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Showing posts with label scond life. Show all posts

Monday, June 29, 2020

SLE Scoop: Did you know Wolfie Moonshadow has a brother who sings in RL and is doing big things? Check him out and share with your friends!

Second Life never ceases to amaze me when I come across tidbits of awesome news that connects us whether it be in Second or the real world.

Recently Wolfie Moonshadow who just celebrated 10 years in Second Life, revealed in The Wolf Pack group that he has a brother doing big things in RL. SLE has known Wolfie since his virtual beginnings as a wide eyes talented noob with high energy and drive to share his passion for music. Today he ranks in the top best entertainers in Second Life.
Wolfie’s announcement came as a surprise and SLE just had to share it with SLE fans!

Jesse De La Rosa is not in Second Life but let's try to get his attention and maybe he might bring his talent to the virtual stage. Jesse is the lead singer of a great new Gibraltarian rock band called "Escape"; boasting an array of great musicians with Manuel Bonavia (Guitars), Nathan McCarthey (Guitars), Martin Figueras (Drums) & Mark Downs (Bass). Wolfie tells us, all the members of the band are very talented experienced musicians in Gibraltar and are extremely excited with the launch of their first single, 'Holy War' (co-written by Jesse De La Rosa). It has been well received by fans and been played on a few radio stations in Europe and a couple in the US.

Last year, they had an opportunity to perform on the Main Stage of MTV's Gibraltar Calling festival as one of the local opening acts to Enrique Iglesias, Liam Gallgher and Rick Astley. This festival was televised and then aired all around Europe so it had already got them some interest and bookings at festivals in Germany and Russia. All their work and launch of their first single was halted due to COVID but are doing all they can to get their single out so everyone can have a listen.

Check him out and feel free to share with your friends. Let's get this band heard!
YouTube: Escape - Holy War 'First Single' -

Performing at MTV's Gibraltar Calling Festival 2019:
Rock You Like A Hurricane -

Wolfie Moonshadow

Monday, June 24, 2019

Come on over and see the newly renovated and relocated Willuna BDSM Resort and Danafor Entertainment.

Come on over and see the newly renovated and relocated Willuna BDSM Resort and Danafor Entertainment.

 With the move, we are focused on building a community of like minded individuals who like to enjoy themselves in SL in a drama free environment. For those looking for BDSM, we have a house filled with equipment of various natures and a teleport to a dungeon, if you feel like locking up your subs. 

For those who are just looking for somewhere to get away, we have an amazing day spa where you can come with a friend and be pampered for the day. Alternatively, you may want to enjoy a game or two. We offer a wide variety of games to play including a bowling alley. Don't see something you like? Send a message to management and we will look into it :) We look forward to seeing you all there :)