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Showing posts with label realistic avatars. Show all posts

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Project Bento promises better customization of avatars in Second Life - Camury Reporting

Get ready for the biggest changes that have already happened with the avatars in Second Life in years.
The changes will come with Project Bento that adds more than 90 bones to avatars. That will allow interesting and discreet increases in facial expressions, better articulation to the fingers, movements for wings and tails and other improvements impossible or too complex to be made before the arrival of the project.

Many designers have been invited to test the new developments that will soon be available to SL users.
The changes that will occur with the addition of the new bone structure to the Second Life avatar skeleton, will allow more options for customizing avatars.
Find out which bones are about to be added:
  •  30 bones to improve the facial expressions;
  •  30 bones to allow the movement of fingers (all ten fingers);
  •  11 bones to improve the movement of extra members like: wings, extra legs, or additional arms;
  •  6 bones to enhance the movement of the tail;
  • 13 new attachment points associated with the new bones that will allow improvement of the movements.

The Linden Lab in a note on the Project Bento says that will consider value, personalization and investments that are made by the users of Second Life on their avatars. They promise to balance the improvements and compatibility. The new changes will allow avatars to a new set of expressions and incredible movements which will allow the use of much more creativity to the composition of the avatars.

The changes introduced by Bento avatar skeleton designs are not yet final and are being tested for the opinion of designers and users. You can also participate and discuss the changes brought about by  Project Bento. For these discussions Linden Lab created the Creation Forum that is available at:


The designers and users can also experience the changes offered by the Bento Project. For this, you need to download this viewer:

After the conclusion of SL skeleton extensions, Linden Lab will allow uploads so that the avatars can be used in the main Second Life network. So soon we will see on the virtual universe more sophisticated avatars than ever.

Some designers request resources from Linden Lab, to be able to already upload a  Project Bento skeleton rigged mesh "avatar", and then rez it in-world put it together with a script / animation, and watch how it works. This feature would enable more realistic creatures that are far less taxing on the viewer/land/etc.

So if you see an articulated and very realistic creature walking through Second Life, do not be alarmed, it is the Project  Bento in action.