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Showing posts with label super model. Show all posts

Friday, December 6, 2013

Life and Times of a Second Life(c) Super Model Ms Carley Benazzi-Tea Couturier Reporting...

Life as a model in SL(c) can be as long as you want it to be. Just like real life, the more experience and respect you gain in the industry, the easier it  gets to attract the big fashion houses in SL.

In the past, SL had models and Super models. Just as RL super models modelled for the big fashion houses in SL and were always first choice when work was needed such a print or runway. Their names and reputation in the industry became renowned and you would recognize them by their names instantly as a super model.
There are still a few SL super models around who are now part of the SL industry, still renowned for their contribution to the modelling world. 

One model in particular is Carley Benazzi.

 I was fortunate to have a chance to chat with her between photo shoots for a well-known fashion label.