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Showing posts with label Fashion Spotlight. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 24, 2023


“Burning Man” is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. It is a week-long gathering of people who come together to create a temporary community based on the principles of self-expression, self-reliance, and community cooperation. The event features large-scale art installations, performances, and theme camps, and culminates with the burning of a large wooden effigy, from which the event takes its name.

Today Burning Man attracts 70,000 people a year who come and build an entire city around the Man-- for one week. 

You may have thought it could be fun to attend a Burning Man event.  Maybe it’s even on your “bucket list.”  Well…now, through the miracle of Second Life®, and with the support and encouragement of Linden Lab®, you can experience the fun, excitement and inspiration of a Burn, all from the comfort of your home computer.  Sure, it would be fun to be there in Real, but a Virtual Burning Man does not require you to purchase a ticket or pack and bring survival gear for a week in a harsh desert environment. 

One opportunity to experience the richness, creativity, and general sense of community of a Burn will be this coming weekend at Burn2: Winter Burn.  While wandering the grounds of Burn2’s virtual playa on Deep Hole, I came across iSkye Silvercloud, as she made some adjustments to one of the display areas.  She graciously agreed to talk to me about the upcoming event.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB): So, tell me, iSkye.  What is Burn anyway? Is it just to set fire to stuff, or is there more to it than that?

iSkye Silvercloud (iS):  Burn is about MUCH MORE than “setting fire to stuff”. Burn2 is a community of creatives who do and create things together. Winter Burn is one of four official regional events that we host in Second Life®.  We are the only official regional of Burning Man existing in the virtual space, and there are more than 100 regionals across the world. All of our activities are centered around the 10 Principles of Burning Man, which can be found here:

JB:    Can you share with us a bit of the history of Burn in SL?

iS:   Burning Man started in 1986 in San Francisco with some friends burning a stick man on Baker Beach; in 2003, the Lindens at the time received permission from Burning Man to replicate and virtually burn a Man in SL, and this became an annual tradition facilitated by the Lindens. In 2010, Burning Life became Burn2, a bona fide regional of Burning Man and since then, we've grown and evolved while still keeping the tradition of the annual burn of the Man. You can read the story at this link: 

JB:    How big is the staff that manages Burn2?  And how many exhibitors do you have?

iS:   We have a core team of department leads that manage the day-to-day operations of Burn2, with the support and guidance of a Regional Contact, 3Vilyn. There are currently 7 members of the team organizing the Winter Burn event with about a dozen department leads and co-leads providing support and structure for the event. All of us involved are volunteers.

JB:    Is Burn2 a subset of Burning Man, and what is the connection between the two? 

iS:   Burn2 is a virtual regional of Burning Man, much like a chapter of an organization. It is the only bona fide virtual regional of Burning Man and is among more than 100 regional worldwide connected by a regional network. There is a very close relationship between our regional and Burning Man, with the Regional Contact as the liaison.

JB: I love the Floating Islands displays. What an ingenious idea! Who thought of THAT?

iS:   The brilliant mind that came up with the floating islands is that of MirandaNomad, who is the Winter Burn Event Lead and also the Placement Lead. In fact, the theme for this year's Winter Burn event, "Winterburn Wonderland" was conceived by Miranda, so the floating islands, ice lake, and other features visitors will see on the virtual playa are part of her vision for the event.

JB:    Will there be shows, or raves, with special effects and laser lights? Or an actual Burn?  When and where is that? Is there a schedule of events?

iS:   There will be two stages at the event, where DJs and live performers will gift their talents and time to the community. There will be a virtual Burn of an effigy, preceded by a procession and fire dance performance by the Lamplighters and their Fire Dancers. The effigy will not be the Man, because that is reserved solely for the annual Octoburn event in autumn. You can find the event calendar on Burn2's website, here: to see when these things will happen - and plan to come and join us!

There are also about 32 installations built to the theme of Winterburn Wonderland, and the interpretations are wildly varied, much to the delight of event organizers. 

JB:    I saw a kind of “community bulletin board” with dozens of burning candles.  What kind of messages do people leave? 

iS:   That is actually part of an installation by Chi Ardani (Bethann Causten) with co-builders Temptation Ardani and GB (GeneralBusybody), titled "Fjord-light". Heartfelt messages can be left by visitors on candles in this solemn and beautiful space.

JB: I saw a place where you can actually BE a "Burning Man"? What a novel way to promote the event

iS:   Sabet Wanderer and EricMacron created this installation, entitled "I am Burning Man". Now, in the physical world, this would obviously not be something we would want people to do! But this is a virtual environment and the build is a wonderfully evocative interpretation of the communal experience of the Burn at Black Rock City where Burning Man's real-life event takes place. 

JB:    I saw an interesting train ride.  Would you recommend that to visitors?

iS:   The train ride is the creation of Huntress Catteneo, and it is a delightful way to tour the playa and explore the builds by the artists and builders participating in this event. Highly recommended!  

JB:    Is there anything else about Burn2 you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

iS:   Burn2's event, Winter Burn 2023: Winterburn Wonderland will open at 5:00 pm SLT on Friday, Jan 27, with a walk-on by the Lamplighters.  The walk-on will bring us to the Main Stage by a circuitous, relaxed route around the playa. Participants are enthusiastically invited to join in! DJs and live performers will bring music to the playa for all to enjoy. Greeters will be waiting at the entrance to say "Welcome Home!" when visitors arrive. But note: Once you enter through the gate, you will no longer be merely a bystander. You’ll become part of the spectacle - participate! 

Winterburn Wonderland will run from Friday evening 5pm SLT through Sunday night, January 27-29. You can see more information about the event here: 

Sooooo…There you have it, folks – the Hot Skinny in Burn2.   If you have never attended a Burn, you are NOT going to want to miss this chance.  If you HAVE attended a Burn, then you already know how much fun they can be – plan to come to this one!  For further information, check out the hot links below.  And be sure you don’t miss Burn2: Winter Burn.

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!






SL Destination: 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fashion Highlight: Envious; A Bit of Goth, a little Fancy, Sometimes a Mix -Becca Drascol Reporting

Style & Something that's "you"

When looking for fashion in SL, I like to look for outfits and shoes that make my av look like I want her to. A style and personality that says a lil real life me, a lil fantasy...she becomes what I wish.  I like a bit of goth, a little fancy, sometimes a mix. One designer I really like the style of, is Envious.  From something on the riskier edge of hot to a bit classier, I can easily say Envious has variety.

Envious Main Store:

With an inworld store as well as marketplace you're free to shop whichever is your preferred way. I personally am a MP shopper, but when I stopped at the Envious mainstore I found the setting a large but cozy feeling. I liked the layout of the store, as well as the fountain out in the open area surrounding. To shop Envious via MP here’s the store link 

To shop inworld you’ll find the main store here:

Interview with Envious Owner/Creator SayaNicole Cuttita:

Becca Drascol:  Can you tell me a little about Envious and what inspired it?

SayaNicole Cuttita: Well envious started in 2008. Back then I couldn't really find clothes that completely fit my style or personality. So I started looking into creating my own clothing and Envious was born. So I guess you could say my own desire to be unique is what inspired Envious.

Becca Drascol: I ike that J What do you see happening with your fashion line this Fall?

SayaNicole Cuttita: oh wow, I honestly don't know lol I never really plan anything for Envious, I kind of just create something that matches my mood. Which is probably why I end up making Winter fashion in the middle of Summer lol. I'm kind of backwards.

Becca Drascol: Gotta do what works for you, seeing as fashion is about creation. I really appreciate this.

SayaNicole Cuttita: It's np :) you're popping my interview cherry haha.

Becca Drascol: Which would you say was easier for you, creating before Slink, Lola and other enhancements like mesh bodies or after?

SayaNicole Cuttita: Well I won't say that creating for the various mesh enhancements is difficult. It's just become extremely time consuming. I do miss SL before all the different bodies just from a creation stand point because it does take extra time to get new designs out when having to load different types of applier hud's, or rigging something to multiple different bodies. But some of them really have made SL look so much better. And appliers have become easier with the omega system being around, that cut down on a lot of time :)

Becca Drascol: Agreed, and I can totally see that from your viewpoint. Would you say any RL fashion inspired your style?

SayaNicole Cuttita: Oh definitely, I think RL Fashion inspires every creator in secondlife.

Becca Drascol: Of course. Would you say more  like Goth, Emo and Casual? Anything you feel made Envious style what it is?

SayaNicole Cuttita: Envious is definitely a reflection of myself. I tend to hop around a lot between all the styles goth, punk, preppy, you name it. While RL fashion does inspire a small portion  I think I get more inspiration from music. It puts you in a mood and you tend to portray that in your design. And if you've followed my designs you can probably tell what days I was listening to rock or pop music lol . (hopefully this answers your question I'm probably failing lol)

Becca Drascol: No, you’re fine. That's a great answer from the heart.

I found Saya to be delightful, witty and lighthearted, quite pleasant to talk with. A creator that put a piece of her own style and sense of fashion within SL through her own line of fashion. A dream of having something she desired in SL and making it come true. And it's this reporter's view that all fashion rather in the real world or our virtual one, is a passion and style of each creator's own. A passion and style that makes it easy for us shopping to make ourselves into whatever we wish. To have a look that not only supports a creator's desire to have their fashion out there, but allows us all to express ourselves via what we wear and how we wear it. So for those of you looking for some good ole made from the heart fashion definitely check out Envious.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fashion Spotlight on Rebecka Ford- CeciliaRosalie Reporting…

Most of my friends and readers of SLE know that I am addicted to fashion. I am one of those people who when I see something I like, I stop others and say “Hi I LOVE the outfit could you tell me where you got it?”
Recently, during my usual shopping spree, I ran into Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug), she is a fashion icon so I couldn’t resist getting details about her and her stylish outfit.

CeciliaRosalie: Hello there Rebecka, how are you?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): hello, good, how are you?

CeciliaRosalie: Fine also, you look stunning as always! Would you like to join me for a coffee?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug) : So do you, and yes with pleasure!

CeciliaRosalie : So Rebecka, would you like to share some details on this fascinating outfit with our readers?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): I’d love to :D

CeciliaRosalie : What do you like most? Complete sets or mix & match outfits?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Mix & match outfits allow more creativity I think.

CeciliaRosalie : so is this mix and match?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): yes, I'm wearing 'tie side crop tank' by Dollle, 'amaryllis' shoes by Glamistry, leather pants from Erratic. As for the accessories, black sunglasses from Rowne and a necklace 'the angel key necklace' by Kosh.

CeciliaRosalie: Was it easy to buy each item separately and make them into this outstanding outfit? To be honest I always have a hard time when mixing and matching items.

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Actually, when I shop, I don't have in mind the final outfit. Shopping for me it's getting what I like and only after I start mixing and matching. I think it's easier in this manner to mix everything.

CeciliaRosalie: Supposing you were to name your outfit how would you name it? What do you think makes it fashionable?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): I don't know how different it is, but I think what makes it fashionable is the combination of elegant with a sense of casual. I always try putting comfortable things on, but that can still make me look like I'm ready for anything. As for the name…I would name it Alice in Wonderland since it's nothing like it.

CeciliaRosalie: Thank for these useful stylying tips!!! Ladies will absolutely love them :D
Moving on, I’d like to know what moved you to buy each of these items, Did you considered the color, how good it fits or the cost?

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Everything you've said. But most of the time it's just the impact. I am referring to the first impression. Sometimes I just see something and just feel like taking it, it's like they are just screaming 'take me'. I don't always take time thinking about the color and the way it goes. I even made some mistakes of buying without demo.

CeciliaRosalie: This certainly is not the case. Thank you for sharing your fashion sense.  Rebecka, it was nice meeting you!

Rebecka Ford (xromanticthug): Nice to meet you too!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Spotlight on Trendy Avatars- Debby Sharma Reporting...

A silk drape tied in a knot, feathers with flowers stuck to the head dress, a woollen collar or perhaps a simple t-shirt and rugged jeans. What’s your style?

I interviewed a few random people asking them about their personal style statement, their favorite shopping destinations and their pick on colors for the upcoming season, Autumn.

 With me, you will learn about Caoimhe Lionheart, Molly Legendoll, Strawberry Singh and Tadeu Gartner.

Caoimhe Lionheart

Caoimhe Lionheart

Photograph Credits: Caoimhe Lionheart

Debby Sharma: How would you define your personal style? Does it change with the seasons?
Caoimhe Lionheart:  I would have to say my personal style is a tad bit left of centre. I don’t “fit” into any certain style. I am too gawky and awkward to be considered elegant, nor am I classic, casual, or girl next door. Heck, I’ve even been known to model menswear a time or two... or three. I would have to say I have an offbeat whimsical style. Dare I say eccentric? When I post a blog for a designer I am at the whims of the designer as their clothes are what should be centre-stage and I am just a mannequin, but if you look at the personally styled blog pics that give me more freedom to play, I always try to put a more artistic flair to the looks. I don’t really style for the seasons, I would say I am more of a mood stylist. I style by my mood.

Debby Sharma: How often do you go shopping for your clothes and accessories?
Caoimhe Lionheart: Actually, believe it or not, I don’t go out shopping often at all. Like in RL I do a lot of “online” shopping, sort of catalogue shopping the marketplace.  Often designers will give me things, which is quite enjoyable. And I imagine I will have to wander out a bit more now that I’ve left most of my blog groups, but for now I hop here or there if I have to but otherwise I just dig into my inventory and play with what’s there. I trek out into the world on occasion when I am trying to find the perfect “something” that an outfit is lacking, but that’s about it. I am sooooOOooo boring in reality.  

Debby Sharma: Can you give me a rundown of your current outfit including shoes?
Caoimhe Lionheart: I am really weird. Sometimes when I style something it takes me a few days to pull the entire look together. It’s one of the reasons I recently made the decision to blog less than my typical every day upload. Lately when I was blogging daily I was no longer enjoying it, or even liking the pictures very much because I wasn’t given the chance to style them in a “Cao-like” way. I will still have to blog daily for events, like the upcoming “Rock Your Rack” event (starts September1st!)  benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness, but for the most part, I can be in any state of undress, or dress at any given moment. Heck, I’ve even been known to shop shoo-less and wearing knickers a time or two, it’s actually kind of expected of me and I’d sure hate to disappoint anyone! So to answer your question, right now I am wearing “Ison’s” gold embellished divine bustier with Slink feet and hands, [Mandala] ears, and shoo-less. Though, to tell a little secret on myself, unless someone gives me shoos to blog I never wear them. I know! So incredibly ungirl-like! My avatar is so much like me; we are kindred’s, she and I. And I like to feel my walk through life, learning my correct path by the feel of it underfoot and my Lil Cao is much the same way. It’s brought us from there to here, so it must be okay.
Style card other than the items mentioned above:
Hair: Tuty's, Adorable
Hat: Bliss Couture, Florentine
Stole: [LWL], Vesuvias, (part of)
Top:  Ison, Divine Bustier  **Collabor88**
Skirt: Gizza, tutu

Debby Sharma: Where do you like to shop?
Caoimhe Lionheart:  I have so many favorite designers I wouldn’t dare make a list just in case one momentarily slips my mind. I can be a forgetful little chit like that. I walk around my real life writing little Cao notes all the time but still sometimes things slip by me. But I will tell you this; I am madly in love with shape. If you see a designer who creates items that appear 3 dimensional with unusual shapes, quirky-ness or outlandishly different, I’m there! The hauter, the better as couture fits my personality to a “T”. It is something I feel deep in my soul, I mean, I can wear off the rack in real life, why shouldn’t I expect more than prêt-à-porter in my Second Life?

Debby Sharma: With autumn fast approaching what colors and trends do you think will be most popular?
Caoimhe Lionheart:  If the designers follow the actual real world pantone color trends we should be seeing colors in pastels like a peachy nude, lavenders and lilacs, softer colors will be big, as well at the jewel tones, like emerald, cranberry and hot pinks. Gone is the drab standard red and blacks of winter to be replaced with cerulean, fuchsia and scrumptious tangerines. From what I have researched, real world fashion is showing a lot of boxier styles, silks, leathers, feathers, and the always romantic laces, so I do hope Second Life will follow suit. I simply love designs with a soft see-thru lace offering a peek of skin here or there.  

Molly Legendol

Molly Legendoll (Ohyeababy)
Photograph Credits: Molly Legendol

Debby Sharma: How would you define your personal style? Does it change with the seasons?
Molly Legendol: As I like to be unique and different I can't limit myself, saying that my style is "THIS". Because I like to mix things that might not go together and turn them into a whole new concept. Loose and tight, something cute with a fetish accessories or a very sexy dress with funny hair and a baby face skins. Therefore my style does not change according to seasons but the gifts have been given. I don't follow recent trends per se. My motto is "find your own style, be the trend!"

Debby Sharma: How often do you go shopping for your clothes and accessories?
Molly Legendol: As I mentioned, not being the crazy followers of new trends, Mostly I try to follow, gift hunts, group gifts, freebies with quality etc. to combine them. Results are really nice and I'd like to share them in my blog to show my friends what can be done without spending any money. If you don’t have a credit card, also you can looking nice in sl.

Debby Sharma: Can you give me a rundown of your current outfit including shoes?
Molly Legendol: Skin: VLADA Skin - [PUMEC] Free Gift
Hair: Alyssa - Anniversary Edition :{Rumina}:. Anniversary Gift Hair
Facial piercing (around eyes): Starlust Piercings - Cute Poison - Free Group Gift
Facial piercing (around mouth): Agony - Facial Piercing - :Diamante: SLF&O Gift Nose chain: Nose Chains FREE . a i s l i n g . Free Gift
Top: I tummy tanks - Alterego Free Group Gift
Shorts with suspenders: Part of Denim Fetish Outfit- Appliers Included - :.Envious: Marketplace Free Gift
Tattoo (full body): Checkered Tattoo ::Wicked Tattoos:: Marketplace Free Gift
Tattoo (forearm): Tattoo #01 - [BODY FACTORY] Group Gift
Necklace: Hot Tiles Necklace LaNoir Soleil Designs KMCH #04 Keep Me Cool Hunt Gift (its under the 4th lucky chair)
Ring: Bling Ring - Bilo Group Gift
Bracelet: You bracelet - a m o r o u s marketplace Free Gift
Hands: (BETA) Hands (f) - Natural Pose(r) - TheMeshProject Free
Ear plug: Black Ear Gauges - Bad Unicorn Clothing marketplace 1L Gift
Sunglasses: Cat Glasses - Addams Free Group Gift
Bag: MESH Handbag No1 - Viviane Fashion Marketplace PROMO 1L Gift
Shoes: Karla wedge sandals - noir Elysium - Group Gift

Debby Sharma: Where do you like to shop?
Molly Legendol: I visit all stores and some of them display very nice gifts. Of course I have my favourites as well which are highly popular. Interestingly those stores do not display gifts as they are already popular and when they do, they only display the ones that are not good quality. this should not be only an ad but also encouragement for the future customers and appreciation for the loyal ones. I believe all big brands must stop being stingy and put gifts. with all due respect I will refuse to give names of the brands which refrain from gifts but there are so many nice examples to follow such as Reign, Chary, Analog Dog, Soonsiki, Moon, N-core, Pr!tty, PANIK, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations etc., when they give gifts they do not compromise the quality and I would like the thank them for myself and on behalf of their members.

Debby Sharma: With autumn fast approaching what colors and trends do you think will be most popular?
Molly Legendol: Short dresses, long boots and wide collar will take ladies to the fashion of 60's. For the colour as usual we will not give up the flare of the metallic gold. other than this military green and I am waiting to see the pastel colours with furs and clothes with feathers. Accessories, unlike we get use to see on our neck and arms, strikingly will be used on the face, hair and hats with much larger sizes.

Strawberry Singh

Strawberry Singh

Photograph Credits: Strawberry Singh

Debby Sharma: How would you define your personal style? Does it change with the seasons?
Strawberry Singh:  In SL, I don't really have a particular style and it doesn't change that often within the seasons. In winter I may wear more layers, that's about it, but style stays similar. I tend to lean towards an ethnic style if anything. In the real world, I am usually a very casual, tanks, yoga pants, denim, sneakers and flats kind of girl. 

Debby Sharma: How often do you go shopping for your clothes and accessories?
Strawberry Singh: As often as I get the chance, few times a week for sure. If there is a big event, I try to go there as well. I am a bit addicted to skins so I actually demo and buy skins a lot, even if I tend to not wear them more than once. 

Debby Sharma: Can you give me a rundown of your current outfit including shoes?
Strawberry Singh: A friend actually took me sailing this weekend in SL so I'm just wearing a tank, jeans and sneakers. I have no idea what people wear when they go sailing, *laughs. I did wear a life jacket that he gave me, but I am not wearing it in the picture. I've attached a quick snapshot of what I'm wearing.
Style Card:
Skin: Lara Hurley Fae
Hair: Magika Meadow
Top: Zaara : Kalika tank top
Jeans: Maitreya Flare Jeans
Shoes: 20.FIVE Mesh: Converse Dark
Watch: Mandala Billionaire Smexy Black
Bangles: GizzA - Nautical Set - Bangles
Necklace: GizzA - Nautical Set - Necklace
Ring: GizzA - Nautical Set - Ring
Sunglasses: GizzA - Nautical Sunglasses [Red]
Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual - Small 

Debby Sharma: Where do you like to shop?
Strawberry Singh:  I love to shop the big fairs like skin fair, hair fair and pose fair. Other than that, I have too many favorite stores to name. 

Debby Sharma: With autumn fast approaching what colors and trends do you think will be most popular?
Strawberry Singh:  I never know what's popular, but I myself tend to gravitate earthy tones, not only in autumn though. I love earthy tones throughout the year. I also love white. 

Tadeu Gartner

Tadeu Gartner
Image: Tadeu Gartner Look of the month 29.08.2014
Photograph Credits: Tadeu Gartner

Debby Sharma: How would you define your personal style? Does it change with the seasons?
Tadeu Gartner: I am a chameleon in fashion. And I cannot define myself in a style and yeah, my personality speaks louder - walking in different styles, but with unique essence. According to each season, I will research what the current fashion trends and of course, styling to make it with my face.

Debby Sharma: How often do you go shopping for your clothes and accessories?
Tadeu Gartner: Every minute (laughs). I am a compulsive buy new item, for updates each time according to each situation in which I find myself.

Debby Sharma: Can you give me a rundown of your current outfit including shoes?
Tadeu Gartner: Well, here my style card of today:
Hat: -Entente- Marc Hat
Hair: [taketomi]_Messi_DarkBrowns
Shirt: [JuSt CoOl] Trendy Geezer Shirt – Grey
Gauntlets: RO - Azrael Gauntlets – Container
Pants: Spirit Store - Romana boyfriend pants [BLACK]
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat
Sandals: -FAUN- Michi Flatform Sandals -Original- MALE
Clutch: -FAUN- Tsu Metallic Envelope Clutch-Blaqagraphic-

Debby Sharma: Where do you like to shop?
Tadeu Gartner: Everywhere (cannot define a specific place because, as I mentioned in the first question, *laughs) I'm a chameleon! ;^)

Debby Sharma: With autumn fast approaching what colors and trends do you think will be most popular?
Tadeu Gartner: I believe that red is a very strong color for next season! And I bet this is a very good time for him to jump in the windows of the Virtual Fashion Industry.
I have seen in real life who has worked with many brands clothes more square cuts and finished with woven leather. E is proportional to what this season is really a legendary meeting place for diversity in styles.