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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Kiss Me Hard Club & Beach Lounge Weekend Event Schedule July 24th-July 26th

JULY  24th

Aminius Writer 12pm
Paul Nowles 2pm
Wolfie Moonshadow 3pm
July 25th

Garth Lannock 11am
Stinna 12pm
Jovan Buchsbaum 1pm
July 26th
Seren McGillivary 11am
KATIA 12pm


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ballet Pixelle on Tour for ONE NIGHT! July 27th at 3pm SLT at Tesla Theatre and Nightclub

Performing vignettes from 7 of their full length dance productions, Ballet Pixelle will astound you! No dance HUDs used, ever. True dancing Inworld, SHARE THIS! We are sure you will love this show, Invite a Friend , show them how awesome SL can be! 

 An Opulent and Classical venue with a dash of steampunk. Bringing SL Full scale Theatrical productions, Live musical performers, DJs of every genre, dances, Readers Theater, and much more. NLS Tardis and Eternity gate, Airship and train access.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fun 24/7 with Karaoke in World- Seersha Heart Reporting...

Karaoke in SL is a thriving and a vibrant activity.  There are many venues to consider as well as how to set up to participate.  You will find the singers have all levels of skill.  They are alike in one way, they are having fun.  A karaoke venue is never predictable or the same place two nights in a row.

I learned that for Karaoke, all paths lead to the~O~ Lounge.  SL Karaoke was born here.  The ~O~ recently celebrated nine years of operation which is incredible for any venue.  Nine years ago when Canipanic Maslow, the venue’s owner, wanted to bring karaoke to SL many wondered how he would do it.  Now that process is easy and anyone may go to the ~O~ Loungeand sing.  The ~O~ Loungemakes karaoke a community not just a TP stop.  This venue is supportive of other karaoke venues as those are part of the larger karaoke community that resonates out from the ~O~ Lounge.  The singers I see at the ~O~ lounge I have also seen at other venues and vice versa.  At the ~O~ their statement is very true “Singers come get discovered here, venue owners find your new talent here.”  The ~O~lounge is open 24/7.
There are several people who hit all the hot spots on a regular basis.  So much so that many of them have friendships that have lasted years.  Speaking to Canipanic Maslow I asked him who should sing karaoke.  He told me everybody.  He told me that he is “the guy” who, when he goes up to sing everyone realizes they can karaoke.  And he does, every night, gets up and sings a couple of songs.

The great thing I noticed about karaoke, is no matter how talented a person may or may not be everyone is supportive at the venues without exception.  I have listened to a lot of people sing over the past two weeks and I have heard quite a range of talent.  All having fun, all cheered after their song.  All types of people karaoke too.  I mean ~all~ types, men, women, animals, other characters.  There is one man who frequents the ~O~lounge who is a spiderman actively roleplaying his namesake while interacting with the regulars.  Some of the people sound like professional singers.  I was not surprised to watch a fox playing a guitar while singing.  You gotta love SL.

Another great Karaoke spot is Coastal Castaways Karaoke.  At Coastal they offer something special that most karaoke venues don’t have.  They have time when there is a host there 5-8 M/W/T/F 3-8 Sat/Sun specifically to help out patrons.  Their karaoke board is available other times there just isn’t a host available making this venue another one that is 24/7.  The owner, FaithFromund, runs things very smoothly there often participating herself.  It is a breezy open platform surrounded by palms and sand.  The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and laid back.  Everyone is always dancing and quick to offer the dance HUD to new comers.

Fireside Karaoke is frequently by many of the people you find at ~O~ Lounge and Coastal Castaways.  It is a popular stop to practice with taking over a stream and singing to a small audience.  The owner says “Practice, teach or just bring your friends and relax...but whatever you do ... SHUTUP AND SING!!”

Most of the karaoke venues support each other.  For example Canipanic Maslow maintains a music hall of fame boards & open mics places board with portals to twenty four different venues that have karaoke, open mic or both.  Cani keeps the board updated for closings and moves so it is always current.

There is a very clever club making the rounds at karaoke venues.  Maintained by Jeena Cyberstar the iKaraoke club is a definitely club to join.  The club is described by Jeena as:
“Love karaoke? Me too!! :) Let's have some fun! We're all a work in progress. This is a mobile karaoke community that finds and creates liveliness wherever we go. “
Jeena sends out a notice from the venue she is at so members of the club know where they may karaoke with a crowd.  This club is already 100 members strong.
If you know where to go you probably want to know how you can participate in karaoke. What do you need to sing?  You may sing in voice or using the stream.  Using the stream involves having your own broadcast software [many are free] as each person provides their own backup music.  One very popular is Butt [Broadcast using  this tool] and it can be used on PC or Mac.  I used Mixxx software on a Mac to pick up the stream.  You need the stream information for the venue you are visiting to input into your software then you are ready to go.  For your music, there are many sites with karaoke versions of your favorite songs.  Karafun is one place for pure karaoke type of music.
I definitely highly recommend the ~O~Lounge, Coastal Castaways, Fireside and the venues list on the Music Hall of Fame and Open Mic Board.  For a little more fun, try Jeena’s club to circulate with a group.

~O~ Lounge
Costal Castaways
Music Hall of Fame Boards & Open Mic [24 venues]