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Showing posts with label metaverse. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Learning in SecondLife: The Brooklyn Law School enters the metaverse and sparks a change

It is not uncommon for a real-life (RL) academic institution to innovate in education and how education is delivered. In fact, the COVID-19 outbreak that took the world by storm in March 2020 forced schools and other entities that function through face-to-face interactions into a reconfigured space of engagement, peer-to-peer, and business-to-customer. However, before the Pandemic, universities saw potential in Secondlife as the perfect vehicle to disseminate knowledge, even if it were and still is unusual. Look through the list of Secondlife's various destinations under education. You will see universities like Stanford, North Carolina State, and the University of South Florida, to name a few, listed there. However, the one that sticks out the most due to its relative 'newness' is the Brooklyn Law School, which has joined the bandwagon of education leaders at the forefront of digital learning. 

Because of Secondlife's unique nature, many see this multiverse as prime real estate to replica, to some degree, the academic experience schools provide to their students offline. Linden Labs, the entity behind Secondlife, has created a safe space for creatives and others that utilize Intellectual Property (IP) as its currency, thereby making it safe for schools and non-profits to enter the virtual world and establish an extension of their services, according to 

For this reason, many SecondLife residents are granted access to educational information where there is none available or the opportunity to continue their education uninterrupted through an immersive adventure that allows the user to learn and do so in a unique way that draws their focus. The Brooklyn Law school identified this experience and decided to dive headfirst into the space. 

As with many academic institutions, this started with the emergence of the Pandemic. The students could not come to attend in-person law classes, so Joy, the law professor behind the launch of the virtual campus in late 2020, was struck with a genius idea---bring the experience of the classroom to the virtual world. This move to virtually enhance the learning experience of her law class gave her students and, soon, many others the opportunity to learn in a novel manner and partake in the socialization that SecondLife is renowned for. 

Soon, the virtual iteration of the Brooklyn Law School started to garner media attention from various universities across the globe for the innovative approach to the pedagogy of the law. Joy stated that many schools reached out to learn more about how. The answer is simple: replicate the natural world experience in SecondLife, which, as we all know, is not in the least bit impossible. For the law school, this means inviting professionals in the realm of the law to deliver lectures in-world, foster the space of learning and peer-to-peer engagement, and intently focus on the effects of immersion---a phenomenon frequently mentioned throughout the conversation. 

However, as Joy mentioned, the students were initially apprehensive because learning a subject as intense and involved as the law seemed impossible in a digital space like SecondLife. Nevertheless, students soon learned that his fear was unwarranted. The learning experience in the metaverse can be just as enriching as learning in the physical world, if not more, because of the boundless means of expression and interactivity that Zoom, the original learning vehicle for Joy's students, could not provide. 

When asked if the school is open to general residents, Joy declared that at the moment, no, it is designed for pupils of the Brooklyn Law School only; however, this is only for the moment. 

To learn more about the virtual rendition of the Brooklyn Law School, you can visit: 

An account is required to view the content. 

Visit to create a Second Life account.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Apps and Virtual Reality: The Future of "Second Life"

When you think of a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, you probably think of "World of Warcraft" or "Elder Scrolls Online." What you may not automatically think of, though, is "Second Life." This is not a game per say, but more like a virtual world. Users can interact with other players and build houses or even whole towns in a 3-D space by using open source tools. With just under 1 million users, this game is one of the most popular in the MMO space, so here's a deeper look into this online world:

What makes "Second Life" unique compared to other MMOs is that there isn’t a game component. There aren’t quests to finish or enemies to kill. Instead it is all about building a virtual life and interacting with those around you. In this online community, you can find like-minded people and interact with them in a different way than a purely text-based forum can provide.
As of yet, there isn't a first-party way for users to log into "Second Life" through a mobile app made by Linden Lab. However, because so much of the technology behind the game is open source, independent developers have created apps that give you varying levels of access to the world. Here are just a few:
·         Lumiya: This is one of the largest of the third-party apps for accessing "Second Life." Originally, the app was designed to run on devices in the generation of the Galaxy S3. However, it is still available in the Google Play Store and is still supported on newer Android phones like the Galaxy S6. And, because the hardware has gotten considerably better, the performance of the app is even smoother. Priced at just under $3.00, it puts it in reach if you want basic functionality, such as chatting with friends and managing inventory.
·         Mobile Grid Client: This app is another Android-based app that gives you many of the same features as Lumiya. Mobile Grid Client strives to be extremely lightweight by keeping data consumption rates low. Whereas Lumiya gives you a 3-D representation of your character, Mobile Grid uses a top-down map that lets you see yourself relative to your surroundings and other players without being data intensive. The trade off with Mobile Grid Client is cost, though. After a 14-day free trial, you can unlock a standard or pro version for L$250 or L$450 per month, respectively. These are priced using "Second Life’s" internal currency, which roughly translates to between $1-2 per month depending on the exchange rates.
·         Pocket Metaverse: If you are a "Second Life" user on iPhone, then Pocket Metaverse is the place to go. This is another top-down style app rather than one that simulates the actual look of the game. Pocket Metaverse has designed its interface to be as close to the iPhone's design as possible, which makes it easy for you to understand how each tool works.

With VR technology becoming more popular and affordable, there may be a resurgence in "Second Life." Because so much of the appeal of "Second Life" came from the world building and community rather than fighting, this is a perfect place for VR. With VR technology, "Second Life" could truly become a place where communities interact with each other.

T-Mobile Article

Monday, April 7, 2014


2014 Metaverse Cultural Series 

"exploring the metaverse through art and culture"


Artists, Performers and Academics in the METAVERSE 

Are you a Fashion Designer, Artist, Performer, Educator or Business Owner in a virtual world or game space? Share your talent and experience with the METAVERSE community. Submit Your Proposal Today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SLACTIONS 2012: Research conference on virtual worlds includes Machinima Contest this year

SLACTIONS, the international research conference on virtual worlds, is including a Machinima Festival this year as part of its exploration of met averse creativity. The RL/SL conference will occur November 15 - 17 with the Machinima track on the first day, and virtual film directors are encouraged to submit their works for consideration in this global event.