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Showing posts with label pediactrics. Show all posts

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Now Open - EverLove Maternity Clinic

Now open and servicing Second Life's Family Roleplay Community, Everlove Maternity Clinic strives to enhance your pregnancy experience through personal care and making each and every one of their clients feel like family.

Specializing in Mama Allpa and Hands on Mommy births, EverLove has several packages to meet each individual's personal needs (with payment plans available), as well as exclusive perks including a one of a kind Japanese Spa, customizable baby showers and more!

Offering 6 different birthing locations including Clinic Birth, VIP Suite, The Reef, The Waterfall, Homebirth, and a fully customizable option to make your birth the one of your dreams. Packages range from Mini Births, which includes intake and birth only to a no holds bar VIP package including photography, lamaze and massage.

At Everlove, care doesn't stop at birth. They take pride in offering two months of postpartum checks for both mommy and baby. This service they feel is one that is priceless- making sure mommies and babies are adjusting well after birth.  

Hit up Lydia at your consultation for a photography package that offers both pregnancy third-trimester photos as well as family photos following your birth.  Also offering a 45 minute Therapeutic Third Trimester Prenatal Massage and soak specializing in facilitating the comfort, health, and relaxation of their expectant mothers as well as an interactive, hands-on Lamaze-based comprehensive childbirth class to build your confidence, educate you about your options, partner participation and to empower you to have the safest, most satisfying birth experience. Don't forget to also check out the breastfeeding class to help answer any and all your questions from how to get your partner more involved to helping your baby latch better.

What makes EverLove different from the rest, you might ask?  The ladies that run it:

Dr. Ghostie Antwoord has been working as a midwife and doctor in SL for over two years!  With a true passion for roleplay combined with her RL medical experience as well as a deep love of family, Dr. Ghostie brings so much to the SL pregnancy experience, such as knowledge, love, humor, sass, fun and attention to detail. Dr. Ghostie considers it an honor and privilege to be a part of every client's pregnancy. Customizing her care for each mother to be, she will always go above and beyond to make your pregnancy memorable. Dr. Ghostie cares so much for every patient she sees that her clients constantly keep coming back for more.

By her side you will find Lydia Fairmount- midwife.  With two years maternity experience in SL and over 20 years of medical experience in RL- Lydia brings compassion to her work as well a cheer and love for all who she calls her friends.  Taking her patients not only as clients but making them too feel as family.  Lydia also carries with her credits as experience in pregnancy massage, lamaze classes and breastfeeding education to her clients.  Giving her clients the best and most realistic care in SL is what Lydia strives for each and every day.

Dr. Ghostie and Lydia built their clinic on the expectations that they as mothers themselves would want and expect with pregnancy and birth.  With the love and care that each of them bring to the table, each and every client becomes not only a name on a file, but a member of the EverLove family. Come check out EverLove Maternity Clinic today and make your pregnancy one to remember!




Dr. Ghostie Antwoord (Ghostie Wildmist)

Lydia (LydiaFairmount Resident)