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Showing posts with label wedding services. Show all posts

Friday, August 12, 2016

Spotlight on Everlasting- A Sim Featuring Everlasting Love Wedding Services and Latitude Landing Romantic Waterfront Dining at its Best in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In Second life there are plenty of breathtaking landscapes to explore and a variety of activities that cater to many interests. For those looking for the perfect place to say your “I Do’s” or go on a romantic date, Everlasting Sim is the place to go.
Owned and operated by єσηα (leona.kitty) and Lizzybright who brought their business expertise together to bring residents of Second Life a full service sim.  Lizzybright is a Wedding Service provider offering not only on Sim full service weddings but off sim wedding services as well.  єσηα is a live full service restaurant owner who caters to romantic dinners, business lunches, family dinners, special events, catering, pretty much anything you can think of. She will cater to your specific needs and will bring your special RP dining experience to life.
Another exciting event coming  is The new TV Station OffBeat has asked єσηα to be the primary sponsor for their new dating show "Heart to Heart" which means all dates will come to Latitude Landing Restaurant and be filmed!
The SL Enquirer met up with єσηα (leona.kitty) to learn more about Everlasting Sim

Interview with єσηα (leona.kitty) and Lizzybright

Wedding Venues and Restaurants have been in Second Life since its early days.  They are a great for, of course, getting married as well as gatherings with friends or spending some private time with your significant other while involving some role-play for authenticity. What inspired Latitude Landing Restaurant and Everlasting Love Wedding Services and what makes it unique from other romantic venue locations in Second Life?

єσηα: I grew up in the "theme park" industry and my work ethic is all about providing exceptional guest service every time. So I wanted to bring that into SL and incorporate that into something that I thought was a great idea. I have seen so many couples meet in Second Life over the years and some go on to real life relationships. But during those times they live states or even countries apart, why not provide them with the most realistic dating experience possible?
Lizzybright: I have always wanted to do weddings in SL and creativity is one of my strongest suits. I love to make people happy and what better way to do all of that than custom weddings? I believe that Everlasting Love Weddings is unique because we really go above and beyond to make every single wedding unique and totally customized so it is not like any other wedding.

When was Everlasting Sim established and what type of  services do you offer your guests?

єσηα: Although we both have several years of experience in what we do, we each launched our businesses in March of 2016. We ended up meeting in July and chose to join forces and bring both businesses to one sim and work with each other in August. The greatest thing about both of our businesses is that we personalize the experience to meet the guest’s requests. Down to the flowers, fireworks, candles, banners, music... you name it, we provide it! We both seem to run off of the same ethics and focus on the best guest service you can imagine.

How long does the role-play experience normally last?

єσηα: A typical dinner usually lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. But again, we personalize each experience and if we have guests that want to go faster or slower, we will accommodate.
Lizzybright: A wedding can last as little as 15 minutes but the planning that goes behind it is where we really become involved in the process. We can realistically plan a wedding in a day but prefer to have a few weeks so we can have time to add all of those special touches.

What are the options you have available?

єσηα: We currently have tables set up for 2 or 4 guests in private gazebos. We also have an indoor area for larger parties or business meetings. As well we do Special events and catering, such as wedding rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, office luncheons, birthday parties.... really any occasion you can think of and again, we personalize the entire experience and set up to the guests needs.
Lizzybright: We have 6 different Wedding Packages for couples to choose from as well as Additional Services. And even with the purchase of a wedding package we still make sure that we assist the couple the best we can by making everything as customizable as possible. We also offer over 20 wedding venues and do custom builds as requested.

Do guest have to make a reservation to experience the full experience at Everlasting Sim?

єσηα: While we do highly recommend reservations, if a server is available, we can accommodate walk ins. Guests will typically purchase a gift card for the dinner of their choice (2 or 4 guests) and then fill out a reservation request card and drop that in our mailbox. We get back to them within 24 hours to confirm. But again, if the guest is a walk in, they can check our online indicators to see if we have an available server online. During holidays we suggest reservations to reserve the table.
Lizzybright: We do have the capability to do a walk in “Elopement” if the correct staff members are available. But yes of course we need a guest to book in advance so we can have the proper time to plan and put together a dream wedding.

What are your hours of Operation and who can guests contact for reservations?

єσηα: We do not have set hours of operation as we understand that people from all over the world are in Second Life. This is why we do our best to hire servers from all time zones and have their online indicators set up to help guests at any time, day or night. As well, we have Management online indicators up as well. There are very few times you will not find at least a few of us online.
Lizzybright: No set hours of operation and we have the ability to do a wedding anytime, day or night. We have online indicators set up so guests can contact us at any time.

What are the packages you offer and pricing? Do they include a tip?

єσηα: We currently only have 2 basic dinner packages. Each are three course meals. (For a party of 2 $500L and For a party of 4 $900L) The dinner packages do not include a tip so we respectfully ask that the guests take care of their servers.
Lizzybright: We have 6 Wedding Packages that range from $2000L up to $28500L. The packages have loads of great items included and the couple can choose exactly what they need.

This service would make a perfect wedding or engagement gift for a couple.  Do you offer gift certificates?  If so, how can guests redeem them for services?

єσηα: Yes! This is absolutely a fantastic gift to give the new couple! All of our gift cards are transferable so anyone can come by, purchase one and give it to someone as a gift.
Lizzybright: We have actually just started including a complimentary dinner at Latitude Landing in some of our Wedding Packages so the new couple can go enjoy a dinner during their honeymoon.

Can you share with our readers what a typical Wedding and fine dining experience would be like?

єσηα: The guests are greeted at the Front entrance of the restaurant and escorted to a private gazebo on the water. Once seated the server will go over a quick explanation of what will take place and takes the drink orders. After returning with the drinks, the server follows with the appetizers, main dish and dessert. During this entire experience the server is providing exceptional guest service accompanied with their best role play experience. And example of this might be: "Leona peeks in hoping not to intrude and begins to gather up the plates and sets them off to the side as she sets down the Main Dish.. "How where the appetizers?" ... Do you both need another drink?" She smiles as she asks."
After the dinner service is complete the guests are welcome to dance on the docks over the water while listening to special music they might have requested or watching fireworks they requested.
Lizzybright: From the moment a couple walks in the front door they feel welcomed and cared for. We answer every question that they have and try to get to know the couple a bit so we can be able to offer venues that would interest them. Once the couple has shared that information we show them a few venues until they find the perfect one and we then discuss colors, flowers, etc. Once the couple has booked a wedding with us, they will complete an information form which helps our wedding coordinators to put together the wedding of their dreams. The wedding coordinator and owner will oversee the entire process step by step all the way through until the reception is over. Making the entire experience not only as stress free for the couple but a memory that will last forever.

What type of entertainment do you provide for your guests?

єσηα: With each Reservation Request form the guest has a section where they can request "anything" and entertainment is something they could possibly request but some items may be an additional charge.
Lizzybright: We will include any type of entertainment that the couple would like to have as a part of their wedding.

Do you offer live music or DJ’s that cater to Special parties and Receptions?

єσηα: We have actually been looking into Live Music on sim but this would probably be something that would be offered during holidays when the restaurant is busiest or upon special request.
Lizzybright: We have several DJs on staff that stream during our weddings and receptions. We also have the capability to offer Live music upon request.

Keeping a Wedding venue and restaurant open and available to residents in every time zone can be a challenge, do you have a full staff on hand or are you currently hiring?
єσηα: Yes, as I mentioned earlier, we make it a point to hire staff from all around the world to help cover most hours. While this is not always possible, we do our very best. And we are always open to hiring the right people and we always keep an application box up.

Is there anything else about Everlasting Love Wedding Services & Latitude Landing Restaurant that you would like to share with our readers?

єσηα: If you are dating someone special and looking for a fun and realistic experience or even if you want to help others to have a great night out, we are the place to help with that. As well, any special events, staff parties, family dinners... we do it all.
Lizzybright: Our packages are some of the most competitive in the market and we promise to give each couple the best and most customized experience they could possibly ask for.

Visit  Everlasting Sim and experience the best in Wedding Services and  fine dining in Second Life for yourself!

Preferred Contact: Leona Kitty (Owner) Lizzybright (Owner) Enjolie McCullough (Manager)