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Showing posts with label relaxation. Show all posts

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Lost Gardens of Apollo is an Official Historical Landmark in Second Life(c) - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In the beginning of virtual worlds, Second Life quickly became a popular online platform for VR enthusiasts  from all over the world. In Second Life’s infancy, the building tools and options were primitive but the most exciting part about it was free will on a global platform.  By 2005, the community was flourishing. Creators filled the grid with lush foliage, parks, beautiful beaches, role play communities, shops, products, services and venues of every genre. It was a time of exploration and creativity.

Dane Zander was a new resident at this time. While exploring, he realized the adult industry was starting to taint the landscape. He wanted a virtual home away from sex venues that he could call his sanctuary; a place of love.  It inspired him to create a relaxing escape, away from the busy side of SL and based on the story of Apollo and Hyacinth.

Day in and day out he worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life after discovering he could create anything he wanted. It became an obsession. His friends were so impressed they suggested he open it up to the public and that’s when The Lost Gardens of Apollo was born.

For over a decade, explorers and lovers from near and far have visited The Lost Gardens of Apollo, even getting married there.  Today it is a Historical Landmark, reopened by Linden Lab to protect its history.

Interview with LGOA creator Dane Zander

SLE: What was your inspiration for The Gardens of Apollo? I've been here so many times through the years. What a peaceful and beautiful place.

Dane Zander: Apollo and Hyacinth... the story at least inspired the naming some of the places on Apollo. I had a full sim on the mainland. The Tuvan sim, well ... all the land on it. I had that fully built up, but lacked the controls and ban opportunities etc. Anshe Chung was getting big at that time and she had a few of the new, still rare private islands so I asked her. I knew she was hot for my mainland sim and we traded. She got Tuvan, I got "sex palms...whatever island"... a flat, utterly empty sand bank.

SLE: Were you a builder starting out here?

Dane Zander: Just small time. I realized I might be in over my head... it was  completely overwhelming. I then started building, trial and error... once I realized I could make anything exactly how I wanted it to be, it became an obsession. I was online three weeks building and hardly slept at all. It was madness! But very rewarding.

SLE: The Gardens of Apollo is a beautiful place to visit. The details show your hard work and dedication.  I see it as an escape from the busy world of sl and rl.

Dane Zander: Thank you! I believe that love is stronger than any other emotion and I wanted to create a place to enable love and serenity to flourish.

SLE: It is.  If more people allowed that to be their guiding light, the world would be a better place.

Dane Zander: I agree.  At the time, SL was far smaller, less regulated and you often came across porn and whatnot all over. I found that taxing so I thought we needed a place free from that. Somewhere to just explore, meditate, date and dance.

SLE: Did you have a partner to enjoy all this with over the years?  I only ask because every long time lovers in SL have touched these grounds at one point or another.

Dane Zander: I had Sean Hadlee as a Second Life partner - also personal assistant, Senior Estate Manager and my rescue line in all cases. He is German and lives in Berlin. We are still close friends IRL.

SLE: Did you build all this together?

Dane Zander: No, I built this.  He was my very capable assistant and scripter, in all manners of logistics and everything else practical.

SLE: How did you get people to visit LGOP?

Dane Zander: I didn't.  Originally it was simply my own place but friends wanted me to open it to the public so I did and people came - I suppose by word of mouth. I never thought this place could become so popular but somehow people liked it enough to tell their friends and to come back themselves :)

SLE: Rightfully so! Has anyone gotten married here? This is a perfect setting for celebrating love

Dane Zander: I eventually did many marriages, yes. It’s a lot of work setting that up. I still have the whole wedding scenarios in inventory! :)

SLE: What about other events?

Dane Zander: Quite a few - R. R. Martin did readings here and at a number of other sims through Bantam Books before he got all GOT famous. He was kind and generous with his limited time here..

SLE: that’s very cool! With the popularity of The Gardens of Apollo has Linden Labs taken interest in it?

Dane Zander: LL had kept a full backup and reopened the sim as a Historic Sim. Now I am under contract with them and gladly so. The sim simply hadn't reopened without them!

SLE: What does that mean for you?

Dane Zander: It means I supervise the sim,  and it means the sim is open for now. I don't decide for how long, but I will service it for as long as I can, which is for as long as LL decide to keep it open.

SLE:  What a wonderful story of a vision turning into a virtual world historical site. Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Dane Zander: No.  nothing except they are welcome as always - and well... that is it a G-rated region/sim for dating, meeting friends, meditating, dancing and relaxing. Not a place for sex - there is a whole Adult continent for that! ;)

SLE: congratulations to you Dane on such a great accomplishment in SL.  We understand that you are a busy man and we thank you so much for taking the time to give us the backstory and also for your sacrifice in giving us this beautiful place to share with love.

The Lost Gardens of Apollo

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Enjoy the End of Summer in Sceond Life! - Camury Reporting

Looking for something to do in Second Life for the end of summer? It is still time to take advantage of the hottest season of the year. So get out and have fun! Click for some fun activities for your fun and memorable summer. This year, discover new places, try new adventures. There is nothing like enjoying Second Life beaches - clean water, fresh air and the sound of the breeze in the trees. For those hot summer days, take time to relax. Here are some beaches to visit this summer. We've put together some of the best spots for you to have fun. Do not forget the sunscreen!

Secret Beach
Come surf and relax in this tropical paradise of white sands and blue skies! At Secret Beach you can lie down, relax, have fun with friends, make new ones or hug someone special at one of the many romantic spots. Enjoy to make friends with the tanned bachelors who sunbathe in naturel. Then you will love the Secret Beach, the luxury naturist beach and, who knows, start a new romance! Shhh! Its a secret!!
Maturity Setting: Adult

Baja Shore
Come to this beach and discover a romantic scene for you and your significant other. Take a look at this wonderful SIM, full of incredible panoramic views and wonders of nature. Breathe in the fresh air and relax on the fine white sands of this natural and romantic beach. Browse, stroll along the coast, or simply relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on this nostalgic retro beach. Explore with friends or loved ones this romantic photogenic beach. Do not forget your camera so you can take home some photographic memories of your visit!
Maturity Setting: Moderate

Cape San Blas Beach
If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful beach to relax, Cape San Las Beach is the place to be. The beach is inspired by the charms of Florida's small town and seaside, landscaping and cottage style homes are chosen to evoke simpler days of the past. The beach at Cabo San Blas caters to ocean and nature-loving surfers who enjoy admiring the pristine sand dunes and wildlife on the serene Gulf Coast.
Maturity Setting: Moderate

Come and enjoy the beach and the waves in a great setting. Enjoy the evening breeze, the rich smell of the forest, the powerful and silent sea and all the imagination and comfort you can bring to your eyes and senses. Take a tour, listen to music or the sounds of nature and the environment, find hidden treasures and secrets. Let time run slowly for you.
Maturity Setting: Moderate

Lake Templeton Beach
Stroll through the blue waters and walk on white sand beach on Templeton Lake - a perfect place to relax and hang out with family and friends. This SIM is a community beach open to visitors. Enjoy relaxing on the beach or explore this region, where you will have the opportunity to explore the open waters of nine.
Maturity Setting: General

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome to Arcadia Where Spirituality is a Staple of the Community- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Arcadia is a new community on the grid that focuses on spirituality, group discussions, relaxation in a beautiful environment and where your beliefs matter. As a participatory community, Arcadia’s philosophy includes respect for other’s rights and do not force beliefs on others. They welcome anyone who wishes to be part of a community of like-minded people who just seek peace in a virtual environment.

The SL Enquirer met up with Ava (avaline.decuir) to learn more about Arcadia.

Interview with Ava (avaline.decuir)

SLE: Hi Ava, can you tell us about Arcadia’s philosophy, how long it has been in Second Life  and how it differs from other virtual world communities that are based on religion?

Ava: Arcadia the group is new to Second Life. The island it is on however, we have held for over 4 years. We have built the environment lovingly to represent peace and oneness with nature.

SLE: The Guardians of Arcadia Group is where Arcadia community members can come together and freely discuss topics. Can anyone join or is it by invitation only?

Ava: Anyone can join. There is a noticeboard at the main house with a poster that can be clicked to join the group

SLE: How often are there discussions and what type of things do you cover?

Ava:At the moment we have discussions 3 – 4 times a week but that is expanding day by day. We run groups for meditation, Tarot, storytelling, general discussion and encounter.

The general discussions cover topics such as trust, belief, hope etc.

The encounter groups are of two types. One is open, where people can come and vent about things in Second Life or their real life. We don’t judge and we don’t need to know details about your RL, it is just a place to let go of burdens. The other type of encounter group is closed and each one contains approximately 6 members. These people meet privately on a regular basis and come to know each other deeply. The private groups will listen to member’s problems, hopes wishes and dreams and offer support to each other. It is important for the private groups to trust each other that is why they are invitation only.

The story telling groups will depend on the facilitator. Some groups may have the facilitator tell a story each week while others may take it in turns to tell a story. Then there is a notecard collaborative story group. This one is interesting. One person starts a story and sends the card to a random member of the group. That person may add to or alter the story or simply pass it on to someone else. And so the card moves around to everyone in the group until the story is complete.

We are also talking to a gestalt therapist who may run a gestalt group and another astronomer who might run a group all about astronomy. We are looking for someone to run a group on astrology as well.

SLE:  Arcadia has a very calming feel to it and the ambient music is relaxing. What type of things can visitors do there?

Ava: We have a lot of places where people can sit (using cushions or pose balls) and enjoy the area. Of course they can join in with groups as well. We have several lovely places where people can use dance pose balls as well. We also have 4 gypsy caravans that people may rent if they would like to have their own spot on the island.

SLE: Do you offer housing for Arcadia community members?

Ava: Yes we have 4 gypsy caravans available for rent and are in the process of building some skyboxes as well.

SLE: What type of events do you host and how often?

Ava: We are planning to hold regular beach parties with a dj. We have one on Sunday 1st May at 1.30 pm. We are planning some solar and lunar events with small rituals. Other than that our main focus is on the group activities for now.

SLE: Are you hiring or accepting guardians?

Ava: Yes we have several different roles that we are looking for people to fill. Guardians are those who are moderators to deal with the day to day issues that occur in any SL space. Ambassadors meet and greet visitors as well as talk about Arcadia wherever they go, so they are social people. Facilitators run group sessions. It is important to understand that roles don’t indicate a hierarchy. Our ideal is for all members to be equal and have an equal say.

SLE: Is there anything  else you would like to share with our readers about Arcadia?

Ava: We are excited about the potential for Arcadia. We want it to be an inclusive community that has something for everyone.

Additional Information
 Group: secondlife:///app/group/af5f9e1f-7535-e90f-0108-dbf9cfcf2f32/about
Preferred contact: Avaline Decuir and Darren Islar

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Club Simple Paradise has Reached its First Month in Second Life.

Many people have come to visit in our first month and were happy with the place because it is simple, relaxing and different with so many things to do.

At Simple Paradise Club you can have fun during our parties every Wednesday and Friday from 10 am until 2/4 p.m. 

Guests who come here can find moments of peace or a break from work. Enjoy our swimming pool with a bar surrounded by sun loungers where you can relax, close your eyes and shed the frenzy of everyday life.

Simple Club Paradise also has a restaurant with elegant tables decorated for a romantic date. There you can have a first, a second and finally a dessert all accompanied by champagne. Following a date, couples can have a romantic dance while listening to the music.

This is Simple Paradise... just a place for a simple "getaway."

We are now hiring DJs and hosts! Contact Isabella (Vortice41)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Beautifying Treatments in SL. Use your Imagination and Relax.- CeciliaRosalie Reporting...

In the real world, spa days and beautifying treatments are a way to pamper ourselves and just ease tension. In Second Life we can also experience relaxation with a virtual pampering.

My inspiration comes from one morning that was extremely hot and I thought how good and refreshing a spa treatment would feel. I had logged into Second Life and my mind was drawn to SL’s slogan, “your world your imagination.”

That was it ! In the name of virtual reality I wondered what it would be like to have the same pampering amenities as there are in the real world.  It isn’t all about the hands on massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. In avatar form, our minds can use some calming as well.

I started searching for spas in Second Life. I found one place that offered what I was looking for.

Beau Mermaid is the most realistic spa I’ ve ever seen in Second Life. It consists of three floors of amenities. You can tour the facility easily by using the elevator.
On the ground floor you will find: the nail salon for manicures and pedicures.

Next you’ll find a hair salon where you can have your hair styled, including treatments.

Moving on to the 1st floor you will find yourself in the changing rooms one for ladies and one for gentlemen. There you get your towels and robes and yet you can have a quick shower.

Okay okay! You caught me I won’t hide from youJ I really enjoyed myself at the sauna while I was doing this article 

There’s also a massage room where you can get group or single virtual massages!
If that isn’t enough to relax and beautify your avatar, Beau Mermaid also offers group yoga classes and Zumba twice a week!

Last but not least there’s a modern fully equipped gym to use for free. 
You may be wondering how this is all possible. Just bring your imagination, your friends or even make it a unique date with your significant other!
For more information and pricing, teleport here

Have fun!!!!