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Showing posts with label vortice41. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Club Simple Paradise is a Beautiful Place with a Magnificent View

Club Simple Paradise opened it's doors just 4 month ago. It is one of the newer establishments on the grid but the people like new places to explore. Club Simple Paradise is an outdoor club with a romantic night sky shining from above. 
The atmosphere is enchanting with lovely and heart warming decor. To set the mood for couples, a restaurant with tables settings for 2 await you around the dance floor.If you would like to cuddle in the arms of your significant other, there are seating areas around the venue and dance floor for guests to lounge around and chat.
C.S.P. is open daily from 6 am SLT until 4pm SLT with a DJ who set the tone with great music genres from all around the world. The Music genre ranges from romantic, slow, jazz,disco, pop, rock, trance, name it..we play it. All are welcome to make requests or dedications. All DJs are experienced with more then 3 year spinning in the most popular clubs in Second Life.

Club owner & Founder Isabella is a European lady who takes gret pride in her venue. Her goal is to provide a calm relaxing atmosphere for all who wants a relaxing time with their friend, family and loved ones.

Club Simple Paradise is hiring new Staff, Host & DJs to make the family Gown. 
If you are interested in being part of our staff, contact Isabella (vortice41)

We look forward to meeting you! 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Club Simple Paradise has Reached its First Month in Second Life.

Many people have come to visit in our first month and were happy with the place because it is simple, relaxing and different with so many things to do.

At Simple Paradise Club you can have fun during our parties every Wednesday and Friday from 10 am until 2/4 p.m. 

Guests who come here can find moments of peace or a break from work. Enjoy our swimming pool with a bar surrounded by sun loungers where you can relax, close your eyes and shed the frenzy of everyday life.

Simple Club Paradise also has a restaurant with elegant tables decorated for a romantic date. There you can have a first, a second and finally a dessert all accompanied by champagne. Following a date, couples can have a romantic dance while listening to the music.

This is Simple Paradise... just a place for a simple "getaway."

We are now hiring DJs and hosts! Contact Isabella (Vortice41)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Club on The Grid: Club Simple Paradise

About us:
At Club Simple Paradise you can dance with our Djs, have a romantic date in a private spaces (two tables) with dining and couple dance. You can also have a relaxing breakfast or bask in the sun at the border pool.

We are Hiring!
Djs& Hosts

 If you are interested send an Im or Note card  to Isabella (Vortice41).

Take a tour today and discover your new chill spot