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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Justice Brentley, SLE’s Photographer- Tea Couturier Reporting...

In SL having good photos is kind of a must. If you are not that creative with the lens like me, then the only other option is to look for a photographer who can not only make you look good but offers excellent photos at a good price.

Justice Brentley is one of SL’s up and coming photographers. Justice and I sat down and chatted while he was on a photo shoot break, and we chatted about how he got started as a photographer to then opening his own studio.

Tea: How did you start out being a photographer in SL?

Justice: I had just come back from a 1 year break for school and thought why not put some of my skills I learned to good use and I started making new friends and with those friends they supported me and my work and I love photography.

Tea: What type of photography do you prefer doing  landscape, portraits, fashion shows?

Justice: I love all photography, but if I had to choose one it would be Portrait because when someone asks me to do a photo of them and then I clean it up and hand it to them there is nothing more wonderful than their happiness and love that comes from that, it's priceless.

Tea: What kind of skills are required to become a SL photographer?

Justice: Well anyone can take photos in SL, but to have a quality photo done, it takes a good eye to really take the best shot and also I would say having knowledge of Photoshop is always something to have. A lot of people like to do their photos in paint, but the difference is, there are somethings you can’t do with paint that you can with Photoshop.

Tea: If someone was interested in becoming a photographer what would be the 5 top tips in starting out you would give them?

photography image
Justice: I would say tip 1 would be make sure you get yourself a nice photo editor, tip 2, make sure you’re not using a low setting on your graphics when taking the shots.

Tip 3 is make sure you treat the people you meet with respect and always be nice, they could be returning customers, and then tip 4, I would say, don’t be scared to go out and meet new people, I got where I am by going out and introducing myself and making friends. 

And the 5th tip I could give is when starting out if you are wanting a following don’t put a price on your photos, take donations, when you start getting a list of clients then change it up a bit and start charging. Even though you can take a photo in SL, you still have to take it out of world and edit it and then bring it back in, so make sure when you upload to show a client, you upload as a temp, I believe this only works in Firestorm Viewer, which I would recommend using for the camera and lighting options you will have.

photography image
Tea: Would you say entering competitions are a good starting point or help photographers in SL?

Justice: I say it’s always good to get your name out there so any chance you get to put your name out there is great.

Tea:  What do you like to do when you are not busy in your studio?

Justice: I love to go dancing and hanging out with my friends Silver, DJ Rhage and Alexa

Tea: What can we expect for the rest of 2013 for you and your work in SL?

Justice: Well I have recently joined the SL Enquirer as the Graphics and Photography department and do all photos for anyone there at the SLE, in world and have pricing options available for their photos to be shared with the SL world on my page tab at the top of the site. I will continue to move forward and provide the highest quality photos in SL.

So if you are looking for great photos for your wedding, modelling portfolio or a new look for your profile, Justice is the photographer to go to.

For more information about SLE Photography services,

Check out Justice's Blog!


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