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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall Activities in Second Life - Cecilia Rose Reporting...

This article was to be dedicated to fall activities, but I'll confess that it looks more like all seasons in one. OK now let's see what fields we will try to cover: Sales, Hunts and Events.  These three happen all year around, but we'll focus on the most recent ones.

Sales: Without exaggeration, this is the favorite pastime of the feminine of the species. Most of the shops in Second Life offer weekly sales rather than monthly ones. So, I am going to give you a useful list of the very best of the branded shops and examples of their weekly sales.

Of course, the sales don't stop at what you see posted here, there is plenty more to find and buy without breaking the bank.

1) Earth & Sky Designs

Lingerie SUPER SALE@ Earth & Sky Designs

There are more than 20 colors available!
Prices range from 449L down to 250L.

Hair Sale! -  Starting at 1L to 99L! That’s not bad at all, considering our need to change hairstyles often. It can get pricey.

2) Fable Fridays sales list!!!
Our lovely Fridays are here!

Elegant Goth

For more lists and items check here:


Weekly sales:

Sales happen every Monday for fine jewelry and clothing!

(NOTE: sales vary from 10 Lindens to 60 Lindens.)

 The WOMENstuff Hunt:  This hunt began November 2, 2012  and runs through  January 2, 2013. The best part about hunts is that designers will have the option to switch out your gift after the first month and advertise a second gift! Join the group for updates!

BORED OUT OF YOUR GOURD-Grumble Sim-Wide November Hunt
This hunt is for the month of  November for gourds. You can look through all the stores and buildings on the sim to find them. Gourds are $1L each/ trans/ male & female gifts.

Teleport here:

7 Deadly sins full permissions hunt for creators : Theme: 7 deadly sins full permissions hunt for creators : Choose one of the deadly sin and … enjoy…

Prizes can be textures, sculpties, mesh, scripts, poses and templates… but they have to be full perms, except for the sculpted map that can be no modified.

Hunt Date: Nov. 1 st – Dec 1st:

Blog Url :

SLurl to starting point:

Mind F*ck Hunt 4 :

Date :November 24th

The hunt will begin @ noon & end @ midnight. This is a 12 hour hunt!
Here are the items:
- 24 items hidden inside AlterEgo / across 2 sims! 1L
-  decoys – empty 0L
- Random Store Credit Giveaways!
- no hints, no clues, no help. Sorry.

Teleport Now:


Around The World

Around The World, held Nov. 15 - Nov. 29, This location is a collection of some of SL's best designers who've come together to represent nine different regions throughout the world. Immerse yourselves in this culturally diverse atmosphere. For those who like exploring ....    

---> Mystickal Tymes

Explore one of the largest castles in SL or participate in the Jewel Hunt and Defenders of the Circle Hunt. There's no shortage of things to do at Mystickal Tymes.


Open Mic Poetry at Celestial Realms 12 PM Thursdays

Are you into writing and the arts?

Bring a Poem or two and share your favourites at Celestial Realms. You don't have to be a poet to participate, but you do need to have a love for the spoken word and a willingness to share with others.

Hosted By Sabreman Carter

When : 11/29/12

Time: 12:00 PM/ Thursdays

You have no excuse to be bored now, have fun out there.


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