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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AVIE POLL: How has SL affected Your Real Life?- Cecilia Rose Reporting...

With more and more people talking about Second Life, numerous issues have been raised so far. Although some of them are not so worrying, there is one issue which is quite serious and needs to be addressed. Since Second Life can be addictive, in what ways can the "game" affect your life?

There is widespread concern about Second Life and its negative results to our Real Life. All it depends on the way it is used. People usually play games in order to have some fun and this is a way Second Life can help you do it without a doubt.

 Although, if you play the game because you are dissatisfied with your life and want to build a new one in Second Life, it may not  be the best way to do it because you may end up dealing with the issues in the game instead of dealing with your real life.

Believe it or not, this happens and there are people who have neglected their real friends and even the members of their family because they preferred sitting in front of the computer and spending time with a bunch of strangers.

However, there is another way that Second Life can affect your life, with a much brighter side of the game. Namely, since this is one of the ways people can communicate with each other, there are some people who have managed to find their partners this way.

There is a couple in Philadelphia who fell in love in Second Life. They decided to meet and we have news that they have recently got married. All in all, Second Life can affect your life in many different ways, but only if you let it happen.

Let's see what other Second Life residents think.

Five avatars have been interviewed on their opinions. Some of them wanted to remain anonymous, in this case instead of their name I will use Anonymous1,2,3 etc...

(A) Reginagrace

SLE: Hello Ms. Reginagrace, would you like to tell us about your Second Life experience?

Reginagrace : Hello, sure!!

SLE: How long have you been in SL?

Reginagrace : I've been playing for two years now.

SLE: What is your daily limit?

Reginagrace : Two or 3 hours a day.

SLE: Are there any days that you don't join in world at all?

Reginagrace : Yes ,busy days, you know workload, family etc ,or when there are no friends on.

SLE: Would you say you are addicted to SL?

Reginagrace : No, not addicted to the game itself, but sometimes to people I meet. In my opinion men are stronger than women when it comes to addiction.

SLE: What about your experiences? Would you say there are mostly positive or negative?

Reginagrace : I would definitely say positive, I've met great people in here and I've learnt tons of new things about their culture and they ways.
Sure I've rude people but I still look at the bright side!

SLE: Thank you very much Reginagrace.

(B) Anonymous 1

SLE: Hello Mr. I would like to as you some questions about your Second Life and how it effects your Real Life.

Anonymous 1:  For sure, please ask away!

SLE: When did you first log in?

Anonymous 1: about 115 days ago, less or more.

SLE: How would you characterize your SL - experience positive or negative?

Anonymous 1: I would say both...  depends on the using way

SLE: What you mean? Would you like to be more specific?

Anonymous 1: It's positive by having fun and meeting new people and enjoying time n here and negative when people get addicted to SL and ignore their RL to replace it with SL

SLE: So, as we talk about addiction, do you think are you addicted or have you ever been?

Anonymous 1: There was time yes I was addicted but woke up early to keep up with my real life. when others I met in here who completely replaced the real life with second life.

SLE: Thanks a lot for your time, I think your answers gave us food for thought!!

Anonymous 1: My pleasure.

(C) kaifah Resident

SLE: Hello Ms. Kaifah I would like to ask you some questions about your SecondLife experience.

Kaifah Resident : Go ahead, I'll be glad to answer.

SLE : How long have you been playing the game?

Kaifah Resident : you don't have like real chairs to sit/?? and glass of water??? :P


Kaifah Resident : I've playing about 2 months now.

SLE: Tell us more about your SL experiences till now. Are they positive or negative?

Kaifah Resident : I would say both, it's all about the using way. For example for me Sl is a way to have fun and relax and I love meeting new people.

SLE : How many hours do you play per day ?

Kaifah Resident : LOL! Maybe half of  my day but there are periods that I don't join for five days or more.

SLE : LAUGHS! Do you think Second Life interferes with you first life?

Kaifah Resident: You could say I am kind of an SL - addict, but It doesn't disturb my life If I do not play I just like to play it, It's FUN!

SLE : Thank you for sharing your Second Life experience with us Kaifah!

Kaifah Resident : Smiles ! You're most welcome.

(D) Vivian Ewing

SLE :  So, to start with that, how long have you been playing the game?

Vivian Ewing : I've been in Second Life for 6,5 years.

SLE : How many hours do you spent daily?

Vivian Ewing : At the beginning I spent  the most of my free time here... I was simply addicted... now, I join sl for 1-2 hours... after work. On weekends sometimes more.

SLE : I was about to ask you if you would say you are addicted to the game. What about your experiences? Are they good or bad?

Vivian Ewing : I think I was definitely, but  not any longer. RL  comes my job, my family and my friends.... I
love to spend time here if I have the time... that's all:)
but after all sl has a little place in my life for sure.
My experiences are positive at most... I think sl is a very good place to be creative and to live what you never would do in rl...about the interactions it can be very a nice place to meet  people and maybe to fall in love. Of course I Had much of bad influences, but I am a fighter and I've learnt a lot so I take that as positive also.

SLE : thanks a lot. You were a great help and it was a pleasure talking with you.

 (E) Kaiyita Kytori:

SLE : Hello dear Kaiyita Kytori, would you like to tell us about you SL experience?

Kaiyita Kytori : I do love everything about SecondLife.

SLE : How many hours do you play daily?

Kaiyita Kytori :  I log in every day of the week.

SLE : Are there any days you don't log in at all?

Kaiyita Kytori : Not really .. like I said I log in every day.

SLE :  How would you characterize your sl experience, mostly negative or positive?

Kaiyita Kytori: its a big positive in my life... it lets me talk with people all around the world and have a great time while doing so

ME: Have you ever had any bad experience?

Kaiyita Kytori: yes I have.. but I tend not to think about them because there are so many good ones all around.
ME: Would you say you are addicted to SL?

Kaiyita Kytori: I like being here a lot so I guess you can say that.. its not some thing that I can't live with out it, so I guess I'm not addicted.. but I am at the same time.

SLE : So you don't feel that interfere with you real life?

Kaiyita Kytori: No it does not really, I still do things in rl.. I just leave my avi on all day.. I leave the house and go to work, but I leave my avi online.. I remote control my laptop from my smart phone to check on it from time to time when I leave the house to do things with rl friends or go to work in rl, so I don't think it does.

SLE : GREAT! Thank you Kaiyita.

(F) Starla Farella

SLE : So My Dear Starla I would like to thank you for taking part in this Avie poll. Let's start. When you first joined SecondLife?

Starla Farella: It's been six years in September

SLE: In these six years would you say your experience is mostly positive or negative?

Starla Farella: SL has been very helpful in discovering my TRUE self. I know myself much more deeply. that had an effect on my RL interactions with people.
 In RL, I am my true self (Starla) on the inside. but my RL body is just a disguise starla wears in RL.

SLE : Do you think Second life can lead to addiction ?

Starla Farella: People can become "addicted" to SL just like they can become addicted to alcohol, drugs, porno, shopping, etc. it satisfies a need. for many people, SL satisfies needs that are not being met in RL. SL can also be very liberating to those w RL limitations.

SLE : Would you say you are an SL- addict?

Starla Farella: Addicted? I don't think so. No more than someone can be addicted to RL. SL is my true home. All my best friends are here. I am disabled and isolated in RL. All my needs are met in SL. I cant walk in RL, but in SL, I can DANCE.
So, I wouldn't say that I am addicted. more like LIBERATED. [11:16] There are other people who may say the same thing, some may be addicted, but many others, like me are liberated in SL. People can escape their limitations and be free to be their true selves in SL.  For example, people with physical limits, like me, or emotional.

SLE : What is your daily limit in sl?

Starla Farella: It isnt unusual for me to be on, off and on, for 8 hrs a day. 

ME : I see.

Starla Farella: Have you ever had any bad experiences in sl? I had my heart broken. But he and I are now best friends.

SLE : However, you are still looking at the bright side.

Starla Farella: I always do. in spite of my RL health issues, I am still happy and optimistic.

SLE : Thank you for sharing your experience with us Starla  It was really a pleasure talking with you.

Starla Farella: sure.

 In a nutshell, almost everyone of these Avies interviewed noticed that their SL experience is positive and "they are not addicted, just liberated".

So is our first lives in big jeopardy by spending time in Second Life? It is an issue that still remains to be seen!

What are your thoughts? Are you addicted or just feeling liberated by Second Life? Feel free to use the comment box below to share your thoughts.


  1. Perhaps one might ask what were SL residents doing before they came to the Grid? Was the home computer gathering dust, or had they already been using it for years, spending late hours on games from "Warcraft" to Sim-City?


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