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Showing posts with label xromanticthug. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fashion Spotlight on Rebecka Ford- CeciliaRosalie Reporting…

Most of my friends and readers of SLE know that I am addicted to fashion. I am one of those people who when I see something I like, I stop others and say “Hi I LOVE the outfit could you tell me where you got it?”
Recently, during my usual shopping spree, I ran into Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug), she is a fashion icon so I couldn’t resist getting details about her and her stylish outfit.

CeciliaRosalie: Hello there Rebecka, how are you?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): hello, good, how are you?

CeciliaRosalie: Fine also, you look stunning as always! Would you like to join me for a coffee?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug) : So do you, and yes with pleasure!

CeciliaRosalie : So Rebecka, would you like to share some details on this fascinating outfit with our readers?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): I’d love to :D

CeciliaRosalie : What do you like most? Complete sets or mix & match outfits?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Mix & match outfits allow more creativity I think.

CeciliaRosalie : so is this mix and match?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): yes, I'm wearing 'tie side crop tank' by Dollle, 'amaryllis' shoes by Glamistry, leather pants from Erratic. As for the accessories, black sunglasses from Rowne and a necklace 'the angel key necklace' by Kosh.

CeciliaRosalie: Was it easy to buy each item separately and make them into this outstanding outfit? To be honest I always have a hard time when mixing and matching items.

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Actually, when I shop, I don't have in mind the final outfit. Shopping for me it's getting what I like and only after I start mixing and matching. I think it's easier in this manner to mix everything.

CeciliaRosalie: Supposing you were to name your outfit how would you name it? What do you think makes it fashionable?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): I don't know how different it is, but I think what makes it fashionable is the combination of elegant with a sense of casual. I always try putting comfortable things on, but that can still make me look like I'm ready for anything. As for the name…I would name it Alice in Wonderland since it's nothing like it.

CeciliaRosalie: Thank for these useful stylying tips!!! Ladies will absolutely love them :D
Moving on, I’d like to know what moved you to buy each of these items, Did you considered the color, how good it fits or the cost?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Everything you've said. But most of the time it's just the impact. I am referring to the first impression. Sometimes I just see something and just feel like taking it, it's like they are just screaming 'take me'. I don't always take time thinking about the color and the way it goes. I even made some mistakes of buying without demo.

CeciliaRosalie: This certainly is not the case. Thank you for sharing your fashion sense.  Rebecka, it was nice meeting you!

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Nice to meet you too!!