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Showing posts with label garden. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Taking a splash at Splash Aquatics -Stacey Cardalines Reporting


If you explore SL enough, you see just about everything. You can see amazing things, like a 200-foot gorilla or a space alien, but you also see mundane things, like streams and rocks and fish. You may or may not stop to ponder things like "Who on SL has a job where he makes crayfish all day?" Well, there is someone who devotes time to such things, perhaps several someone. With that in mind, let's have a look at Splash Aquatics.

I think Splash may run a water park that I have covered before, but that is just a coincidence. Stacey Cardalines doesn't do Pay For Play. If you own a sim, have money, and want proof, just contact me at and make an offer. You can see either the ceiling or the floor of my integrity as a journalist... perhaps even both if we haggle some.

I'd go to Splash even if they weren't throwing me a little cake on the side because Splash Aquatics is really cool. They specialize in aquatic things, ranging from fish to birds to lizards to ponds. If you own a sim, want some fish and water on it, and were wondering where you'd get stuff like that, the answer is Splash Aquatics.

Splash is set up in a circular pattern, and you can run a lap around the place easily enough. They have stuff for sale, and stuff aimed more at immediate entertainment. It's not a bad business model. They sell fish and water and allow you to play in the water with the fish before you walk to the part of the sim where you buy water and fish. You get to see the goods, then purchase them if you are impressed. However, you can go to Splash without even an ounce of intent towards buying something and still have fun.

I started at the landing zone, then checked out some ducks. I like ducks. "Duck" is a cute word, even if rhymes with the F-Bomb. "Mother duck" is cute, and that also rhymes with one of the 7 Words. My immediate thought was "If I owned a home here on SL, I'd have a duck pond," a reaction which is probably what Splash was aiming for. The ducks are the pastoral, quiet ducks. I think making them like Daffy or Donald would be a copyright violation, and might lead to cartoon-like scenarios where the duck orders something from ACME and causes an explosion in your otherwise tranquil duck pond.

The next stop was a Swimming Pool area, where they showed off a few pools. The chlorine keeps the wildlife out of the pool, which is good at a sim that sells alligators and sharks. "Spend 10 grand on installation, then die in it when a Moray Eel migrates into it from the Deep Sea part." That seems unlikely, but one of the Jaws movies had the shark-eating people at Sea World, so it is indeed plausible. I think the shark also retched up Michael Caine in one of the Jaws movies, but that didn't happen at Splash and is thus some other journalist's problem.

I then got to the coolest part of the park, which is a Deep Sea section. You can see me posing in the Megalodon jaws at the entrance in one of the accompanying pictures. I'd just be an appetizer to that shark, who most likely ate giant squid and whales. I'd be a mozzarella stick or a Bloomin' Onion to that shark. That was the only pose they had, I'd have tried harder there, but it might be cute with a child or tourist avatars. They have a few exhibits, with sharks, whales, and rays. The fun part is the Underwater Tunnel, which goes into an aquarium. We took a few pics in there. They have Moray Eels, Barracuda, Whales, Nemo fish, and a whole bunch of other fish. They had something in a cave that I couldn't identify but had tentacles. It had a Lovecraftian appearance that I wished to distance myself from.

Ballsier people can use the Dive Tank, which puts you in the water with these things. You can enjoy Aquaman's basic lifestyle, minus the Superhero stuff. No scuba gear needed, I was wearing a dress. Nothing attacks you, which is a change for me, especially when I wear a dress. It's a small tank, but they have it loaded with fish and you can kill some time in there.

You can also get on the roof, which has a garden and overlooks the Fishing Lake. I snuck a shot of two random people fishing, because of reasons. Stacey doesn't Ask, no, she Takes. They didn't catch anything while I was watching them, but that happens a lot in real life with my husband, so I assume that SL Fishing is aimed that way. As the Sports and Leisure editor here since 2009 or so, I can tell you that I have been dodging an article on SL Fishing since 2009 or so. I'll get to it someday, which will be ironic because I often wait for my husband to go fishing before I play SL. I will at that point be avoiding real-life fishing to go cartoon fishing, and that sounds four kinds of strange.

From there, you can slide over to the Aquarium section. This is more where you buy aquariums more than visit them. They also sell the fish, plants, and ornaments that go into them. I didn't check, but I assume that the aquarium sizes range from "desktop" to "Sea World," but I might be wrong. They definitely have the regular, home-sized aquarium. They also have a few dozen fish that you can load into the tanks, ranging from lobsters to whales and everything in between.

From there, they get to the money-makin' part, where they sell all things that Splash. Waterfalls, sculpted ponds, rivers, fountains, volcanoes, geysers... you name it. The megalomaniac in me likes the idea of owning a river for some reason that I can't define, even for humor if someone is paying me. Some of the ponds have alligators or swans, so be forewarned. They also sell birds, like penguins, swans, and seagulls. I don't know if they have McDonald's on SL somewhere, but if they did, they should buy a few seagulls for the parking lot so you can throw fries to them.

Summer is fading away quickly, and if you try to time your SL to your RL, you might want to get working on that duck pond. Pretty soon, you can skate on that sh*t. I have to start doing Autumn articles, then Winter articles. I may need your pond for a Hockey article.

Monday, August 31, 2020

From Farm to Table - GiaBlossom reporting

The Farming concept was first seen with the introduction of Harvest Moon in the gaming world. It gave the communities and cults for games a reason for immersive roleplay. Back in 2009 when Farmville hit the world up a storm, no one knew how big the business would be. Second Life gamers were also not behind in bringing the concept in-world. 

In 2010 we saw the introduction of Guardian de las Sombras, easier known as G&S. It focused on medieval fantasy communities to help them get into immersive roleplay. We had also seen the introduction of Life where not only the energy but also the hygiene of an avatar was introduced making it more real. Then came the Digital Farm System in October 2016. In 2017, a year later, we heard the introduction of the Aura Roleplay system. And the latest introduction in BeYou, which is similar to Life and is slowly taking the grid by storm. The estates like Blossom Meadows  are relaunching itself as the family community roleplay integrated with BeYou homes. 

Earlier we used to see crops used for farming. Crops like wheat, hay, tomato, rice, sugarcane, corn. The basics that could be cooked to make the animal feed for farm animals like cows-bulls, hens-roosters, goats, sheep etc. Then we saw the introduction of carpentry, mining, backsmith, fishing among other activities as well. Overall, in all the systems you will find these activities. As the growth of secondary markets began we also saw the expiration of the goods in certain systems, the first being G&S. Like all changes, it was met with both positive and negative reviews. 

We have also witnessed various breedables over the years from fantasy to farm to domestic and wild animals. We have also seen fairies breed. And more important, we have also seen plants as breedables, called the Plant Pets. With the introduction of mesh, people wanted to see more realistic elements. We saw a number of new full perm mesh designers in the grid. This helped the farming industry as well. From water towers, windmills to crops to farm animals to food. And these days we have flowers as well. 

Flowers grown are used in further production and creating Limited/ rare items for recipes. 

Creativity has no limits. Immersive roleplay is so deep that every step you take will bring you to new opportunities. Flowers, trees, bushes which were once made just for landscaping are now used in farming systems. The same that were used for landscaping with the same prim count are used to decorate sims and create an interactive world. Unlike the breedables, the farming scripts use a lot less memory and usually low lag. There is also no physical element, that is the animals are movement restricted leading to no collision which also helps in keeping the lag down. However, for a new farmer it's always good to start small and build up from there depending upon your spare time and involvement. There are many farm barons who give a small piece of land for farming. Either you can ask in respective groups or look out for the advertisements. 

Since 2016, the secondary market for the Digital Farm System has grown to over 4500 active members. They also started with the Digital Living System to enhance the life-like living in Second Life. It is seen that the older the systems get, there are more number of people who join and the prices in the secondary markets fall. For example the same recipe in G&S will sell for 27L$; while in DFS it will sell for 152L$ and in beYou it sells over 300L$. (All prices fluctuate and are in approx estimates). Farming enthusiasts who love to mint Lindens from the secondary markets, will grab the next opportunity in a new system. Also, the scope of expansion and improvements gets higher with any new systems. 

To keep a business afloat it is important to keep the change alive. The Digital Farm System introduces new recipes every month. This recipe is dedicated to the monthly cooking champion. Sometimes, these recipes are available to be cooked for a limited time only. Like all limited items the prices for these are fairly high. This system also  introduced flowers by TSpot Home and Garden in a number of recipes to add fragrance with the added fruity flavours. 

The flowers are used for essential oils, cooking oils, fragrance, decoration of furniture, decoration of food platters, cakes, limited recipe items, edible flowers as well. Flowers like roses are the best sellers during valentines month. Other varieties of flowers like lilies, chives, lavenders, baby’s breath, wild flowers, daffodils, daisies, carnations, Geraniums are a score and are available in various colors. The flowers like all plants come with certain fixed uses; which means they can be harvested for that many times. However, DFS introduced the concept of Forever plants. Forever plants can only be received from Farm Stash Boxes and Grab Bags available each month from the MainStore. These plants are resold in secondary markets at very high prices. Each Sunflower Forever plant is sold at as high as 10,000L$. The other Forever flowers are Chives, Daffodils, Lavenders and Wild flowers. For example in the month of May 2020 a new limited variety of wild flowers were introduced, the “Wild Flowers Mothers Day Blue Dolly”. Not only are flowers used in flower baskets, but it is also incorporated with animals as cute decorations like the Limited DFS Sow/Boar - Happy Mother Day. 

The prices for the flower markets like all other raw materials increase with the number of uses for each basket. For example a Geranium basket will sell at 5-6L$ each. Each harvest gives 1 basket. The prices of the harvests are based on a number of factors. They are: number of harvests, number of days to harvest, number of times they are pruned, the further uses in production of recipes, amount of energy it took to prune and harvest. 

Unlike G&S and Aura, DFS and beYou have more modern food platters. They ask the players to suggest recipes that could be incorporated. Hence, we have cuisines from all over the world. We have various flavours of icecreams, fragrance of soaps, creative influx of cakes for all occasions fitting all taste buds. Syrups, milkshakes, dips and sauces are just a few among the long list. 

These days these recipes have found a place in the non-roleplay environment as well. A few years back at wedding parties, birthday celebrations, baby showers and other occasions we used to find a brunch table giving out a list of food items from its menu. Then we saw placemats being used as restaurants with a similar concept as well. Now we will see clients asking for specific food for their celebrations. Event planners can now arrange for food tasting and complete custom orders. The old foods used to just have the eating and drinking animations, the new ones have the added advantage of being eaten with energy. 

Second Life is an escape from reality and we may or may not have a reason to party. These systems are an added dynamics that are built not only for active roleplay but also encourage opportunity at every level. There are farmers, cooks, carpenters, miners, blacksmiths, traders. The limitless opportunity to earn for not only the players but also mesh designers. Earlier we used to see just simple plating in the form of prims, then we saw sculpts and now we see mesh. From fish to meat, crops to flowers, fresh herbs to spices, fruit trees to pine trees (harvested for wood); we are all growing. 

Additional Information

Digital Farm System by Ice12192 Drover -
TSpot Home & Garden by Teresa Matfield -
Guardian de las Sombras -

Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring is in the air with Clear Creek Nursery' s Lovers Scene

Clear Creek Nursery's Lovers Scene is made for lovers at heart. It has a swing where your lady can sit and you push her on the swing. Say I Love You to your special lady.

  • It is Copy/Mod so you can change it how you like.
  • 86 prims and sells for $L399!

Watch the video to see it in action!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019



For every photograph you buy, you get one FREE. Come in and buy your photo then IM me and give me the name of the one you want for FREE and I will send it to you.
Remember, all my photos can be re-sized from very small to very large. As you walk into my Gallery, go to the right and you will see an example on one of the walls.
Don’t’ forget to check out my Nursery to the left of my Gallery for all of your landscaping needs.

Ricardo Avalira
Reflections of Nature Photography

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Olde Attic is having a sale on secret items this weekend!

The Olde Attic is home to a range of garden, furniture and homes with the aim of providing low land impact, high quality products at fair prices.

The mainstore:

Marketplace Store:

Flickr Group:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2017 SL Christmas Expo Opens December 1st Shopping, Entertainment & More in support of the Relay For Life of Second Life

The 7th Annual SL Christmas Expo opens Friday December 1stand will run through Sunday, December 10th .  More than 70 merchants spread out over 4 regions will offer shopping for Fashion, Home & Garden,Breedables and more.  Forty-five live performances, DJ& Live Radio shows, Dance Troupes and Tribute shows will provide nearly 70 hours of entertainment to shoppers.  Gotyas, raffles and contests will round out this year’s offerings at SL’s Premier Holiday shopping event.

The theme is “HOLIDAY WINDOWS” and merchants will be decorating their shoppe windows as part of the Holiday Window Contest.  There will be sleigh rides, ice skating, a Christmas tree lot and a Snowman building contest.

The Expo, which is sponsored by Athena Couture, BattlebeastBreedables, Botanica, Ever An’ Angel, T1Radio and WHIP Radio supports the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life and will conclude with the 8th Annual Holidays of Hope Gala Ball, Sunday December 10th 2-7pm .

For more information contact Nuala Maracas or visit

Contact Nuala Maracas

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


 My name is Tylar Resident and I am part of the  Second life community. I am a builder and creator. My store is called TYLAR'S TREASURES. I specialize in unique, one of a kind creations. I create home and garden items such as tulips and birdhouses with bird sounds, garden décor, ponds and gardens as well as decorative items, wall art, vases of flowers, animated furniture and scenes (beach theme, nautical, outdoor dining, outdoor couples animated furniture and many more). I try to impart an entire scenario with my animated builds.
In addition to my display at my main store, I also have a display at the Perfect 10 Event on the Cookie Jar Sim. The Perfect 10 Event runs from the 1st to the 15th of each month.
For a better look at my recent releases, please visit my blog at

Perfect 10 is an amazing sales event located on the Cookie Jar Sim. Specializing in home and garden items, you will find many designers with unique offerings. Come browse the beautiful sim, relax and shop in comfort and find incredible bargains.

Please support the Cookie Jar Sim. Visit here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Egoisme Weddings Special Edition- All are Welcomed!

Do you want to Partner/Marry the love of your Second Life in a great location without spending a fortune? Egoisme Ltd. its proud to provide our customers the location for their wedding. 

To book the location please IM Jeff Meredith or Ramses Meredith. There are no costs only free donations for this special moment.

Step inside the gated heart doors. Peaceful serenity awaits you and your guests!

Tour our location before to book it!

The Wedding location has the follow features: