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Showing posts with label Press Pass Media. Show all posts

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Press Pass Media Group: EGOISME Releases its Molten Mesh Fashion for men and women- Persia Bravin Reports

After months of development, Egoisme is proud to announce the release of its Molten Mesh range of fashion for men and women.

Molten Mesh is a rigged mesh range of clothing that clings to your body and moves fluidly for a natural and realistic look.


Friday, July 19, 2013

DEPRESSION IN SL, PART 1: How do you reach out for help or help others overcome emotional issues- Orchids Zenovka Reports

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.
When I’ve fallen out of favor with fortune and men,
All alone I weep over my position as a social outcast,
And pray to heaven, but my cries go unheard,
And I look at myself, cursing my fate,
Wishing I were like one who had more hope,
Wishing I looked like him; wishing I were surrounded by friends,
Wishing I had this man's skill and that man's freedom.
I am least contented with what I used to enjoy most.
But, with these thoughts – almost despising myself,
I, by chance, think of you and then my melancholy
Like the lark at the break of day, rises
From the dark earth and (I) sing hymns to heaven;
For thinking of your love brings such happiness
That then I would not change my position in life with kings.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Magazine Writer’s Guide Association

Norfolk Slim City– MWGA will be hosting the first in-world Second Life media expo June 1 through July 8, bringing together Second Life’s major media all under one roof.
“MWGA created an annual media expo to celebrate business as a whole in Second Life,” MWGA owner Lyric Navarita said. “This is a way for businesses, as well as the publishing industry, to get together and mingle with guests on a more personable level. I hope this expo opens a new form of communication and sparks interest to be more involved in what our platform has to offer - an opportunity to learn more about the publishing industry through our workshops, engage with those within the industry via social and networking activities and celebrate the achievements of businesses in Second Life.”
Several workshops will be offered on site from professionals in the media industry on a range of topics from their experiences in their fields, production and publishing and distribution technologies. A final workshop will also include applying guided imaginary to the SL experience from Pura Vida Wellness Resort.
"The MWGA Expo is a unique event raising awareness of the talent and diversity of media available in SL and will hopefully encourage new people to participate in this constantly evolving industry," MWGA Media Expo participant MANIERA LLC's COO Aphrodite Brianna said.

Performances will also be held by radio’s KHNY Honey 103 (June 16) and BoSL Radio (June 17) as well as dance troop Dazzlers (July 8). A media panel will be held later in the month to discuss various industry topics, and an awards banquet will finish off the expo July 8 and recognize elites in their fields at The Rose Theatre. Banquet guest speakers include Avenue Staff Writer Spruce Canning and MANIERA LLC CEO Topaz Joubert.

Media representatives will be available from some of the most prominent media in their fields, including: Metaverse Broadcasting Company/The Metaverse Tribune, SL Enquirer/Press Pass Media, Best of Second Life Magazine/BOSL Radio, AvCON Magazine, Too Sexy Magazine, ICON Magazine, MANIERA LLC, Zindra Expo, InWorld Magazine,, Friday Night Talk Show, PlsRadio, KHNY Honey 103 and media distribution technology giant SasTech.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

SL9B EVENT: Street Fair and Pub Crawl June 19-14, 2012 6-9pm slt Brought to you by The Tracer I Birman Agency

Second Life is celebrating it's 9th Birthday. The Tracer | Birman Agency has decided to produce our own event. "The SL9B Street Fair and Pub Crawl" will take place June 19-24 in Second Life.
Get more info here:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SL Newser: Wounded Warrior Benefit Raises 375,000 Lindens

US Military Veterans Center

Patriot Island holds benefits for Wounded Warriors every month, but this one was especially successful -

Monday, May 21, 2012

VMS News: Check out VMS Magazine's May 2012 Issue

In this issue you will find venue spotlights on Astral Dreams, The Hotel Chelsea, Patriot Island and interviews with some of Second Life's popular musicians.

 VMS Magazine May, 2012

Vist our main site at:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

SLE/PPM Merger Takes a Turn in a New Direction. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

     Company mergers whether in our real world or in a virtual one, can be complex with many choices to make. The decision makers have to ask themselves some important questions to ensure working or merging with another business or entity is the right thing to do. Is the reputation of the company in good standing with the public? Do both parties have a common goal and can commit to the job requirements, its employees and the community. Some projects, partnership and mergers work, others fall through and new plans are implemented to ensure productivity and positive growth. That is the ultimate goal.

On May 14, 2012 The SL Enquirer announced a merger between Press Pass media; a neutral media network consisting of over 31 media sources and The SL Enquirer; Second Life’s longest running independently owned newspaper. Due to feedback from our members, we are making some small but important modifications to the plans.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Press Pass Media is merging with The SL Enquirer May 31, 2012

SLE and PPM merging ahead

Press Pass Media Group was created by Carmichael Caudron in 2010. His vision was to build a network for Second Life media sources with the ability to share their events, services and news with the virtual world community.   PPM  members reaped the benefits of  getting the latest news and events as well as viral advertising in a highly competitive and complex virtual business world.

Stats on 5/14/12

 Since its humble beginnings, the Press Pass Media group has grown to over 300 (in-world) members, with more than 30 SL media sources using it to reach out to social networks of over 4000 readers a month! Press Pass Media Bloggers consist of second life’s professionals in marketing and communication. Together they keep the PPM blog alive with activity.

Since collaborating with The SL Enquirer in the Fall of 2011, Press Pass Media’s traffic has doubled within months! With access to The SL Enquirer’s audience, PressPass Media members are now able to reach out to an audience of over 17,000 a month, not to mention over 1,000 twitter and facebook followers combined.

stats on 5/14/12

 With this merge, all active PPM media sources and SLE Members have the option to get their event posted on the Front page of the SL Enquirer website for only 300L. Professional News sources interested in publishing their news on the SL Enquirer website can do so with unlimited access. Contact Lanai Jarrico for more details. 


 Press Pass Media will become part of the SL Enquirer  brand and the existing PPM website will consist of a direct link to our main site. This merge will be completed May 31, 2012.

Advertising Options  :

The SL Enquirer website-
1 Press Release post - 300L
(at least one week notice of event required for best exposure)

AD Banner/link, 1 press release post - 1000L/month

News Coverage or Spotlight Feature- includes 1 month Ad- 3000L
(Interview/article conducted by an SLE journalist)

Bookings/News Coverage/Interviews/Advertising
Contact Lanai Jarrico at

Friday, March 23, 2012

ATTN MEDIA PEEPS: Book a Spotlight Feature and get a banner and Blogging rights with The SL Enquirer and Press Pass Media

Book a Spotlight Feature, get a Logo Display and Blogging rights with The SL Enquirer and Press Pass Media for a double dose of Media power in the virtual world.

Interested in connecting with the fastest growing media source in Second Life, book an appointment fast and easy on either website!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On March 16th, Avatar PR presents Award ceremony for Lanai Jarrico!

Press Release:

On Friday March 16th @ 7 PM SLT, located at , Avatar PR will proudly present Lanai Jarrico with the Excellence In Effort award for her thorough inworld news coverage via the Second Life Enquirer and for her recent appointment as the head of media operations with Press Pass Media.

Avatar PR logo

Close up of Lanai Jarrico

A brief award ceremony and networking after party make up the festivities at this long over due recognition of Ms. Jarrico’s hard work. You are all invited to attend and BYOB : )
See you there!

By Nani Xue

Sunday, February 26, 2012

BOSL News: Mr. Mills, BOSL CEO, Raises Funds for Autism Charity

Did you ever wonder what Mr. Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, would look like if he were female? Today we found out at the Grand Autism Benefit where he raised a significant amount of money for the cause in short time... Read More

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo's Future Femdom™ -- Amanda432 Cheviot reporting....

One of the greatest questions of the 20th century is “Who is Kaiser Soze?” One of

the greatest questions of the 21st century is “Who is Ginette Pinazzo?” This is not

to say that Ginette Pinazzo is a killer and should be feared by the masses! Ginette,

or Gina, is far from a killer and is a genuine passionate soul. The one thing she is

passionate about is women, specifically female empowerment. Like Kaiser Soze, she

is a name you hear so much about. Both names carry this sense of reverence. So to

understand who Gina is, I thought it was best to go to the beginning, and that would

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gay Worlds News Partners with SLENquirer's Press Pass Media network!

Press release from Gayworld News' Avacar Bluestar:

logo of GayWorld News

Effective immediately, Gay Worlds News is partnering with Press Pass Media, a
literal association of member websites covering to Second Life bloggers. We
anticipate this partnership to assist our goals in readership counts and
potential ad buyer networking. ALSO Look for future news on partnering with
other popular blogs.

-Avacar Bluestar

Click this link to read and visit our new media partner! ty Avacar Bluestar, we are honored Gay Worlds News Partners with Press Pass Media

Press Pass Media (est 2010) is owned by The SLENquirer since 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Press Pass Media is Under New Ownership- The SL Enquirer

Former owner of Press Pass,Carmichael Caudron welcomes Lanai with confidence and pleasure as his replacement as he needs to tend to some real life situations relocating and will not return to Press Pass as his time needed to complete his paperwork relocating to another country is indefinite.

Read More

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paparazzi present at the SLEnquirer's Cupid Ball earlier tonight!

The SLEnquirer's Cupid's Ball 2012

Yup the Paparazzi was present at the Cupid's Ball earlier tonight and we have the picture to show it, see party goers partying away at Lanai Jarrico's SLenquirer sponsored Cupid's Ball earlier tonight if you werent there.Guests such as Nave Fall with Kimmera Madison were present,as well as Gayworld news' Avacar Bluestar,as well as the BSR Radio crew!check it out!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Spotlight Feature On Renowned Machinima Artist, RYSAN FALL Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Rysan Fall

Rysan Fall is an amazing, charismatic machinima artist in Second
Life™. He has been a part of this virtual world for over four years.
This is an insight to his journey.

Regarding his very unique Second Life name and his inspiration to come
to Second Life:

‘At first, I was trying to be clever with the preset list of legacy
names that were being offered at the time. I saw the last name “Fall”
and I figured it would be easy to come up with something clever. But,
I also wanted my name to mean something. I came up with the name
“Rysan” and it seemed to fit well with the last name, kind of like a
play on the phrase “Rise and Fall”. In a way it explains the futility
of man. No matter what you accomplish, achieve or gain in life, you
still could lose it all. And that reminds me to be humble, and
grateful for any goodness in my life’.

‘I joined Second Life in December of 2007, after I heard of an
unfortunate news story on CNN™. The story exposed how some people were
using a Second Life sim for illicit activities and had to be shut

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Rezzday to Press Pass Media!

Cheers to Press Pass Media for another year in the virtual media grind, we wish you the very best.

The SL Enquirer

Monday, January 9, 2012

SLE On the Air Hosted By Marc Strassman Featuring Costa Rica Sims' Giancarlo Takacs

Second Life Enquirer on the air Episode 1 from Rysan Fall on Vimeo.

Brought to you by The SL Enquirer, Fall Films and Press Pass Media