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Showing posts with label second futbol. Show all posts

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Second Futbol: Play SL Soccer at Jericho Hill Sports Complex and join the Fun!

Hey Second Life Community, 
Want to play soccer in Second life and meet new people from around the world?

  Teleport to Jericho Hill Sports Complex and join the fun!
We are open  24h/7  and invite you to create a funmatch with your friends or with other people who love to play with the soccer system.
Get the latest news about our soccer system by joining our group!
The complete system is free, you can get both the field player and the goal keeper HUDs 
Also, you can soon create your lovely soccer club team and your preferred national team without any cost! 
 join us every Sunday for a Massive Soccer Funmatch! 
Important links
for more information contact us 
Maier13 Ivanovic & Soobek Hyx
See you on the field!