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Showing posts with label Karaoke. Show all posts

Friday, July 28, 2023

It's a Barbie Party and You're Invited! Saturday, July 29th 6pm SLT


WAP (We Are the Party Karaoke and Voice Hangout) has transformed into a big Barbie World! Come visit the sim and feel free to take photos as there are many pose ready doll boxes and props waiting for you! We have several Barbie Dream Houses, Barbie Yacht, Barbie Theater and multiple Barbie cars! Join us this Saturday for a night of fun starting at 6 pm SLT with DJ Noizy. Voice will still be activated during the event. We will have giveaways and paid trivia throughout the night! Karaoke will begin at 8 pm SLT! If you miss the party, Barbie World at WAP will be up for a few weeks! Join us!


Saturday, February 5, 2022

Valentine's Date Auction: Get or Get Gotten! Now Before February 8, 9PM SLT


Auction participants will take 60% of the profit and WAP Karaoke Hangout will receive 40 % of the profit for rent and other costs.The auction is for two hours of your time. You can find yourself a hot date, or you can volunteer to auction yourself and make some Linden, or BOTH! SPOTS ARE STILL OPEN. WAP will also host a Valentine's Day event on Saturday, Feb. 12 at 7 PM SLT as well. You may choose to bring your date to this event or any other agreed upon acitivity. The dating auction boards are located at WAP Karaoke & Voice Hangout.

Taxi WAP Karaoke & Voice Hangout Discord:

Monday, February 19, 2018

24-7 Karaoke in Second Life!

We do Karaoke here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Singers come get discovered here, venue owners find your new talent here. Always good live music 24/7 at the ~O~ LOUNGE. All languages welcome. Idiots welcome, snobs not. Open mic and voice.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Open Mic from 11 am to 1pm SLT at The Old Train Station- February 18th

Do you like to sing? Come to Open Mic and share you talent with others.

NEW PERFORMERS WELCOME, Venue Owners Welcome to scout for live peformers to add to your schedule!

Singers can sing 3 songs pass the mic. You can use your stream or ours.

This is always a fun event!! Come and perform or come to listen everyone is welcome

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fun 24/7 with Karaoke in World- Seersha Heart Reporting...

Karaoke in SL is a thriving and a vibrant activity.  There are many venues to consider as well as how to set up to participate.  You will find the singers have all levels of skill.  They are alike in one way, they are having fun.  A karaoke venue is never predictable or the same place two nights in a row.

I learned that for Karaoke, all paths lead to the~O~ Lounge.  SL Karaoke was born here.  The ~O~ recently celebrated nine years of operation which is incredible for any venue.  Nine years ago when Canipanic Maslow, the venue’s owner, wanted to bring karaoke to SL many wondered how he would do it.  Now that process is easy and anyone may go to the ~O~ Loungeand sing.  The ~O~ Loungemakes karaoke a community not just a TP stop.  This venue is supportive of other karaoke venues as those are part of the larger karaoke community that resonates out from the ~O~ Lounge.  The singers I see at the ~O~ lounge I have also seen at other venues and vice versa.  At the ~O~ their statement is very true “Singers come get discovered here, venue owners find your new talent here.”  The ~O~lounge is open 24/7.
There are several people who hit all the hot spots on a regular basis.  So much so that many of them have friendships that have lasted years.  Speaking to Canipanic Maslow I asked him who should sing karaoke.  He told me everybody.  He told me that he is “the guy” who, when he goes up to sing everyone realizes they can karaoke.  And he does, every night, gets up and sings a couple of songs.

The great thing I noticed about karaoke, is no matter how talented a person may or may not be everyone is supportive at the venues without exception.  I have listened to a lot of people sing over the past two weeks and I have heard quite a range of talent.  All having fun, all cheered after their song.  All types of people karaoke too.  I mean ~all~ types, men, women, animals, other characters.  There is one man who frequents the ~O~lounge who is a spiderman actively roleplaying his namesake while interacting with the regulars.  Some of the people sound like professional singers.  I was not surprised to watch a fox playing a guitar while singing.  You gotta love SL.

Another great Karaoke spot is Coastal Castaways Karaoke.  At Coastal they offer something special that most karaoke venues don’t have.  They have time when there is a host there 5-8 M/W/T/F 3-8 Sat/Sun specifically to help out patrons.  Their karaoke board is available other times there just isn’t a host available making this venue another one that is 24/7.  The owner, FaithFromund, runs things very smoothly there often participating herself.  It is a breezy open platform surrounded by palms and sand.  The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and laid back.  Everyone is always dancing and quick to offer the dance HUD to new comers.

Fireside Karaoke is frequently by many of the people you find at ~O~ Lounge and Coastal Castaways.  It is a popular stop to practice with taking over a stream and singing to a small audience.  The owner says “Practice, teach or just bring your friends and relax...but whatever you do ... SHUTUP AND SING!!”

Most of the karaoke venues support each other.  For example Canipanic Maslow maintains a music hall of fame boards & open mics places board with portals to twenty four different venues that have karaoke, open mic or both.  Cani keeps the board updated for closings and moves so it is always current.

There is a very clever club making the rounds at karaoke venues.  Maintained by Jeena Cyberstar the iKaraoke club is a definitely club to join.  The club is described by Jeena as:
“Love karaoke? Me too!! :) Let's have some fun! We're all a work in progress. This is a mobile karaoke community that finds and creates liveliness wherever we go. “
Jeena sends out a notice from the venue she is at so members of the club know where they may karaoke with a crowd.  This club is already 100 members strong.
If you know where to go you probably want to know how you can participate in karaoke. What do you need to sing?  You may sing in voice or using the stream.  Using the stream involves having your own broadcast software [many are free] as each person provides their own backup music.  One very popular is Butt [Broadcast using  this tool] and it can be used on PC or Mac.  I used Mixxx software on a Mac to pick up the stream.  You need the stream information for the venue you are visiting to input into your software then you are ready to go.  For your music, there are many sites with karaoke versions of your favorite songs.  Karafun is one place for pure karaoke type of music.
I definitely highly recommend the ~O~Lounge, Coastal Castaways, Fireside and the venues list on the Music Hall of Fame and Open Mic Board.  For a little more fun, try Jeena’s club to circulate with a group.

~O~ Lounge
Costal Castaways
Music Hall of Fame Boards & Open Mic [24 venues]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Open Mic Karaoke on McCoy Island 24/7

At McCoy Island the stage is all yours! Bring your friends and display your talents!  Just slap the info button and grab the note card from the Open Mic Board and run the show! Open mic / karaoke is available 24/7! Come be a star!

* retrieved from SL Events

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


From acoustic / electric performers to karaoke / open mic singers and DJ's, we have for you the perfect venue. Our relaxed bar with main stage, DJ booth and Jukebox, brings performers from all around Second Life.

We offer a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, come and join us, we would love to have you here.  Feel free to take to the stage or enjoy the music. Anyone interested in entertaining, please apply within.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Karaoke Venues in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

When you and a group of friends want to have some fun and sing along to some of your favourite songs I can think of no better place to do this than at a SL karaoke venue.
If you would like to do this in SL but never knew where to go, here are a few karaoke place I found.

McCoy Island – Karaoke
Open Mic- Open 24/7. A venue where you can show off your talents or just go to practice. It is also fun to just hang out and listen to some great performers!
The stream info is in the info tab on the performer board so you do not need any staff members to help you begin. It is simple to use.  McCoy Island is very nice venue where you and your friends can have some fun.

Red Box Karaoke, Timesquare, KL City
Red Box Karaoke is the most famous Karaoke in Malaysia. It offers guests the chance to enjoy singing in front of an audience which are fitted with complete musical instrument like a guitar, piano and beautiful lighting effect
The stage is set for you and the setting is perfect to make you feel like you are really a star performing.

J&K THEATRE hosts an OPEN MIC KARAOKE PARTY every SUNDAY from 3PM-5PM! Singers of all styles and skills can come out and sing on their lovely stage using their in-house stream. If you have your own songs and streaming software ready, then you can still have a fun time!

Karaoke ~O~ Lounge
You will find karaoke 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is said to be a venue where singers come get discovered and where venue owners find your new talent. Always good live music 24/7 at the ~O~ LOUNGE and the people are very friendly.

GRINDERS Live Music Entertainment, Karaoke
Here you will find live Music as well as Karaoke, Jukebox it is a good hangout Venue
Every day they have Karaoke for all to have fun with.  All genres, all styles, all levels of talent are welcomed. They also have voice and stream available so there is no excuse to not get up on stage and have a go.
Photo 5

There are so many karaoke venues for you and your friends to explore.  What are you waiting for?  TP to one or all of these venues and do some Karaoke!

Monday, May 5, 2014


“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” 

It has been brought to SLE’s attention that an SL Musician has been at verbal war via Facebook over a comment he made in regards to karaoke singers in Second Life. Freedom of expression is what allows us to speak our minds, particularly on social networks with today’s technology while receiving instant feedback. The only problem is in doing so, it opens the flood gates for others to voice their own opinions and ideas in agreement or against the comments being made.

 This particular incident has caused a verbal war of words between some musicians, Karaoke talents and fans alike who share the same entertainment circuit in the virtual world.
This type of social media friction is threatening what was once a thriving community of various talent who once supported each other in the name of music. Now it seems virtual rock-stardom has gotten to some heads and have shot up their ego way beyond  the atmosphere of rational virtual thinking. Could relationships between entertainers be resolved or will this feud continue and cause a collapse of support for SL music entertainment? Let’s not forget the fans as they are the ones who will ultimately decide.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who said you have to be a Rock Star to Perform in Second Life? Try Karaoke Bars in SL- Piers Diesel Reporting...

We all like to sing along to our favorite tunes while driving in the car, taking a shower or anywhere else we feel the need to belt out some notes. With music playing across the grid, you may find yourself singing along as you explore. 

 Take all that talent and do something with it!   Karaoke in Second Life is a popular past time to release that love of singing.

 Here are a few places where you can sing and have fun with friends.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Karaoke Time! - Tea Couturier Reporting...

In real life, karaoke is very popular. We love to sing to our favorite songs as if we actually are the original singers of the song and to perform in front of people is just an added bonus.

 I was pleased to see that like in real life we have karaoke in Second Life, we also have lots of venues for this activity.  If you like singing and always wanted to have a go at it in real life but could  not find the time or venue in your area, here is a chance for you to try it out!

 I have visited a few venues for you to try out. Most of them are 24/7 but if you want an audience the time of day will depend on that.