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Showing posts with label building. Show all posts

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Summer Full Perm Fair July 20th - August 12th

This fair features top creators of full permissions fashions, furniture, templates, textures, building components, sounds,animations and  poses.This is the place to SHOP COMPARE $AVE for your business or your new second life business EVERYTHING can be re-sold or used in your creations for re-selling.New releases, fair exclusives at BIG discounts. FREE Full Perm Gifts JOIN The Full perm group at the entrance or copy paste link below into local chat.
 < secondlife:///app/group/9b6214fe-0dec-b9b2-ab13-c95b8f398c4b/about  >and also on Facebook at 

Monday, March 26, 2018

PRIMTIONARY @ Creations Park Mondays & Tuesday from 5-6pm SLT

After eleven years of continuous fun, PRIMTIONARY may just be the longest-running, most popular game in Second Life.  The rules are simple: the contestant puts together prims to build out a secret word, while the audience tries to guess the word within 10 minutes. The audience member who gets it right earns the privilege of building the next word. PRIMTIONARY is a challenge for both your mind and your building skills. From easy to impossible, we've got a level for you!

Primtionary ~ Copyright 2004-2016 Yummie Olsen

Friday, January 19, 2018

The MidWinter Full Perm Fair-January 19th - February 12th 2018

The MidWinter Full Perm Fair -Top Creators-MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Templates- Features the top creators of full permissions fashions,furniture,building components-templates ALL CATEGORIES- 40 Creators will be offering their newest releases,fair exclusives and special discounts for the fair. SHOP-COMPARE-$AVE! - JOIN The Full perm group at the entrance and grab the great full perm gifts.
SLurl  to Fair

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Want to Learn how to Build or Brush up on your Skills in Second Life? Visit the Builder’s Brewery

The Builders Brewery was voted favorite Group & School in Second Life.  It is owned and operated by Sen Maximus (sensuous.maximus) and Supremius Maximus and together they have created a great resource for helping SL residents perfect their building skills.

There are 16 “Brewmasters” aka Teachers and three classroom settings. Each Brewmaster shares their expertise and  worsk closely with students by offer an assortment of classes including beginning Fundamentals, getting started with blender, scripting, mesh studio basics, photography using wind light settings, working with textures, alpha layers and more.
BB also offers a sandbox and terraforming playground where you can learn by doing.  If you don’t have a place to call home, the Builder’s Brewery welcomes you to set your home here while you learn.

Check out the Class Schedule here:

Join the Builder’s Brewery Group for perks like access to sandbox and private dressing rooms

Group: Builder’s Brewery


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To Mesh or Not to Mesh - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Mesh has taken over the way we dress, live and socialize in SL. However, how is it made and is it hard to do?

If you’re a content creator you probably use the software packages such as Maya or Blender to create your products. However, if that is too advance for you there are kits you can use which allows you to create mesh as a structure for the design or pattern you wish to make. Here are a few businesses that provide this for you.

Architectural Mesh
Wall Mesh with full permissions - ZimberLab Builder's Kit A - Basic  
To create walls in SL for a house in mesh will or could be difficult if you do not know how to use the software packages to create mesh but with this kit it cuts out all the stress and helps you begin building your custom dream home or your customers designs.
Mesh Package:
50 extra parts to extend your building possibilities.
All parts match with the parts of the regular set.
The full sloped and pointed walls can also be used to create complete side-face walls with 0.5 Land Impact.
- All parts have different faces that can be edited separately using the 'Select Face' build option.
- AO maps applied providing basic shadows.
- UV maps included for accurate texturing.
Textures easy both in-world as in image editor.
Includes a Rezzer for direct access to the parts.
Rezzer and packaging are Copy only. All content comes with full permissions.
Rezzer version included that can be coalesced with the Walls a Rezzer.

Price 999L

Friday, July 11, 2014

3D Mesh Business in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Mesh in Second Life is now part of how we buy and create things in this virtual world.
There are a lot of content creators producing products in mesh and one no other than Anthonys Republic who creates 3D mesh Full Perm Sculpt & Mesh Kits Textures. I chatted with Anthonys about his creations and also the concept of 3D mesh in Second life.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Terrain Design in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

When you purchased a plot of land or sim in Second Life, planning the layout and terrain is the next step.  It can be a chore coming up with ideas for those that do not know how to create terrain. The next option would be is to hire an expert and spend money you could be saving if you can do it yourself.

You can teleport around Second Life and visit places that has been terraformed beautifully.  Maybe ask a owner where they purchased their terrain products to help you with your design.If click  on edit and check most of the terrians you can find out who created them.
 Alex Bader owner of Studio Skye specializes in terrain products.
I spoke to Alex to get an insight into landscaping in Second Life style.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Builder News: What is the Materials Project? - Piers Diesel Reporting…

For those who had been waiting for the Materials Project to launch, it could not have come sooner. 

The Materials Project is here to enhance mesh make mesh objects more realistic. However since its launch have creators in SL been using it? Have they found it useful tool for their builds?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Technology: Mesh Studio- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting...

So what do you do? Luckily there is a great and handy mesh tool that you can use to create mesh objects and that tool is…Mesh Studio.

Mesh Studio is the brainchild of TheBlack Box and Anjin Meili.  These names may be familiar to you if you have used the very popular Sculpt Studio, easy to create sculpt tool. The tool allows creators to create standalone mesh models or to create mesh models that can be manipulated and edited in real life 3D mesh creation tools.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What The Hell is LSL?- Linden Scripting Language- MysticScottie Reporting…

LSL - Linden Scripting Language, that thing we all know exists but have no idea how it works.
To make the long story short, LSL is the life of the objects in Second Life. And I, MysticScottie will try my god damn hardest to help all you lay-mans understand LSL.

Step 1 - Get a strong shot of coffee, or whatever you use to get your mind active...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Building for Dummies – Vapor Paragorn Reporting…

Building in SL is not only fun, it's a good outlet for your creativity. You can express your imagination and ideas. You can build almost everything that you imagine. By using the right textures and creatively shaping prims, you can recreate everything in SL that you see around you in real life. 

The possibilities are endless with the building tools available and the numbers of ways you can shape prims. Building is the core of every virtual world. Everything we use in SL is made by someone for our use.  Many Avies are curious about how things are made. For example, how a simple prim (box) can be shaped so intelligently to create all the things we see around us.

 Our curiosity leads us to experimentation and that's how most of us learn the basics of building. Experimenting is a fun way of learning and its always encouraged, but still there are some residents who want to try building but somehow they hesitate. It’s either due to lack of knowledge or they fear that they might mess up things in doing so. Good news is, SL building may appear as a complicated task at first, but when you learn the basics then most things become easier. This article will focus on the basics of SL building and will equip you with essential know-how.