves are more brazen than ever and rip off hardworking legitimate creators all of the time.  I see so many illegal items on MarketPlace.  It's terrible for the creators and the SL community as a whole.

Possible Solution:
 If more measures were taken against the botters, content theft could slowly but surely change.  Ban viewers that have security flaws that allow copybotting.  Ban scripts that allow copybotting.  Ban the thieves swiftly and consistently.

Esther Bailey Prata, Creator and Owner of LAGO DE PRATA

Esther : The amount of scripts most avies unknowingly carry with them and create lag.

Possible solution: Better education on script usage.

Autumn Yap, Owner of Hiϛh V

Autumn: I think it depends on how long they’ve been here. For newbies or people who are revisiting sl I think catching up to get their look updated. Maybe that is a big issue for everyone though, staying up to date with what’s going on and improving in world.

Possible solution:
Autumn: I think stores do a good job with their groups and subscribomatics keeping buyers aware of what’s new but so many groups and notifications are overwhelming. Not sure of how to fix such a thing but I think outlets like Second life Inventory and are great resources.

Forever Tracei Moore, Owner of Foil

Forever Tracei Moore : Trusting others with my most personal feelings, I’m normally guarded and only allow selective people in. However, I find that the people that hurt you the most are normally the ones you let in and know which choices of actions will cause you the most damage.

Possible Solution:
Forever Tracei Moore: There is no solution to this, it's a risk you take to love others and allow them to love you back, even if it’s just for a moment.

Addressing the Problems & Solutions

Lanai Jarrico: I’ve been in Second Life a very long time. I wouldn’t have survived it without knowing how to handle situations thrown in my path so I am offering you all some advice. From Lag, copybotting and the lack of men’s clothes to overwhelming subscribotic notices and emotional attacks, there are issues in Second life that could use some much needed attention. Overcoming these obstacles can be a challenge but there are solutions that can at least lessen the impact on how they will personally effect you. Lag is something that has been around since the beginning of virtual world. We can look at it as poor weather that we cannot control or we can do things to help reduce it such as lighten the load of scripts and prims on your land and or avatar and encourage your friends to do the same. Working together on this issue can make a difference.

Copybotting is just like having burglars in your rl neighborhoods or cities. We all know they are there but never know who they are or when they will strike. The best way to discourage thieves is to report them to authorities whenever you see suspicious activity.  But for the most part LL needs to step up to the plate and really do something about it.
The issue with men’s clothes seems to be parallel to the real world. Woman have always had it better when it comes to the assortment of fashion and accessories available. If more male designers fill the demand then the women would be the ones complaining. lol

  Emotional Attacks have got to be one of the worst problems between people in Second Life. The best way to avoid personal attacks is to be selective with the information you share with others. Especially, things that might make you vulnerable to attacks the minute things go south. This doesn’t mean you are lying to someone you care about. You don’t have to share every detail of your life. Caring about someone is more about what you would do to protect them and show them they mean something to you. All the extra information is just sprinkles on the cake. The cake should be good on its own. The sprinkles don’t make it what it really is.
 Last but not least, the overwhelming subscribomatics notices. This seems to be one of the biggest issues when it comes to mass spamming and bombardment of advertisement. I’m currently dealing with this issue myself.  It is definitely a violation of SL etiquette and needs to be stopped. Anyone who owns a subscribomatic should ask before adding people to the system. It is rude and inconsiderate. The best solution to this problem is contact them and ask them to please exclude you from the friend list spamming. If that doesn’t work make yourself appear offline to the violators or simply delete that person off your friend list. If they don’t talk to you any other time but to spam you, they aren’t really a friend anyway.

 Got a Comment? We would like to hear it. Use the comment box below.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Elders Summit- April 2013: Is Second Life heading towards another mass exodus? Here’s what the Elders are saying- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I recently met with the remaining SL Elders for yet another secret summit because the echo of concern has become louder in recent months. The Mayan temple we used to meet in has now vanished and replaced by flat lands. We had to seek privacy and peace on a mountain top high in the clouds to discuss some issues. This time the meeting was different; I could almost hear the tears of the elders’ roll down their cheeks and see the frustration in their faces as we formed our circle and drew energy and comfort from each other. I was saddened to see even the core members of the Elders Summit are starting to recede in active membership. The lack of energy and motivation that once made us glow together is now a dim shadow that is forming a dark cloud of doubts and concerns over Second Life and its residents. Feelings are uneasy about the future of SL, especially with the rumor that Linden Labs is trying to get rid of Firestorm and other independent viewers used in order to force residents to use SL viewers only.  Speculation is rife and it is leaving many to question if there is an intention of a stronghold against the community.

Are the Lindens being control freaks?