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Showing posts with label poses. Show all posts

Monday, October 17, 2022



The Mad Circus 8 is back in town! 

Featuring scares, dares, & a freak show unlike anywhere else in SL. Enter if you dare, but go with a friend, we would not want you to get lost and never return.

Our designers bring you their scariest, creepiest, & downright horrifying fashions, designs, poses, & decor.

Brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.


You have until Halloween to experience the chill, but don't delay before they pack up & go away.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Darkness Event April round is now open!!


The Darkness Event it's open!! We open the new Darkness event, a new environment, more dark than ever and fashionable as always!!! Cos every one have a dark side...come to The Darkness Event and discover yours!!!! Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... More designers, more exclusiveness....come and enjoy The Darkness Event. April 5th-28th Don´t miss the group gift by C♥Y Fashion !! Event Gallery : Taxi:

WebSite: Flickr: Flickr group: Facebook:

Monday, December 13, 2021

XXX ORIGINAL EVENT December round is now open!!


The XXX Original Event by Posesion Productions
Come to the NEW XXX ORIGINAL EVENT, new environment but hotter as usual, and check the exclusive creations based on Adult content: Furniture, clothes, lingerie, shoes, jewels, poses, animations, tattoos, makeup, accessories...don´t miss this December Round and enjoy it! Don´t miss this December round the amazing group gift by Artemis Corner Sculptures! December 13th - January 3rd Taxi: Gallery:

WebSite: Flickr: Facebook:

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

POSEvent September round is Open! Sept 27th - Oct 19th


Come to the new POSEvent and enjoy the best pose creators and backdrops builders of the grid!!

Sponsored by: R Poses, Sassy Sweet Poses, BobsCreations, Unholy Duality, Poseable Mesh, DPSP, BW Poses, X-Clusive Animations, Indigo, FAC Creations, Seduction Poses & Lavarock Poses This round we have a great group gift by NEXUS. Don´t miss it!!!!! Sept 27th - Oct 19th Event Gallery: Taxi:

Monday, September 20, 2021

WIP Event...September LAST DAYS


Featuring: Accessories, Apparel, Cosmetics, Decor, HUDs, Poses, Shoes
Event Opening Date: September 2, 2021 Event Closing Date: September 22, 2021

More than 60 special designers....special creations...DON"T miss them

⭐Come and get the New Arrivals, Giveaways & Group Gift ♥


Thursday, August 12, 2021

The XXX Original Event August round is open


The XXX ORIGINAL EVENT is a monthly event, where people can find all kind of creations based on Adult content. Furniture, clothes, poses, animations, hairs, face marks, BDSM ... and all kind of stuff related to adult and SEX August 13th - September 3rd LM: Gallery:

WebSite: Flickr: Facebook:

Monday, July 26, 2021

POSEvent by Posesion Productions- July round is Open! July 27th - August 19th


At POSEvent you can find the best pose creators and backdrop builders of the grid!

July 27th - August 19th

Sunday, July 18, 2021

The NEW 101 L EVENT it's open!! We open the new 101 L EVENT where the protagonist is the "1" !!!

Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... All you need at the amazing prices of 101L, 201L, 301L...

July 19th - August 13th

Event Gallery:

Friday, June 18, 2021



The NEW 101 L EVENT  it's open!! We open the new 101 L EVENT where the protagonist is the "1" !!!

Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... All you need at the amazing prices of 101L, 201L, 301L...

Don´t miss the amazing group gift by 1 hundred this round!!

June19th - July13th

Event Gallery:

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

JAIL EVENT June 10th-30th


JAIL EVENT is a monthly event where you can find all kinds of creations...clothes, hairs, accessories, poses..for Men and Women.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021



May 27th - June19th

Event Gallery:


At POSEvent you can find the best pose creators and backdrops builder of the grid!

Monday, April 12, 2021

An Interview With Dahriel Nova, Pose Creator - Stacey Cardalines Reporting


Models occupy an elite spot in the human spectrum. As people used for advertising, they enter into a strange dynamism. Models help sell us stuff that we buy because we want to be a certain kind of person, and- thusly- models have to somehow become the person that we want to be. Anyone who says a model's work is easy knows not of what they speak. In order to do the job properly, they have to not only act as Gods, they have to at least externally believe that they are Gods.

On something like SL, even a God needs help. That leads us to this week's interview, with Dahriel Nova. Mr. Nova is the man behind PosESioN Productions and the PosESioN store. He makes and sells model poses and runway animations. He also owns and operates BOOTHology, which makes booths for designers. If you are a model or a designer, he has you covered.

Models are important to the SL economy. Much of the monetary activity on SL involves buying clothes. It is better for the business to have a model wearing their clothing in advertisements than it is to just show a picture of the clothing. The model shows what can be done with the clothing. Anyone who does even a little bit of clothes shopping has seen a picture of a model in action and has concurrently seen a small cog in a big engine that drives the SL economy.

While a great part of modeling is being Born Pretty, it is not the sole ingredient. The world is full of pretty girls who don't quite know-how to utilize what they are sitting on, and that is why you sometimes see them folding sweaters at Forever 21 or slinging eggs at some edge-of-town truck stop. Ansel Adams himself might take a pretty girl and have her sit for some headshots, but unless the girl knows what she's doing, he's never going to rise above cheesy Facebook-type pictures. 

"Knows what she's doing" involves Posing. Posing is an important business in SL. If you have an AO, and even if you don't, you are Posing. Posing is emoting without words. It is more important than you'd think.

Almost any girl you see in pornography- with some Born Freak exceptions, of course- is someone who most likely aimed to be a real actress at one point, but who could not emote properly. It really can be a game of inches. You'd be surprised at how little skill exists between a girl blowing a kiss to the Vogue photographer for $300,000 on a South Seas photo shoot, and an alternative scenario where she is taking on a half dozen Hell's Angels in an adult movie for $300 and some cocaine.. or so people tell me. "From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step," as Napoleon once said.

Fortunately, you can solve that equation in your favor by visiting the PosESioN Store. If you wish to be a model on SL, this is where you need to go. They have hundreds of poses, some simple, some extravagant, but all necessary. They even sell those catwalk animations where you head down the runway. My sister and I spent an afternoon trying these out, as you can see from the pictures in the article. We also got to speak with the sim owner, the aforementioned Mr. Nova.

He has been in business since 2012, and is one of the leading figures in his field. There may be no model worth walking around SL who doesn't have at least a few of his poses in their arsenal. A lot of model work is done with pose balls and huds, and to work those, they need poses. Lots of poses. Lots of poses are what PosESioN has. You could fill up a model hud very efficiently at PosESioN, and you won't go into the poorhouse doing so at 60 Ls a pop.

I forgot to ask why Mr. Nova spells PosESioN like that, but a little bit of mystery is good in certain niche markets.

Pose Creator is a fascinating job, and I am 100% certain that people use Mr. Nova's poses at the fashion show he attends without knowing that they are posing. That may or may not secretly delight him. Contrary to what I assumed, most of his friends aren't models. He uses his own shapes for models unless he is doing couples poses, so he would only cross paths with them at events. He is working on a fashion fair for May, so he (and you, if you go) might meet some models there. They also have an in-house fashion show on April 17th.

When Mr. Nova does hire models, he is not beholden to tall/slim types. He needs models of all sizes and has some people who do headhunting for him. I intend to interview one of these women for a future article, but that is not where we are right now.

His best selling pose is his default pose. He doesn't do huds, but his systems fit huds. Almost all of his customers are models, as the product is made for advertising and runways. He has a male model pose section, as male models are in as much demand as female models... but I went there to shoot pictures with my sister Courtney, so you get us.

I always wanted to be a model when I was a kid. I only ended up being 5 feet tall, and that sort of ended my supermodel fantasy. It also ended my WNBA fantasy, but I can't avoid that reality in Mr, Nova's store for a pleasant hour. I can play Model there all day, however. If I buy some poses, I can play at home, too.

I'd recommend this store to a model looking to add to her arsenal, and I would recommend the store to regular girls who just want to spend an hour playing with the poses. It is essential to a model. however.

Bookmark their website to get updates on deals they are offering, and join their SL groups! 

Some April-May events you can visit that are associated with Mr. Nova:

The Darkness Event (5th to 28th)
Jail Event (10th to 30th)
XXX Original Event (13th to 3rd)
101L Event (19th to 13th)
GLAMAZON Boutique (23th to 16th)
POSEvent (27th to 19th)
Golden days a weekly main store sales from Wednesday to Friday
in May Pandora Fair, from 11th to 31th

Casting Runway, PosESioN Productions

Strike a pose! Give good face!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

People doing great things in Second Life - An interview with Mr. Anthony Gartner, owner and creator of The Dreamer Creations – Camury Reporting...

I’ve wanted to write about people doing great things in Second  Life for quite a while because I think it’s very interesting how differently we each see it and the amazing things we can do in this virtual world.

I remember the first time I saw the charming Mr. Anthony Gartner and his intriguing eyes. I was relaxing on my favorite island, The Dreamer´s Island, when I noticed him.

It’s an Adult Island.  The entire beach is full of goodies with excellent animations for both couples in love or singles if you just want to chill on your own.  You can take a hot air balloon, explore, meet people, dance, swim, surf, have fun or just relax. If you’re in the mood for interaction with others, then you can check out the beach club.  You can mellow out to the music as the sea breeze gently ruffles your hair.  There are no strict rules and all avatars are welcome.  The only restriction is that due to the adult nature of the sim no child avatars are permitted.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back… I clicked on various objects dotted around me to learn a little more about the creator when Mr. Gartner himself appeared. Since I’m always on the lookout for a good story I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to him about Dreamer Island and his creations.

Here’s a little insight into who Mr. Gartner is.  He’s very polite and took the time to grant me this interview. He’s the owner of The Dreamer Island.  You can find and test all the objects in the The Dreamer Creations collection on the island. He has a store on the SL Marketplace. He creates Furniture, prefabs, beach and garden products, tropical tiki and other landscaping items, which include a multitude of different sit poses and cuddles.  The island was built with the explicit purpose of testing Mr. Gartner's creations.  What better way than getting them tested by those who'd be using them.  The result, no buyers remorse.  His creations can be found on a number of sims throughout Second Life.

Interview with Mr Gartner
Camury:  How long have you been in SL and what do you bring to it?
Mr. Gartner : almost 7 years now. Always enjoyed the video games and the experience of a life in a virtual world was exciting.

Camury: How long have you had your store?
Mr. Gartner : since 2010

Camury: What inspired you to start making furniture and decorations?
Mr. Gartner : At first it was the interest of learning to build with prims in SL. I always liked decorating so when I realized I could create things that weren’t too bad I continued and started to sell.

Camury: Did you create  everything yourself or did you you have help?
Mr. Gartner: I work alone.  Although I don't make mesh products.  These days I concentrate mostly on texturing and a bit of scripting and adding the appropriate animations.

Camury: What’ s your favourite thing about Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : It ‘s a bit like asking what is your favourite thing in life.  Everything that can bring some enjoyment: the contact with friends, exploring beautiful places, shopping for clothes or furniture, decorating.  And especially I love animations that bring life and expression to our avatars.

Camury: What don´t you like about Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : One thing that comes to my mind is I think the developers of Second Life could improve the avatars customization of appearance. Now people need to buy mesh bodies and heads created by others to look more "realistic".
Also to be able to create anything pretty in this world we need the use of external tools. Nothing really great looking can be created only inworld.
Also it is a very mercantile world. I hate the business of gachas.
And the sims are too expensive...

 Camury: How do you feel about the economic situation in Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : Probably it's slowing down. There are too many events, people shop more in events and less in stores. Productivity is boosted at the expense of quality.

Camury: What do you love about Second Life more? What makes you keep logging?
Mr. Gartner : It became an addiction over time. It’s a part of my life here now and there's always things to do here.

Camury: Tell me how The Dreamers Island came into being?
Mr. Gartner: The idea of a Tropical Island has always appealed to me and I started creating products specifically for this kind of lifestyle.  I developed rentals on four  homesteads around The Dreamer sim, but unfortunately even though it was well supported I had too many public areas which meant it was unprofitable.  Having a purely residential sim wasn't for me and I stopped this endeavour and kept the main sim for my store and for public enjoyment.

Camury:  What are the rules since it's an adult sim?
Mr. Gartner: There are not many rules.  It's a nude beach, but clothing is optional.  I prefer visitors not to visit in winter outfits though and definitely no children are allowed on the sim.

Camury:  Does The Dreamers Island have a group visitors can join?
Mr. Gartner: The group has been in existence from the time when I had the rentals.  Some people still like to join it but basically it is useless these days.

Camury: Can you tell me what you were doing in SL before starting The Dreamer Creations?
Mr. Gartner : The same except creating, I was a noob, I was discovering SL. And I was playing Zyngo to earn my L$.

Camury: What usually inspires you to create objects?
Mr. Gartner : When I get an idea of something I would like to have for myself and to decorate my own sim or home.

 Camury: Have you had experiences with bad things like copybot and griefing?
 Mr. Gartner : Not really. Nothing I can think of right now.

Mr. Gartner is an example of how SL has encouraged many people to explore their creative side while enjoying a rewarding experience in Second Life.

Thank you Mr. Gartner for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

{NanTra} Poses Presents "Wanderlust" and "Jet Set" poses at Fashion For Life 2014

Fashion For Life, may end on July 20, but there is still plenty of time to grab some awesome things in support of Relay For Life of Second Life! One such awesome thing are these two new awesome poses from {NanTra} Poses.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Proposers Expo -- Pandora Drezelan Reporting

Poses and animations play a very big part in our Second Life, from the AO’s we use to our every day poses. There is an animation and a pose for just about everything in Second Life. Poses depict our stance, walk, style and makes us as individual or unusual as we want our avatar to be.
Recently, I went to the Proposers sim for their fundraising expo for The Autism Society Of America (ASA).
I spoke with Pollux Baxton (Proposers owner) and Samara Pennell (Proposers manager) in regards to the expo.