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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pet Peeves in Second Life – Ccoursey Reporting…

What gets under an Avatar’s skin?  When you log in day after day is there something that makes you cringe?  

When you’re exploring Second Life do you have something that makes you want to just pull your hair? 

What irritates people that play Second Life is the question I went to find out.  It seems, everyone had a similar answer that even I can nod and definitely agree with; Griefers.

I have one right now that keeps sending me group notices.  I can’t decline it. I can’t  even block it, and he just repeatedly sends them.  Linden Labs has refused to help even though I’m a premium member. I hate a griefer!

                Griefing is something that interferes with people’s Second Life experience.  You can lose control of your Avatar, be repeatedly harassed, and be hudded, etc… 

 Being griefed is basically something that you don’t like that is being done to you.  Since I’ve been in Second Life, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been griefed; on private land and on public.  I’ve been shot, killed, and sent home, been surrounded by a huge bubble and bombarded with group requests.

 I’ve been tossed around a club I was half owner of, even thrown from the SIM, and that one was by the Prince of my clan!  It seems like an activity that some people enjoy… Well, guess what? Myself and many others do not.

I asked some residents their thoughts on griefers and pet peeves and heres what they had to say…

 Cullpeter: Oh the hackers… For sure.

 Ccoursey: Hackers?  You mean the griefers?

Cullpeter: Yes, they suck.  They give everybody problems.

 Nodding and smiling, I warn him of a few I know.  There’s some that you just have to block, along with their alts, and hope for the best.  They will continue to harass you even though you’ve left the place where you were originally griefed.  I don’t understand if these people are doing it out of boredom or what, but it is truly a problem in Second Life.

Apparently griefers aren’t the only pet peeve…personalities and fake people play their part.

 Lady Tahiry: The Fact that people can be so shady on here…  People can be good to you in the beginning, but after a while they’ll change up on you at the blink of an eye…

                When Lady T said this I forgot all about the griefers, my mind chose to go to that one person that really convinced me avatars were pathological liars. 

 Some people has the ‘No Drama’, ‘Why would I lie?’, and the inevitable ‘I’m just me’ lines in their profile, but how many are actually genuine.

  I just love being told how computer genius you are, then turn around and watch you ask basic questions when you think I ain’t paying attention to the guy next to you. 

 Then there’s my absolute favorite when I am at the BDSM scene and the Dom trying to pick me up is supposedly real life, but has little clue what is actually involved in the lifestyle.

  I may not be the most familiar, but trying to boss me, and then spank me is not going to get him very far.

 I think everyone has someone instantly come to mind when I mention shady liars, or all around fakes.

Scratchy Frank: People asking for money and griefing for no reason.

                Well, back to griefing as a pet peeve. Frank brought up another excellent point.   Many times I wandered a SIM just to have someone jump in my box, wanting to be my friend and then asking me for lindens.

 Some pet peevers also like to join groups, then go into group chat and ask for lindens there too. 

 I’m sorry, but these beggers can upload lindens, join contests, or get a job like the rest of us.  

I don’t mind dropping a landmark to places that are hiring and they can go from there. I am not taking the time to work for my lindens just to give it away unless you’re my friend.  Apparently, Frank is of the same mind.

                Mia:  Well as a builder or as a person out and about?  As a builder, people dropping stuff on me really gets under my skin.   As an everyday person, people asking for money and those boards that take money that never give you what you tried to buy. 

 Oh yea, and the sounds of those obnoxious gestures.  I hate the ones with sounds, or when thirty people are gesture- bating at a club.

                I couldn’t help, but smile at Mia.  She’s been on longer than I have and I guess she knows exactly what annoys her about Second Life. 

 I would imagine it does get annoying after being in Second Life for so long and having the same things dropped on you day after day.  Of course all of us have already decided we don’t like others asking us for money.  The merchandise boards…  Yes, they are irritating, but hopefully we can note card the owner and get a refund or what we paid for. 

 As far as gesture bating…  I have to grin.  I’m one of the worst.  I love the gestures, especially since I learned how to edit them.  I can fill open chat with the best of them.

I guess pet peeves depend on a person’s tolerance level. Some people like to help others and are willing to give out lindens, others appreciate receiving notices or even getting a good laugh at watching griefers in action. Gestures can also be a fun way to express excitement, unless they are used in excess.

               But I think most residents hate griefers, especially land owners and those that take Second Life more seriously.  If people are like me then they are busy enjoying their own SL experience and could care less about being annoyed or annoying another avatar.  Most also dislike other avatars begging for money and would agree with me when I say, get a job!

  Mia pointed out that there are everyday things that might thrill one person while making another want to grind their teeth. I agree.  I guess everyone has their own pet peeves to deal with, even on here.

If you have a pet peeve you want to tell us about, be sure to use the comment box below.

Cris Coursey


  1. Oh for the love of Phillip, where do I start? Full bright on things that do not make sense. ESPECIALLY avatars with full bright hair. Excessive bling. Gesturbation. AO's that are overly thuggish or slutty. And one further, thug-wear or slut-wear EVERYWHERE you go. And my #1 has to be idiots driving cars and motorcycles around Second Life' airports. Do I land my airplane on your race tracks?


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