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Showing posts with label linden exchange. Show all posts

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SL Newser: Linden Lab to Allow Several Third-Party Exchange Services to Reopen, Podex Still Closed.

May 17- In a partial reversal of it's earlier ban, Linden Lab announced earlier today that they will be allowing Third-Party Linden exchange services after all. But so far, only five of the many exchangers have met their approval. Plus, the services now operate under tighter and more limiting terms and conditions.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

The New PODEX Exchange Visa Card You Can Use to Pay Bills, Make Online Purchases or even Withdraw from an ATM. How’s That for Some Real Perks? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Podex Exchange

As a VW reporter I hear all sorts of interesting things from people. If I wanted to sit here all day and gossip or dishing out scoops about awesome people, I would be a popular lunch lady. Nonetheless, here’s a little food for thought.I was told Second Life was really created as a place for the founding virtual nerds to test new concepts and ideas. Rather than let the grid get lost in cyberspace, one person’s idea of offering it over to users on a global platform was a big hit, making that person a “GOD “to avatars. These days the Lindens, are treated more like fallen angels that don’t show up when called upon or lack the ability to create miracles for residents. Once again, we find ourselves with free will, our own imagination and choices to make as long as we don’t break the terms of service. We have the choice to squander our time role playing, getting down to business or a little bit of both. In the years I have spent observing the Second Life community the business sector has grown dramatically. Back in 2005, avatars were still a bit wet behind the ears in business. Many premium members produced freebies and corner shops in countless malls or used rental ad boards at different in-world venues. You can still see that today but the difference is, those that are successful, utilize more media sources, social networks and services that offer real perks like a boost in customer traffic and revenues.

Podex ATM

Avatars are banking up Lindens and cashing them out at an increasing rate using e-commerce portals like Podex Exchange. Many already know how to be profitable using this company and are excited about the new visa card . Others are just realizing how the virtual world works with new technology and services. Podex Exchange keeps up with how avatars do business in Second Life and provides the customer service people deserve.

 Podex is a company that understands the needs of the community in both Second Life (SL) and in the physical world (RL). They are an official reseller with all the bells and whistles to show for it. Aside from offering the most competitive exchange rates available in Second Life, Podex has launched its new Visa Debit Card for real world transactions.

I met up with Podex Exchange CEO, Jacek Shuftan to talk more about this new debit card and the response it has had so far.

-Lanai Jarrico


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You can now buy Lindens on The SL Enquirer and Press Pass Media!

No more resorting to strip poles, low paying greeter jobs or begging across the grid. Don’t waste time looking for Linden exchange station in world with the cheapest rates. You can now purchase your Lindens at competitive prices fast and easy, while checking out the latest virtual world news!

Simply fill out the Podex Exchange form on our website and get your Lindens delivered to you when you log into Second Life. It’s that easy!

Looking to buy/sell Lindens cheaper than the competition? Visit for current exchange rates!

The SL Enquirer is a proud member of the Podex affiliate program.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Do You Need Lindens? -- NemzKat Resident Reporting

Podex Bank is the cheapest Linden Exchange in Second Life; it is even cheaper than Linden Labs.