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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Postcard from Philadelphia: Back From My Vacation!- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

I am finally back from a two week vacation from Second Life and finally all caught up with emails . I didn’t skip town or fly off to some other country or some fancy trip away,  I stayed in Pa and was host to family that flew in from the Caribbean and Hawaii.
With a houseful of 9, plus more family that came to visit the visitors, Numbers reached to a good 14 at times!  My days were jam packed with school, finals, food, late nights, food, outings, food, a zoo trip, food, bowling and more food! I was, to say the least, very busy!  With an extra few pounds added to my scale and a totally embarrassing bowling score…I am officially back in Second Life.

Before I share what transpired in the last couple weeks, I would like to give Lacy Muircastle a big shout out for stepping into my heels and handling SLE operations while I was gone. Thank you!  If you all didn’t notice anything different, my sneaking away for a couple weeks went unnoticed…perfect.

To kick off the adventures and episodes of this vacation, My family packed into two cars like sardines and headed for center city Philadelphia were we visited the Philadelphia Zoo. We saw all kinds of funky animals. When I say funky, omg…try eating something while walking by an animal that just….handled it’s business. 

Besides that unpleasant experience, try walking for 4 hours in the sweltering heat in a pair of Ralph Lauren platform sandals. When I got to the car my toes looked like hotdogs. They were swollen so bad.

 After the Zoo it was off to those famous steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Rocky ran all the way up and did the double fist pump. BLEEP that! I stayed in the car tending to my poor feet and watched as my family unloaded out of the cars and tried to reenact that scene.

Once everyone packed back into the cars, we decided to hit up those two famous cheese steaks spots to argue about which one made  the better steak. 

Half the pack went to Pat’s and the others crossed the street and went to Geno’s. After ordering up a buffet of stuff, we laid out our steaks and fries on the trunk of my Mercedes and went to town getting sloppy.

 I must say,  those things were greasy.  Literally, they were a heart attack on a bun.
 According to the Food Network, I would have to agree, Pat’s makes the better steak, but Geno’s has the better bun.

Anyway, after that battle of the Steaks, we were heading back onto the freeway from a long day out and this lady in a white expedition tried cutting us off. As I’m looking at her from the passenger side, she was trying to use the shoulder lane, swearing and making hand gestures as if she had a serious case of IBS and needed to get somewhere fast.  

A short while later we saw this same woman just Sunday driving on the highway holding up traffic. One thing I don’t understand is people that have licenses but don’t know how to drive. I can’t stand people that act all ghetto for no reason. So much for the city of brotherly love…

 We even got into a battle of wits with a lady at the turnpike. She was texting on her phone, not paying attention and seemed to be waiting in her own line as cars were just going around her. When she finally looks up and notices our cars (in line) she shouts over to us that she was in line first. We shouted back and she realized she wasn’t in line at all. That was just day one…

The following day, everyone accept me and a couple others decided to pack up the cars again and head to Bushkill Falls. I stayed home to tend to my hotdog toes and work on my finals, while receiving texts messages to make me feel all jealous that they were hiking and splashing around in the waterfalls and I was home being a bookworm.

The next day was a shopping trip, I came home with a couple new pairs of shoes and some other random things I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them looking lonely on the shelf and needing someone to buy them. After unloading our bags at home , it was off to Revolutions; a bowling Alley.
FFS! Since there were so many of us, we were split into a couple of lanes; the adults in one lane and the teens and little ones in the other.
 How is it that I end up with a total score of 60!?! I looked over at the kid’s scoreboard and the little 6 year old kicked my ass.

For me it was gutter ball after gutter ball.  I tried throwing the ball the right way and they hit the gutter every time. I tried rolling the ball with both hands, even trying the kid friendly metal rolling rail thing . All I had to do was roll the ball off at like 2 mph, and still, I sucked.
 After that humiliating display and performance, it was home we went to crank up the grill for a loud, Puerto Rican BBQ. I’m sure my neighbors were delighted since it had become a regular occurrence during the past couple weeks. Just glad the police didn’t show up like they did to one of my cousins Irican BBQ bash before 3 pm.

The rest of the week, we all pretty much did some chillin and random things. The cool thing is, there was no family drama or bickering. I apologize that there weren’t juicier episode to tell you all about but remember there is still a lot of summer left. Who knows what else will happen.
Now that my vacation has come to an end, I’m looking forward to dealing with the shenanigans that is so ever present in Second Life.

I missed you all



  1. Lanai I have to say that although you deserve a break, umm, I am really glad to hand the reins* back to you, and I respect what you do even more than I did before.

    Love you lots Boss Lady

    *Reins not reigns hey Stareyes....

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