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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spotlight on Nila Byron- Meet a Masterful Creator with a Brilliant Imagination - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Whisper Forest

Hidden deep within the virtual world is a place of enchantment. A true avatar paradise where fantasies come to life. One creative soul has mastered the use of lights to make the landscape glow as if sprinkled with fairy dust. Step into Nila Byron’s world where fireflies light the way to ancient ruins, secret passageways, underwater landscapes, mountainous terrain, private estates and a magnificent castle said to belong to the Royal Secret Society.

Meet Nila Byron

Lanai: Hi Nila, It is a pleasure to interview such a creative and beautiful creature here in Second Life © . Can you tell me what brought you to SL © and do you consider it to be a game or an extension of your real life?

Nila: Hello, and thank you. I didn't know much about SL 4 years ago when I first "logged in" ... so I was very, very curious though I didn't know the potential it had. I consider it to be an extension of my Real Life, part of it ... almost a modus vivendi.

Lanai: Modus vivendi. I agree. It comes from the latin phrase meaning agree to disagree. It is true people have many opinions about Second Life influences in their real lives. So tell me about your Avatar, it is so unique. It reminds me of a whimsical part human, part animal that lives deep in an enchanted forest. How would you define your avatar’s style?

Nila: I find it difficult to define what doesn't have definition as I like to be a blend of everything... for me is the whimsy, the light, the imagination and magic inside me that I like to express through my avatar.

Lanai: You really do project all of that in your work. Besides your personal style, You are a creative genius. When did you realize your talent for creating here in SL?

Nila: The creation/imagination through my avatar began around 2 or 3 years ago when I got very curious about interesting/alternative/naturalistic SIMs . I met fauns, fairies, centaurs, elves, etc... I was amazed and inspired. Then I push it further and further, constantly finding inspiration in any kind of ideas or art. After understanding and learning how to modify things in SL I found iteasier to do what I imagined :). After that a friend of mine, Cael Eyre wanted to make a kind of 'Irish' SIM and I offered my help as it was the first time I had ever Landscaped or Terraformed. He accepted. Then I realized I could do some 'magic' on the terrains and nature in SL.

Lanai: Friends are a major influence here in Second Life. In your case they helped lead you to where you are today. What was the first project you ever worked on?

Nila: Besides my avatars, the SIM of Anam Cara was my first project... it was Cael's SIM, It started as an Irish project and ended up as a blend of fantasy and Irish/Celtic SIM. It was a 6 month (aprox.) project... full of nature, beautiful views, and secret places. Sadly that SIM is gone by decision of the owner. But I have several snapshots to share anytime :)

Lanai: I could only imagine how beauitful it was judging by the work I have seen myself. You have such a fantastic imagination. I absolutely love what you did with Dragonheart Spiritweaver’s new sim; Whisper Forest, the landscape around the RSS castle is stunning and the Blue ice club is super cool (no pun intended).
Can you tell me what inspires your ideas?

Nila: Glad you liked my work at the Whisper Forest. Anything can inspire me really ... I try to be surrounded by beautiful moments, energies, music, art... I just need a bright initial idea and my mind starts working non stop..

Lanai: I can tell by your constant work around the sim. Everytime i explore, I find something new. The use of lights with flowing waterfalls, bridges across mountains, delicately lit trees, waterfalls,flowers and fireflies are perfectly placed. Do you create the objects you use?

Nila: No I don't create anything, I'm thankful that we have amazing and talented creators/imaginators in SL. I wouldn't do what I do without them . I have few shops that I love!



Lanai: Oh that’s great that you use a variety of creator’s designs in your own. There are a lot of creative people here in Second Life. Your projects must take a lot of time because it shows you pay attention to detail. How long does it take to design a sim?

Nila: Uff! this is a complicated one, at Anam Cara I took 6 months to accomplish most of it, as it was constantly evolving... Whisper Forest took 2 - 3 weeks with few changes here and there, I love detail and I love constant changes. As you've seen the 'Dream within a Dream' side (my land) is constantly changing, evolving... flowing with my energy.

Lanai: There are many creators out there as you had mentioned. What separates you from the others?

Nila:I love what other creators do, some are so awfully talented and creative. I'm constantly building my style based on my imagination... I like to build dreams :).

Lanai: You have certainly achieved that. What matters the most to you as a designer?

Nila: Detail, harmony, flow, blending the styles into a one beautiful balance. Push the limits of the imagination.

Lanai: What do you think makes up a quality builder?

Nila: In creation, quality is very hard to define, either you like something or not. But always put the best of the mind and the soul into a project.

Lanai: What are your goals as a designer?

Nila: To bring dreams within dreams to this world, to blend what is unique and amazing of the Real world with what is unique and amazing inside our minds.

Lanai: What advice do you give to other builder/designers just beginning?

Nila: Practice, try every thought that comes to your mind, but always find harmony and balance even if its a crazy idea. Always use the best items, either you want to build them or not, best textures, best lights, best creators' objects, etc...

Lanai: That’s great advice to give. In Harmony and balance, that is how I like to work too. For those looking for a landscape designer, are you available for custom builds? If so, how would you preferred to be contacted?

Nila: I'm available to do custom landscaping and terraforming as long as its within my whimsy, magic, glowy style. By email ( ) or IM :)

- Lanai Jarrico
The SL Enquirer


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