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Friday, June 15, 2012

The New PODEX Exchange Visa Card You Can Use to Pay Bills, Make Online Purchases or even Withdraw from an ATM. How’s That for Some Real Perks? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Podex Exchange

As a VW reporter I hear all sorts of interesting things from people. If I wanted to sit here all day and gossip or dishing out scoops about awesome people, I would be a popular lunch lady. Nonetheless, here’s a little food for thought.I was told Second Life was really created as a place for the founding virtual nerds to test new concepts and ideas. Rather than let the grid get lost in cyberspace, one person’s idea of offering it over to users on a global platform was a big hit, making that person a “GOD “to avatars. These days the Lindens, are treated more like fallen angels that don’t show up when called upon or lack the ability to create miracles for residents. Once again, we find ourselves with free will, our own imagination and choices to make as long as we don’t break the terms of service. We have the choice to squander our time role playing, getting down to business or a little bit of both. In the years I have spent observing the Second Life community the business sector has grown dramatically. Back in 2005, avatars were still a bit wet behind the ears in business. Many premium members produced freebies and corner shops in countless malls or used rental ad boards at different in-world venues. You can still see that today but the difference is, those that are successful, utilize more media sources, social networks and services that offer real perks like a boost in customer traffic and revenues.

Podex ATM

Avatars are banking up Lindens and cashing them out at an increasing rate using e-commerce portals like Podex Exchange. Many already know how to be profitable using this company and are excited about the new visa card . Others are just realizing how the virtual world works with new technology and services. Podex Exchange keeps up with how avatars do business in Second Life and provides the customer service people deserve.

 Podex is a company that understands the needs of the community in both Second Life (SL) and in the physical world (RL). They are an official reseller with all the bells and whistles to show for it. Aside from offering the most competitive exchange rates available in Second Life, Podex has launched its new Visa Debit Card for real world transactions.

I met up with Podex Exchange CEO, Jacek Shuftan to talk more about this new debit card and the response it has had so far.

-Lanai Jarrico


Hi Jacek, let me start by saying, It is a pleasure to interview you. I love how Podex Exchange makes The SL Enquirer a real world commerce portal for premium members. With the addition of the exchange module on our website, I have noticed readers have been purchasing lindens often, even before logging in-world. This is a great accomplishment. You must be proud.

Jacek: Hello Lanai. It is nice to meet you again . Let me say I am also happy that you enjoy cooperating with Podex Exchange. I have always said it is not possible to make anything interesting or profitable alone. We, human beings, are sociable animals and need somebody else to have real fun. That is why I like cooperating with as many avatars as possible, and sharing their joy.

Thank you Jacek, to give our readers a better perspective of who you are, can you please tell me a little about yourself,? What brought you to Second Life and ultimately to this point?

Jacek: Well, it was so long ago. I remember it was a hot time of preparation for Christmas, my RL house was a mess. I tried to escape from cleaning window so I hid in my room, sat in front of monitor, read about SL and thought, “ Gosh, another stupid game, but let’s give it a try”. Registered my avatar, logged in.
Let’s say my family wasn’t very happy that Christmas.They mainly saw the back of my head. My wife had never been so close to divorce as than.

Wow. I am sure there are many that can relate to those threats . Second Life addiction can be a big real life problem if not recognized in time. In your case, Podex Exchange has been around since 2007 and is a great service . What is Podex and services?

Jacek: Right now, Podex in one of the biggest linden exchanges in Second Life but apart from our typical activity we also offer Mainland parcels for people with no Premium member account, many affiliate programs, web page with Second Life, movies, Podex Visa Card and I can promise that new services are coming. It is really great fun to invent new things and see how they work in our virtual world.

Without giving away any trade secrets, what do you think contributed most to Podex Exchange success and longevity?

Jacek: The economy of Second Life is nearly the same as in Real life one so the base of financial success is just … good price and trust of clients. We have really competitive prices, usually better than Linden Lab, we do not add any ‘extra costs” etc and I think it appeals to our clients.
Simplicity. I think it is also important. I am lazy person myself and hate registering accounts and filling in forms so I tried to make Podex system as easy as possible. Just write the name of avatar, number of LS, pay and get what you paid for. Yes, simplicity is the key.

Simplicity. I like that. Long standing reputation is also very important and it is apparent with the way you run your company. Congratulations on your recent launch of the Podex Exchange visa card. Can you tell me more about this awesome tool and how it can be made available to any premium member around the world?

Jacek: Many of avatars exchanging linden dollars complained about the long time waiting for cash, exchange limits, currency exchange costs etc. Some were afraid of submitting their credit card details to companies like PayPal, Moneybookers or even Linden Lab. Understanding these point of views, I tried to solve their problems. I think that Podex visa card is a step towards their expectations.

It is completely anonymous, that means a client does not reveal any personal information . Of course we must know RL address to send the card but it can be post box or we can even email the scan of Podex card if it is enough for a client. The card can be in PLN, USD, EURO or GBP so there is no cost for currency exchange.
There is no room to describe all details here, so I invite readers to our web page but the simpliest description of Podex card is:
“You load it with LS and use it in Real Life”

That is the perfect description. I’m sure some people are confused about exchange rates from country to country and even paying taxes. How are rates determined? Do you provide monthly statements to cardholders?

Jacek: I can not help with advice about taxes in Real Life as there are different regulation in every country. As a matter of fact nobody knows how to tax profit from SL. Exchange rates? I think that is one of the good points of Podex card is that you do not have to worry about exchange rates. You just exchange LS for Euros or USD, you have it on your card to cash out in RL ATM. No need to think about cost of transfer etc.

For only 10,000L, avatars can purchase this Visa card and actually receive it in the mail? There may be privacy concerns for some people. How do you protect their personal information?

Jacek: Privacy is one of the keys in our business activity. I know how important it is for our customers and I also know that one fail can ruin all reputation of my company. Our clients have it guaranteed in Podex Exchange ToS.
I come from an old communist country, I learned that the best way to keep a secret is … just not know the secret. According to this rule we do not gather any information . We do not know real names of our clients nor their RL addresses.
In case of Podex visa card we need RL address to send the card but we destroy the address as soon as we have sent the letter. So there is no worry that I will personally visit you in RL if not invited.

What are the requirements to get a Podex Exchange Visa card and where can SL residents get one?

Jacek: There are absolutely no requirements. You can be a one day old avatar and get it.
The card can be bought in the Podex Exchange office or by PayPal.

Where do you load the card?

Jacek: You load the card at our terminal – you pay the terminal LS, give it the number of your account and after transaction processing, you have currency on your card and can go shopping in RL. The processing depends on Real Life banks, unfortunately they do not work as fast as we do in SL, but it should never take more than two working days.

Get started today! Visit the Podex Exchange

Additional Information:
Jacek Shuftan
Podex Exchange


  1. i can happily say i have been using podex fo rme second life withdrawels for the last few weeks with no problem, money is sent to my bank within about 3 days, i recently paid for the podex visa card about a week ago and it has just arrived this morning, yet to use it though.

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