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Showing posts with label sarah elisabeth. Show all posts

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Help me save the World-sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just a little bit into a new decade, and call me a dreamer, but I was under the impression that the problems facing many people and the World would suddenly disappear when the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2020. Boy was I wrong. But do I think that this whole new decade is now destined to be like all of its predecessors? It depends as to whether or not, we, as a society, can change our attitudes on certain things. Let me explain.

You see, as a community, we have the ability to change the World for the better or for the worse. In some aspects, we have made some amazing strides in our society, such as improvements in science and better access for education on a global scale. But, it is my belief that a few of the thoughts that we still have are casting a shadow on our accomplishments. What are these ideas, you ask? Why don’t we examine them one by one, shall we?

Right now, our World is so divided due to politics and religious practices. I have just one question: Why can’t we just respect each-other’s views, as long as they don’t condone harm to anyone, including themselves? This my friend is what we call tolerance. Not to be confused with acceptance, which we will talk about in just a moment, but tolerance is simply being considerate of people who are different than you. If tolerance was practiced by everyone, society would be well on its way to healing.

Now, let’s discuss acceptance. We, as humans, are social creatures by nature. But, in order for one to be social, you must be made included by at least a few people. Now, this is where the current problem of trying to be accepted by others starts. Over the last few years, people have gone to great lengths in the attempt to make others like them. With that being said, I am curious as to what it’s going to take for people to start to value the uniqueness that each and every person in this World has. It is my hope that it doesn’t take a tragic event for society to begin to accept people for exactly who they are and relish in the benefits of someone’s individuality.

While 2020 didn’t start the way that I thought it would, I still have hope that the community can make the changes needed in their behavior to make this decade the best the World has ever seen. Because after all, if we don’t have hope, then what do we have? So, I am counting on all of you to do your part. I will be doing mine.