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Saturday, May 12, 2012

CELEBRATING MOTHERS DAY ON SL -MarriellaAnna resident Reporting...

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Over 70 countries around the world now celebrate their own version of a ‘Mothers day’ and it would seem that Sl too is no exception.

Mothers are important, after all, you only get one and good bad or indifferent all they ask is that you remember them once a year. So, its mother’s day, time for some meticulous planning to prevent the blind panic setting in as you realise you’ve completely forgotten despite the big red circle round May 13th on the calendar and are forced instead to rush to the supermarket to see if you can find an overpriced and wilted bunch of flowers,  ring every restaurant within the next 8 states to see if there is a single seat left left available in any of them or scour every shelf for the last remaining dog eared card and tatty envelope.  Fear no more, this handy guide to mother’s day on sl will leave you well prepared and guilt free.

BREAKFAST IN BED: Start the morning the traditional way by treating your mum/mamma/maman to breakfast in bed. There are a large variety of breakfast items available in sl, and what better way to ingratiate yourself than carefully tromping up the stairs with a laden tray full of assorted goodies. No grubby hands and fear of salmonella or the ensuing mess that you’ll leave behind for your mother to clear up either and everything is beautifully laid out and ready to consume.  Luckily on sl too, nothing ever gets burnt and the toast is always hot. 


NB It should be noted that it is always a good idea to knock on your parents door. Parents of course do not have sex and you are in fact an immaculate conception but it’s probably best not to catch them in a compromising position. Knock first. Of course if you are carrying a tray knocking might be difficult, so a hefty kick to the bottom panel might be a better way of announcing your arrival as luckily too on sl everything is replaceable and that luckily at times for the parents this also includes the sl kids.


FLOWERS, PLUSHIES & MOTHERS DAY CARDS As a child, my sister and I were penniless but nothing short of inventive when it came to celebrating mother’s day. I am sad to tell you this is a true story, but our journey home from school involved a short cut through a graveyard. Luckily one year there had been a recent funeral and my sister and I decided to improvise by gathering up all the flowers left on the dearly departed’s plot and presented them to our mother in one big glorious slightly limp bouquet complete with resplendent but somewhat funereal black ribboning. Whilst I think she suspected, she was prudent enough not to ask where they came from.  Luckily for you, I have circumnavigated the need to rob the newly deceased and avoid the guilt for years I can promise you’ll suffer later as an adult,  and  have instead sorted out some rather nice flowers for you to purchase. Get yourself off to Snuggle babies at

Here you will find a range of plushies, mothers day cards (Reasonably priced at around 80 linden and very very easy to use) and of course flowers.  If having decided that you have no offspring to celebrate your mothers day with this year, prepare in advance for 2013 by stopping by their maternity and nursery section.

TATTOOS: Time to show that your dedication is indeed boundless and eternal. Off we head to the tattoo parlour so you can get yourself a nice tattoo declaring your dedication to your mother across your arms or chest. I found a wide variety of Tattoos available on sl with which to show your parental devotion. This being sl, I also discovered a wide variety of places you can ink them that are perhaps best not to deeply dwelled on. Two of the best were
Get some ink and show mom how much you love her! “This tattoo is not only to show respect for your mother, but whether she is here with us or in the spirit world, its a perfect way to remember her no matter where you are.”

DRESS: As we prepare to take mum to dinner..what better than a ‘Mum gown’? This is exactly the sort of dress mothers like and despite the name not to be confused with anything in the maternity line. I debated long and hard about sharing this with you, I liked them so much I bought the fat pack and didn’t want to be seen at parties by scores of people in identical dresses.

The dress is transferable and your mother will love it. Its pretty, feminine and drapes nicely over the child bearing hips.

SPA GIFTS:  What mother doesn’t deserve a little pampering? and here it is all in one basket. Now a word of warning here, the anti wrinkle cream might not go down so well, but the other items make a fine display and its certainly an impressive collection that your mother will enjoy.

Kids make mistakes. Luckily we are forgiven for most of them.

JEWELS:  A beautiful and elegant way to show your mother how successful you’ve become in life, despite her warnings that ‘You’ll never amount to anything’ and less than complimentary comparisons to your father. This was my favourite piece of Mothers day jewellery that I could find. It was cute..sweet dainty and elegant and I particularly liked the ‘Mommie’ engraving.  This too is transferable and resizable. You can find it at

DINNER: Food just like momma used to make and hopefully still does. Possibly the most beautiful waterside restaurant in SL set in beautiful landscaped grounds of the Grove Estates and with wonderful views from the open terrace dining area onto the lake.  The food is Tapas and Italian and perfect for mothers day or a romantic evening out (Obviously one would hope not with your mother). Reservations are necessary 24 hours in advance. Well worth a visit as this is truly an Sl dining experience and a must for the foodie and wine buff. Reservations can be made at the front desk. This is quite honestly not cheap but you are paying for a true experience and remember.. Mother is worth it.

MOTHERS DAY EVENTS: The very best way to ensure your mother is thoroughly spoiled and feeling like all those years of dirty diapers, temper tantrums, bad school reports and dirty rooms was worth it, is to take her out for a show or dance. Obviously the best way to find an event is to troll through the search feature on sl on the day in question. Otherwise here is a good alternative.


WHEN: Sunday, May 13, 2012


LIVE Performances by Nadine Morani and Maxx Sabretooth

Semi-formal attire required

This magical afternoon at the Botanical Gardens, with the cool ocean breeze from the Costa Rica shore will set the mood for this special Mother’s Day afternoon. Bring your family and friends for this wonderful event.

In conclusion, your mum is special. Some of you might not have such good mothers and perhaps sl is a way to compensate for reality. Some of your mothers might be inspirational, unselfish, giving people to whom you’ve only just come to realise how much you owe or how much they mean or meant to you. Spare a thought for your mums, pick up the phone and tell them how much they mean to you. You will never stop being their kid, no matter how old you get. Sl or real life remember its Mothers day. Make it special, make it count.


  1. Well put together! Thanks for the awesome resources. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!


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