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Showing posts with label research. Show all posts

Thursday, June 17, 2021

CREATIONS PARK GOES "BACK TO THE FUTURE" - Charity Event for Team Fox Parkinson's Research-June 1-August 1

This summer, Creations Park is offering a totally new experience to celebrate its 10th year of raising funds for Team Fox.   Over the space of 2 months, visitors can immerse themselves in Hill Valley, the iconic town square featured in the original "Back to the Future" movie.

Michael J Fox, who starred in the movie was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 29. He established his foundation in 2000 and Team Fox has since become the largest non-profit funder of Parkinson's Disease research in the world, having funded more than $1 billion in research programs to date.  

Creations Park was founded in 2011 by Barbie Alchemi and her mother Fran Seranade; not only to raise funds for Team Fox but to shed a light on Parkinson's Disease and provide information and support for the individuals whose lives it touched.  Over the last 10 years, over 500K USD has been raised in SL through their work for the charity.   This year also marks the 60th birthday of Michael J Fox so a double celebration was in order.

The entire town square of Hill Valley has been carefully recreated on a special parcel for visitors.  Within this space, there will be a special sales event with retro themes, 1950s music and dance, an exclusive Mini-Hunt, and a photography competition with a 1000L prize.  There will also be an "Enchantment Under the Sea" prom dance on the 9th of June held in the newly refurbished Savoy Ballroom.

"We hope that visitors will enjoy themselves dressing up and feeling like they are really a part of the time period, or even as if they are in the movie."

Contact:  Aura Fitzgerald-Stormcrow (Auricrose Resident)


Start Date: 1st June 2021

End Date: 1st August 2021

Thursday, March 4, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 6th March at noon SLT: Forbidden research! Should we ban dangerous research?


Nowadays we are at the forefront of a lot of really scary research.  AI, GenTech, Nanotech.  But it could get even scarier with research into time travel, black holes, cloning, brain modification, biological weapons, aging.  Should some research or the funding for some research be banned?

Should some past research have been banned?  Research into nuclear weapons perhaps? Or space research?

Should we set up a board of censors that would decide whether research would be allowed?  Would banning research actually work?

Or do you think all research should be allowed, always?

Come and discuss that thing that should not be discussed.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

SL Newser: "Jamm for Genes" Raises Over 300,000 Lindens

Last weekend, the "Jamm for Genes" event raised over 300,000 Lindens. From 10PM Thursday (Aug 2) to close to Midnight on Sunday evening (Aug 5), live musicians performed for the Australian charity at three different clubs, one at a time. On late Thursday, "Lacy's Place" in the Sasha sim started the action. Just as the events there began to wind down 22 hours later, at 8PM the musicians at "The Pocket" at Cassandra began playing.

Read more here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Losing weight the Second Life Way

Ok, so we all know that we can do almost everything in SL that we can do in the real world and guess what, that includes losing weight apparently.

In 2009 Celeste DeVaneax the Sr. IT Manager, Support & Deployment and Creative Director of Club One Island, at Club One, one of the premier fitness club networks in California opened Club One Fitness in Second Life.

Why did she do it? According to Celeste “ There are so many barriers to successful weight management, and most of these barriers have nothing to do with the actual biological process of losing or maintaining weight and everything to do with the psychological barriers. These barriers can include feelings of resistance and fear to a multitude of things, real or imagined. All those negative feelings we experience when we think about losing weight, or eating more healthily, or working out, prevent us from getting started or staying motivated, and from being successful. This project goes beyond the usual weight loss tools and activities and addresses those psychological barriers in a virtual environment.”

Celeste is further quoted as saying “The mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.” Research and experience have proven this to be true time and again. Consider the experience of visiting a beach: the setting sun, the ocean waves, the distant call of sea gulls crying, will change the physical state of most people, generally resulting in a mood of relaxation. Technology has developed to the point of allowing us the option of visiting that relaxing beach every day, just by doing so virtually. I will agree that visiting a virtual beach is not exactly the same experience as visiting a physical beach. However, the mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, and a virtual beach is close enough to the real thing to cause psychological and physiological changes in the visitor.”

And now it appears that there are some results available from research done on this programme.

Participants in two 12-week weight loss programmes – one real and one online – lost similar amounts of weight.

Indiana University researchers told a conference that confidence and motivation built in the virtual gym continued in normal life. A UK psychologist said mixing online and real world support might work best.

Dr Jeanne Johnston, who led the study which was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference in Denver, worked in partnership with Club One Island to devise a weight loss programme. Overweight and obese people were recruited to take part in either this programme, or a similar programme delivered more conventionally in a face-to-face setting. Both courses involved four hours a week at meetings either in Second Life or the real world.

Most of those taking part were women, with an average age of 46 in the Second Life programme, and 37 in the face-to-face group and over the 12-week period, both groups achieved similar weight loss – losing 10 pounds on average.

However, when the groups were surveyed on whether their overall behaviour had changed, those using Second Life appeared to have made more changes towards healthy eating and physical activity, suggesting that they might fare better in the future.

Dr Johnston said: “It’s counter-intuitive; the idea of being more active in a virtual world, but the activities that they do in a virtual world can carry over into the real world. The virtual world programme was at least as beneficial as the face-to-face programme, and in some ways, more effective. It has the potential to reach people who normally wouldn’t go to a gym or join a programme because of limitations, such as time or discomfort with a fitness centre environment.”

Dr Jeff Breckon, a researcher in exercise psychology at Sheffield Hallam University, said that there might be a role for virtual support of this type. He said: “There is still evidence that one-to-one sessions can lead to successful outcomes. There may be a place for this, perhaps as an adjunct to these sessions, rather than a replacement.”

Club One Fitness Center in SL is a stunning facility. It takes the form of a fully functional RL gym, with all the amenities. It is certainly worth a visit.

So there we have it fine people of SL no excuses now, time to get with the programme and lose those unwanted pounds!!


If you want further information contact Celestse at

Information taken from: BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation