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Showing posts with label costumes. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Halloween Destinations in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


Halloween originated by the Ancient Celts with an annual pagan festival of Samhain to welcome the harvest at the end of Summer. It was celebrated with bonfires, feasting and dancing in costumes to ward off ghosts. Wiccans honored their ancestors by building altars adorned with pumpkins, apples and other fall crops. Some Wiccans added photos of deceased family members and even special baked bread to feed visiting spirits. Storytelling was also part of the rituals. Samhain was one of the 66 seals, and he was worshiped as a God.

In Central and southern Mexico, “Dia de los Muertos” is also known as “Day of the Dead”.

The festivals seem to share the same concepts as the Festival of Samhain. However, rather than mourning the dead which was seen as disrespectful. They celebrate their deceased family members' lives with bright yellow marigold flowers, food and favorite drinks of the departed.

Halloween today in America morphed into some kind of joke. Parents dressing their kids up like cartoon characters and Memes to go around knocking on doors for candy only to come home and “inspect” your kids stash and put aside your favorite candies.  For adults that still like to dress up, go to Halloween parties and get all wrecked and take an Uber home.

In Second Life, Halloween is celebrated by a Global community to bring in their own special traditions for others to enjoy. Here are some locations in Second Life where you can experience Halloween in the comfort of your own home and go clubbing, check out some concerts, decorate your crib or go shopping for that perfect costume. Enter some contests for a chance at winning  Lindens for Best Costume like everrrr!

Here are some haunts below to check out! Happy Halloween!

LUXE Paris New Masquerade Shop

You don't want to be ugly for Halloween? LUXE Paris NEW MASQUERADE Shop is for you! Stylish disguises! Harajuku Girl, Lady Sheriff, Squid Guards, Private Benjamin, Mr Galaxy, Princess Anastasia, Marie-Antoinette, Witch in Flames... L$300 to L$350 for a complete costume! Once you are all ready for your Halloween party, have a look at our regular collection in the main store. Inspired by the European haute couture, LUXE Paris offers elegant clothes for ALL occasions. Need a pose to immortalize your new looks? Visit our ProPose store, professional fashion poses by the top model Ponchituti Boucher. And finally, hit our private jet for a ride to our SUPER OUTLET in the SKY where everything is L$50! All day every day! 


OCTOBER 27TH @ 1:00pm SLT





InspireMe City and InspireMe Estates Presents :DJ Sophia

October 27th @ 2pm SLT 

5000L+ Halloween Costume Contest

Linden giveaway for different costumes.

Trick or Treat 


October 31st @ 1:00pm SLT






Transylvania (/^VAMPIRE EMPIRE^\) Goth Vampire Community

October 31st @ 6:00pm SLT

Come Celebrate the best night of the year with your Bloody DJ's from 6pm-8pm slt as they spin some scary tunes. We have a Transylvanian at the wheel as they drive us screaming into the night. Don't be late!

Transylvania - Second Life's Oldest Vampire Community and home to some of the best DJs on the grid! Active Goth Scene ~ Strong Vampiric Style ~ Lycan ~ DJs ~ Residential Rentals 

Don’t forget to search the event listings for Halloween Events happening across the grid this month.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Will You Do for Fun on Halloween?- Camury Reporting…

Halloween Shops in SL (Costumes, Decorations, Haunted Hunts & Activities)
Halloween is a traditional and cultural event which takes place mainly in English-speaking countries, especially the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK. History shows that Halloween originated from the pagan celebrations of the ancient Celtic cultures.
During Halloween, we see pumpkins and costumes and hear the famous line "trick or treat" which all play a significant role in this popular event. This festivity also includes frightening characters like ghosts, witches, zombies, skulls, monsters, black cats and even Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster.
It is a event in Second Life too. Many islands, shops and venues are decorated with with traditional items like bats, spider webs, pumpkins and creepy ghouls that remind us it’s Halloween.
Here are some places you can go to find some great Halloween decorations and costumes.

You will find complete female outfits, group gifts, and  party supplies here.
(The group is free to join.)

COCO Store:
 Brii Underground Wear  
Here you will find several outfits FOR FREE!
There are selections for him and her. You can also join the Halloween hunt and find 10 full outfits for only 1L each. Instructions can be found by clicking the logo banner inside the store. Information can be found in both English and Portuguese.
The group is free to join.
At *SL Free & Offer,* there is also a handsome Halloween outfit for men as well as another group for the girls. Remember to activate the group tag. (The group is free to join.)
At the Halloween Store, you will find complete outfits for men and women, with prices starting at 99 lindens. At the same store, you can find complete Halloween male and female avatars with prices starting at 199 lindens.

If you like the Japanese style, you can find Halloween costumes, gifts (transferables), mesh, clothing, shoes, skin, kimono, Gothic, EGL Goth, EGA, Cyber, Japanese, free, Santa suits, fantasy, punk, Neko, Vampire, wedding attire, ethnic clothes, Kawaii, cosplay, maid, angel, SCIFI, horse, harness at Bare Rose Tokyo,. Several complete outfits, starting at 150 lindens. Use your imagination and create a beautiful look for Halloween.

Go to the Halloween Market Sim and you'll find decorative, themed objects, with prices beginning at 15 lindens. You will also find complete outfits, male and female, for Halloween, with prices starting at 199 lindens.

Arriving in Halloween Town, look at the sky and sit on the devil's hand for a tour around the sim. At the entrance, get one free pumpkin hoppy ball and a free witch hat that can change the color. In Halloween Town, you will also find decorative items for Halloween parties, kids’ costumes, items to build a haunted house (spooky, creepy, and disturbing), decorative objects inspired by television, movies, and games. You also will find makeup, tattoos, and complete avatars, full perm, with different prices.

Also don’t forget to visit Fallen's Haunting - a haunted house and cemetery. Fallen's Haunting is an old haunted house with many rooms and three hidden ones. (Maybe you can find them.) Take a lantern at the landing point to help light the way. They have an outdoor area for events (DJ's and live singers). There is also a haunted maze. Be sure to visit the pumpkin area once you make it through the maze; there are also many places to chill with your friends.

If you like adventure, visit the voodoo hunt that starts on the 15th of October. It is a hunt for a little voodoo doll, but you can also find several gifts. On the 17th, the CLUB Voodoo is going to be have a Halloween Masquerade ball, and on the 30th there will be a Halloween party.

  • Voodoo Hunt:
Hunt Dates: Oct 15 – Oct 31
Stops: TBA (to be announced)
Hunt Object: Voodoo Doll
Hunt Theme: Halloween

These are just a few of the many other hunts and Halloween-themed events that await you in Second Life:
  • Sweet Tots 5th Annual Halloween Hunt
Hunt Dates: Oct 1 – Nov 1
Stops: In The main hunt, there are 16 things to find that are filled with over 140 prizes. In addition,  there are also bonus prizes (17) and Pumpkins (20). There are many prizes to be found.
Hunt Object: Participate in the story and find the items listed therein..
Hunt Theme: There is also a scary story in which you hunt for missing children. As you find a clue, you win prizes until you complete the journey. This is a haunted land and a half-sim decorated.

  • Darkness Falls
Hunt Dates: Oct 9 – Oct 31
Stops: 10
Hunt Object: Pumpkin
Hunt Theme: The darkest night of the year is approaching, and just as they do every year, Harshlands organizes an event to celebrate it.

  • Galicia Spine-Chilling Halloween Hunt ~ Just started
Hunt Dates: Oct 12 – Oct 31
Stops: 10
Hunt Object: Pumpkin
Hunt Theme: Explore the swamp, house, cemetery, and lighthouse. You never know what might be hiding behind the door. Look for 10 glowing pumpkins with some fabulous Halloween tattoos by Gab’s Creations in addition to some other goodies.

Have fun in Halloween!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

About Halloween and How it is Observed Around the World and in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

October is the time of year when the leaves begin to change into vibrant colors and the warm summer air cools down into a new season--if you are in a place that experiences 4 seasons. It is also the month when Halloween is observed. Many countries celebrate Halloween, but it is most popular in the United States and Canada. Interestingly enough, trick-or tricking actually originated in Ireland.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays ever since I was a kid. Loads of candy, of course, being the driving force to celebrate. I still like to dress up in crazy costumes and go to parties or be the one handing candy out while checking out the various costumes people come up with theses based on pop culture.

This holiday began as an Ancient Celtic Festival when the people would wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts. Along the line it changed names  from All Hallow’s Eve to the present-day “Halloween.” Today it is observed in a variety of ways around the world. For example,the US and Canada decorate and celebrate with  pumpkins, Jack O’ Lantern carvings, corn stalks, Halloween Parties, and Trick- or treating.

In China, Teng Chieh is observed by placing food and water in front of photographs of departed family members along with lanterns and bonfires to help light the path for the spirits to roam. Buddhists create boats made out of paper and light them on fire in the water--both as a remembrance of those who have died as well as to free the spirits so they may ascend to heaven.

Mexico and Latin America celebrates “El Dia de los Muertos,” translated into English is means the day of the dead. It is a joyous celebration that lasts three days from October 31st to All Souls Day on November 2nd. Observers spend this time constructing altars decorated with flowers, candy, foods, drinks, candles and photographs in honor of family and friends who have passed on. Feasts, parades, and even picnics in cemeteries take place.

As you can see Halloween isn’t all about candy and dressing up in your favorite characters and partying with friends. To many cultures it is about honoring the dead and remembering them in various ways.

As soon as October 1st comes around in Second Life, Halloween becomes the focus as avatars begin to decorate, look for the coolest costumes and figure out where the Halloween parties are. You can participate in themed hunts, haunted house tours, costume parties, and contests.

Here are a few fun places I found  across the grid to get you ready for Halloween:

Costume Shops
Costume Creations for all Occasions-

Hunts and Activities
5th Annual Sweet Tot’s Halloween Hunt-

Haunted House Tours

Haunted Island - Halloween Market-

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Halloween Second Lifers!- Orchids Reporting…

Halloween  or the "All Hallows' Evening" is near!  And so is 
the time for making jack-o'-lanterns and dressing up for Halloween parties, but do you know the real story behind this holiday?
This is an old Irish myth about a man "Stingy Jack." Stingy Jack once invites the Devil to have a drink with him and tricks the devil to turn himself into a coin. Jack puts the coin into his pocket with a silver cross. The devil could not change back into his original form till he promised Jack  that he would not bother him for one year and if should Jack die, he would not claim his soul.
Come next year, Jack again tricks the devil into climbing into a tree to pick fruit and carves a sign of the cross into the tree's bark so the devil could not come down until  he promised Jack not to bother him for ten more years.

Soon after, Jack dies. God would not allow such a cheat into heaven. The devil, being upset with Jack and keeping his word not to claim his soul, wouldn’t allow Jack into hell. He sends Jack off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and as the legend goes, roams the Earth with ever since. This ghostly figure came to be known as "Jack of the Lantern," and then, simply "Jack O'Lantern."
In Ireland and Scotland, people carved scary faces into turnips or potatoes. In England, large beets were used. Immigrants from these countries brought the Jack o' Lantern tradition with them when they came to the United States. They soon found that pumpkins, a fruit native to America, make perfect jack-o'-lanterns.

There are many ways to celebrate the ghostly spirit of Halloween in SL ! Here are a few ways..

Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Halloween costumes 2012 -Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Halloween is by far one of the most celebrated events in Second Life. People from all over the world participate and enjoy this American festival.



There are many ways to dress up for Halloween. Everyone should start with what they want to be or represent. 2012 has quickly become a year for Vampires and Zombies as they are one of the most popular costumes across the grid. There are people who also like the wild side of Halloween and choose bright coloured “silly” costumes which adds a fun touch to the event. Whichever your style is, its time for some shopping!