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Showing posts with label Jessi2009 Warrol. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Team Diabetes of Second Life to Return for a Second Season

We are pleased to announce the second season of Team Diabetes of Second Life! Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. The mission of Team Diabetes of Second Life is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life.

According to the World Health Organization (2016): 422 million adults in the world have diabetes and 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

Team Diabetes of Second Life was founded by Jessii2009 Warrhol and Johannes1977 Resident and will continue functioning in the form of an advisory board, with a coordinator leading the TEam Diabetes of Second Life effort. The 2016 Team Diabetes of Second Life Coordinator is Johannes1977 Resident and the 2016 Team Diabetes of Second Life Advisory Board members are: Jessii2009 Warrhol, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Eleseren Brianna, Veruca Tammas, Sandie Loxingly, Rob Fenwitch, and Earth Nirvana. Saiyge Lotus is a special advisor to the advisory board.

The official Team Diabetes of Second Life's season will take place from October 2016 to January 2016, with the following events scheduled to take place:

Off Season Event - October 13 to October 31 - Scare Me Silly Shopping Event
November 1 to November 30 - National Diabetes Month
November 1 to November 30 - The Red Hunt
November TBD - The Red Ball
November TBD - The Red Hop Around Shopping Event
November TBD - The Edge Anniversary Events
December 8 to December 18 - The Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Merchant Showcase
January 2017 - TBD - Tour de SL Bike Race and Season Closing Events

In addition to the events mentioned above, individuals, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to hold fundraising events in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! An official fundraising toolkit will be available to the Second Life Public on August 1, 2016 at the organization’s office in the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life.

About The American Diabetes Association:
The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.

Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2382).

For More Information: (The official American Diabetes Association page for Team Diabetes of Second Life) (Website to find diabetes information in your home country)

Monday, July 15, 2013

AVIE POLL: Controversial Topic- Married and Dating In SL- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

Dating in Second Life can have its ups and downs and you may run into a variety of couples, including couples who are married in real life, but have relationships or are married in Second Life. This is a subject which is often commented on by many people. Some feel that it is ok to be married in real life and to have a relationship in Second Life, while others may think that if you are married in real life then you should not date or have a relationship in Second Life.

I was able to catch up with three different couples, all of which are married in real life and dating or married in Second Life. Warning the names have been changed to protect the innocent (or married).

Friday, July 5, 2013

Technology: Mesh Studio- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting...

So what do you do? Luckily there is a great and handy mesh tool that you can use to create mesh objects and that tool is…Mesh Studio.

Mesh Studio is the brainchild of TheBlack Box and Anjin Meili.  These names may be familiar to you if you have used the very popular Sculpt Studio, easy to create sculpt tool. The tool allows creators to create standalone mesh models or to create mesh models that can be manipulated and edited in real life 3D mesh creation tools.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Online Dating in Second Life- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

With increased internet usage, online dating has taken the world by storm. Couples who are thousands of miles apart can now find love via their computers. Using web cams, instant messaging, and even virtual worlds, couples who normally would not have ever met, are now meeting and falling in love.
Virtual worlds such as Second Life, give online dating a twist. Couples can go for a movie, grab a bite to eat, and snuggle up in front of a fire, all from the comfort of their living rooms and without even next to each other!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Celebrating Second Life’s 10th Birthday-June 16th- June 29th- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

On June 23, 2013, Second Life turns 10 years old and there are many fun an exciting birthday celebrations and special items available you to celebrate! 

To get into the spirit of things, Linden Labs, has created special mesh tshirts, old styled tshirts, and a birthday hat. Often for special celebrations, Linden Labs will create a special Linden bear. This year they took the Linden bear concept a bit further and have created a birthday bear avatar, so you can really get into the mood of celebrating. And what is a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? A special Linden Labs created birthday cake is also available for you! All of these items are free of charge and you can find them in the special marketplace category.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BOTCHED ROMANCE Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

Second Life romances can mirror real life romances in many ways. Couples can meet, fall in love, and do many of the same activities virtually as they can in real life.

Of course not all romances end positively and just like in real life, Second Life romances can cause heartache and stress. In this article I will explore how to bounce back from bad Second Life relationships and share the stories of two Second Life avatars who recently overcame the struggles of bad relationships of their own.

I sat down to speak first with “Tyler” who had a botched Second Life romance last year. Tyler stated that he and his former Second Life girlfriend, “Emily,” had dated in Second Life for two years. Both he and Emily considered themselves to be more than just a Second Life romance. As Tyler explained, “Once you share so many details about yourself with a person, it is hard not to take the romance into real life”.  Emily and Tyler spent most of their days together in Second Life either clubbing or exploring. They had even ventured over to other virtual worlds. By year number two of the relationship, both had started making plans to take the relationship further into real life and Emily had even booked a flight to visit Tyler.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Education in Second Life- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

One real life industry which benefits from virtual worlds and Second Life is the education industry. As a real life educator myself, I have attended real life educational conferences, panel discussions, and have taught university level courses in Second Life.

 While the loss of the educational discount for sims in Second Life, forced many educational organizations to close their sims or to leave for more affordable virtual worlds, Second Life still has many educational organizations who are using Second Life on a daily basis for things such as professional development to instructing students.

Monday, May 27, 2013

TECHNOLOGY: Feature Phoenix Viewer New Update- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

The new release of Firestorm has not been without its fans or its critics. The critics have even gotten to Firestorm project manager, Jessica Lyon, who took to the official Firestorm blog this week to voice her frustration at the criticism of the latest Firestorm release. 

I currently use Firestorm as one of my main Second Life viewers, Singularity being the other one that I use frequently.  In the latest release, Firestorm added many features.  The biggest one was the ability to render avatars using the new Server Side Baking process, which will replace the old HTTP way to render avatars.  Server Side Baking is part of the Linden Lab’s Project Shining, which is aimed at improving avatars and object streaming speeds.

In addition to incorporating this major change, Firestorm also has the ability to back up and restore your viewer settings, which is a very helpful command to have, when your computer dies and you have to reinstall Firestorm and you cannot remember all of those special settings. The Firestorm team has also included a more streamlined and easier way to customize some of your favorite viewer settings, by creating a Quick Preferences panel:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tribute City Fashion Week 2013- May 31st to June 9, 2013

"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

Tribute City and L'Amour Management are pleased to announce Tribute City Fashion Week! The fashion week will feature  spring and summer fashions and accessories from Second Life fashion designers. The fashion week will take place from May 31st to June 9, 2013 in Tribute City.

Designers currently scheduled to present at the show include Allure, Evolve, Faboo, Flowerdreams, K-Code, Poposity, Shey, Syl’s, and Xen’s Hats.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

PRIM BABIES- Virtual Pregnancy thru Childbirth- Jessii Warrol Reporting…

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching in the States, if you are in Second Life, you might be asking if or how you can become a mother in Second Life. There are various ways to become a mother, you can give “birth” or even “adopt” prim based children or kid avatars.

I decided to get together a group of moms in Second Life, in order to find out what exactly is the process of becoming a mum (mom if you are on the other side of the pond) in Second Life.  I later would dub this group the “mummy panel”.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SL Torch Entertainment Guide: Catfishing in Second Life – Part 1: How the Catfishers Do It- Jessii Warrhol Reporting...

You have probably heard of the hit MTV show Catfish or watched the movie of the same name that inspired the show. According to the Urban Dictionary, Catfishing is “The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time)”.