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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Egoisme Weddings Special Edition- All are Welcomed!

Do you want to Partner/Marry the love of your Second Life in a great location without spending a fortune? Egoisme Ltd. its proud to provide our customers the location for their wedding. 

To book the location please IM Jeff Meredith or Ramses Meredith. There are no costs only free donations for this special moment.

Step inside the gated heart doors. Peaceful serenity awaits you and your guests!

Tour our location before to book it!

The Wedding location has the follow features:

♡ Particle Stars
♡ Garden Party Lights (Christmas Lights) on Prim Saving Technology with Temp Rezzer
♡ Pose Stand and Swing with 9 Static Couple Poses for Pictures
♡ Altar Animations for Bride/Groom, Bride/Bride or Groom/Groom (see details below)
♡ Solo Wedding Walks
♡ Couples Wedding Walks
♡ Catering System
♡ Wedding Cake and Cake Serving Set
♡ Guestcards (Guestbook)
♡ Lockable Gates
♡ Texture Changer preloaded with a very large number of textures

Animations Include:

    ♡  Wedding Stands
        - RingBoy Stand
        - FlowerGirl Stand
        - Bridesmaid Stand
        - Groomsmen Stand
     ♡ Solo Wedding Walks
        - Bridesmaid Walk (Hold Bouquet with Both Hands)
        - Bridesmaid Walk (Hold Bouquet with Left Hand)
        - Bridesmaid Walk (Hold Bouquet with Right Hand)
        - Flower Girl Walk
        - Ring Boy Walk
        - Groomsmen Walk

    ♡ Couples Wedding Walks
        - Male & Female Walk To Altar (before ceremony)
        - Male & Female Walk From Altar (after ceremony)
        - Female & Female Walk (can be used for before and/or after ceremony)
        - Male & Male Walk (can be used for before and/or after ceremony)

    ♡ Altar Animation Platform (adjustable poses)
        ♡ Male/Female Animations:
        - Male/Female Hold Hands (3 choices)
        - Male/Female Kneel (2 choices)
        - Male/Female "I Do"
        - Bride's Ring Placement
        - Groom's Ring Placement
        - Male/Female Kiss (4 choices)
        - Male/Female Face Crowd (Present Husband & Wife)
        ♡ Female/Female Animations:
        - Female/Female Hold Hands (3 choices)
        - Female/Female Kneel (2 choices)
        - Female/Female "I Do"
        - Bride to Bride's Ring Placement # 1
        - Bride to Bride's Ring Placement # 2
        - Female/Female Kiss (3 choices)
        - Female/Female Face Crowd (Present Wife & Wife)
        ♡ Male/Male Animations:
        - Male/Male Hold Hands (3 choices)
        - Male/Male Kneel (2 choices)
        - Male/Male "I Do"
        - Groom to Groom's Ring Placement # 1
        - Groom to Groom's Ring Placement # 2
        - Male/Male Kiss (2 choice)
        - Male/Male Face Crowd (Present Husband & Husband)  
The system can be automatizated and host to a max 50 people on the sim.

Special Offer from The SL Enquirer:
Get Married at EGOISME Weddings Garden and get a free Engagement/ Wedding Announcement in the SL Enquirer!
Email your 150 word Announcement and picture to

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